Wednesday, August 11, 2010

An article, and some parcels arrive...

Day 5 since the operation and my finger and palm are very swollen still. Fortunately I am now able to use the other fingers of my right hand so I can grip small, light things, which means stirring sugar into my cup of tea is quite a thrill! :-)
I'm not responding privately to messages or comments at the moment, my dear friends, for even though I can type a little, I can't type for an extended period of time. Another week or so and I should be back to almost normal - and hopefully able to pick up a needle once more.
In the meantime I have some more fabric that arrived in the mail, and a book to enjoy.
I love Barri Sue Gaudet's designs...
...and this book of hers will be perfect for gift making.
I also love Chez Moi's Hunky Dory fabrics! This fat quarter bundle will be the inspiration behind some new designs in the weeks ahead...
As I've shared before, Rural Jardin by French General is another favourite fabric line, and this bevy of beauties arrived today as well....
They are the fabrics I'll be using to sew my own copy of our Gum Tree Designer's 'Springtime' quilt! I think 'Springtime' as a bluework quilt will be gorgeous in the new house with all it's white walls and arches, don't you?
Speaking of 'Springtime' and the charity we made it for, Fresh Hope, you can read about the inspirations behind each block and see individual photos in this month's Creating Country Threads magazine.
Each of the 9 quilt design contributors should have been featured in the article but due to a publishing error our sweet Fiona Ransley is sadly missing from amongst the article pages.
Be sure to go to our Gum Tree Designers blog HERE to read Fiona's omitted portion of the article. :-)

The lovely Mary Jibson of Fresh Hope surprised each of us with a thank you gift this week...
...but the true gift is having the opportunity to know Mary. I have a short list of female heroes in my life, women who inspire me to be a better person (Mother Teresa heading that roll call) and now Mary joins them. Thank *you* Mary, you are a true blessing to so many.
Friday's Show and Tell may be a day late this week as Mr Elefantz and I are off for two days alone in the big smoke! Well, he's attending a conference, and I'll be window shopping...but the evening is ours. :-)
PS: As soon as the pattern for 'Springtime' is available for purchase I will let you know.
Previous copies of Creating Country Threads magazine can be purchased in the USA HERE through the Fat Quarter Shop.


  1. Hi Jenny

    I love this quilt & was in love with it the moment I saw it on your blog the other week. I have been onto fresh hope & none of their links are working, including the 'contact us' link, so I can't tell them it is not working if you have the power to contact them that would be great.
    Keep up the good work & I love reading your blog.

  2. Yes, the quilt will look gorgeous in blue. Gorgeous bundle of fabric--looking forward to your new creations.

  3. Hey Jenny! I think the Rural Jardin fabrics will make a GORGEOUS blue version of "Springtime" ... can't wait to see it! I've fallen in love with Rural Jardin almost as much as I did with Aviary ... almost! :0) And isn't Miss Mary the BEST! She's such a sweetie and just as lovely in person! :0) Fresh Hope is a fabulous way of a need being met in a practical way that WORKS! Which is why, like you lovely Gum Nutters, I contributed a pattern to help ... every little bit help! :0) Hope your poor sore finger keeps getting better so you can soon get back to typing and stitching. Bear Hugs! KRIS

  4. Jenny so happy to hear you're on the mend...I love that book I have it & it has some wonderful items to make in it enjoy your time away with DH and congrats to all the Gum tree designers on your publication...

  5. Enjoy your time in the smoke, what lovely fabric. I am sure you will create something lovely.

  6. I'm glad your hand is gradually healing. I bought the same lovely book a little while back, but must admit I haven't made anything as yet. It will happen. Looking forward to seeing what you create with your new fat quarter bundle. Enjoy your couple of days away.

  7. Very happy that your on the mend.I enjoy your blog so much. Hugs, Marie

  8. Thanks Jenny for keeping in touvh - it must be so frustrating at times when you cant do all those things you want to do. Your head will be crammed full of designs by the time you are out of rehab!.
    Take Care & a speedy recovery

  9. So pleased your hand is on the mend.
    Oh what beautiful fabrics.
    Enjoy your time with DH in the big smoke.

  10. Well look at you up and posting!!! Don't overdo my sweet friend....
    Looks like you have lots to dream over while you finish recuperating! That fabric is just luscious. I think Springtime will be heavenly in blue! I might have to make it in blue myself. Or pink and green...or, well, I'll have to wait til I get the pattern, lol!

    Praying for you sweetie, hope you're enjoying your dvd's!

  11. Dear Jenny
    I have been away for a while and didn't know about your hand, so I am glad to hear that the hand slowly are getting better. I love your blog and your stitchery so much. Thank you.

  12. Take care. Glad to hear you can use your fingers more. Have a great trip.

  13. So glad your are beginning to heal. It must feel like forever with all of those gorgeous fabrics taunting you. For now have fun drooling. L,A-

  14. A nice blue version will be gorgeous!!! I'm waiting very patiently for you to tell us it's available for purchase...


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