Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mr E's new toy...working on the August Challenge...and something pretty.

Some of you guessed what Mr Elefantz new toy was - did the two wheels hint give it away? 
Here he is on his way to work today, all kitted out to ride 4 blocks to the school. Oh well, the weekend is nearly here and there is a long open highway just round the corner. 
The males of our family had a great week for purchasing 'wheels'. Slicer bought his very first car!
At the moment it is living under the house while he and Mr Elefantz do some rebuilding. It's such a blessing that Mr E was a motor mechanic before he became a teacher, and can teach Slicer all about cars from the inside out - it's also a wonderful father/son project. :-)
How are you going with my August Re-invention Challenge?
Remember I started HERE with an orange shirt for 50c from the Salvos?
Now that I can do a bit of handwork again I am using the sleeves of the shirt for corner triangles on this stitchery I did (one of Amanda Brooke's gorgeous designs) over a year ago...
...which I'll make into a bright cushion for the front room. I'll use the front pieces of the shirt for the buttoned back of the cushion. Hopeefully this will be finished tonight, then I have the entire back piece of the shirt to make something else.
Remember when I very first began designing Shabby Roses blocks? 
This was the second block I made, the original 'Beauty' block, and I am quite sentimental about it. I used lovely rayon threads from Edmar for the roses, but never did anything with the block. Yesterday I added some simple patchwork squares down the side and framed it...
It was quickly snapped up by Victoria at Handmade magazine, so you'll be able to make this yourself when the pattern appears early next year. 
The housework has fallen by the wayside while my hand was out of action, so I'd best walk away from the sewing room and laptop and 'make haste' to begin the chores. 
I think music will help.
What music do you listen to when you're doing the housework?


Crowing Moon said...

I love your gorgeous little vase stitchery...BE CAREFUL on those new hubby did his knee on his 2 wheeled contraption...he sold it and now wants another one!! MEN! lol

Penny said...

Oh Jenny, your framed Shabby Beauty is gorgeous!I think I need to start framing my stitcheries too. I tend to stitch them up..not knowing what to do with them !

Allie said...

Congrats to Mr. E - love love love the bike! And Slicer's new car, yippee! You're right, that is a great father/son project.
Love your challenge project - I think I'm too busy to join in this one! And of course your Beauty project is, well, beautiful!

BubzRugz said...

Lovely handword as always - I love that orange colour! Happy Mr E! I NEED loud happy music eg: to get any housework done!! Hugz

Cattinka said...

I like your idea of making that old shirt into a new pillow, especially the part where you use the buttom part as the back. I am glad that you can do some sewing with your hand, and I really hope that your finger will recover and remember how to bend!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Beautiful reinvention. I'm missing out on this challenge. Brown Bear quilt to finish, dresdens patiently waiting. Hope Mr. E doesn't peel rubber going those 4 blocks to school!

Rumi said...

I'm sure both of your men are excited as can be about their new wheels.

Your shabby rose vase looks beautiful and I am not surprised it was "snapped up" by Handmade Magazine!

Fee said...

I'm glad your hand is healing Jen - will be praying for full movement to return.

Congrats on the bike and the car. :-)

Music for housework = Jesus Culture (very loud), sometimes a bit of ABBA, or Elton John Duet's is a fave for housework. That's a bit eclectic isn't it?

Love and hugs,
Fee x

Dolores said...

I'm so glad that you are able to do the things you love - even if it's for a little while. I noticed you changed the lettering in the 'Beauty' block.
Congratulations to Slicer on his new car - the first one is always memorable and will be more so because his dad is helping him. Nice looking set of wheels there too for Mr. E.
I listen to very little these days but when the radio is on, I prefer country.

Alice said...

Your cushion is going to be gorgeous. Can't wait to see it finished. Love Beauty too--never thought to frame some of my orphans. My DS is 15 so I know that driving will be coming way way way too soon to make me happy. I am sure your "boys" will both be having fun. Take that housekeeping thing slowly--it is bad for the recovery!!! L,A-

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
Oh dear, you won't see Mr & Master Elefantz now...
I'm sure they are both thrilled with their new wheels!

Lovely stitchery, well done on the publication!

Hm, yes definately music-I'm pretty much an all rounder when it comes to music.
Have a great weekend,

Vicki ♥ said...

It all sounds good Jen and having a car to play around with will be wonderful therapy for Mr.E and Slicer and praying your finger comes good sweetie and I know my wrist needed lots of massage and movement excerises to get it going again after I broke it. Hugs Vicki xoxox

Kris Meares - Tag Along Teddies said...

Hey Jenny! Congrats on another of your lovely designs being published. Love the way you've finished and frames your pretty applique block. I imagine there will be quite a few of these appearing around Australia next year. :0) Hope your poor sore finger is starting to feel a little better and that Blossom is well again. Bear Hugs! KRIS

manda said...

Oooh, nice bike!!! It's a scary thing when your kids start driving....of course none of mine will as they all have fur and scales and no one in their right mind would let them drive a car when their feet don't touch teh pedals and they're, well, animals! lol Don't ask me where that came from!
I think it's great that your husband and son can hang out together with a project.
I listen to my ipod, but I love the "Walking on sunshine" song and the "River Deep, Mountain wide" song and have you ever heard of Planet Shakers? Guy Sebastian was a member of the church singing group before he won Aus Idol. I love their songs! One is Reflector, and it goes "I wanna be a reflector, I wanna shine in Your glory, I wanna let the whole world know that You're living in me. I wanna burn with Your fire, shine my light a little brighter, I wanna let the whole world know that Jesus LIVES IN ME!!" Oh Blossom would love their music!!
Hugs Jenny!

Vanilla said...

I love your delicate stitchery, but especially your choice of fabrics. It's all very soft pinkies and soft blueies. Beautiful!!!!