Friday, September 10, 2010

10th Friday Show & Tell...

Some wonderful things have arrived in my inbox this week, so sit back and enjoy the views...
Sheila has made the prettiest blue version of my free September Gum Tree design...
Katrien is up to date with her Daisy-do blocks. Her block 3 is lovely in the bronzed yellow!
Munaiba was inspired by last month's Re-Invention Challenge to use two old, but loved, linen dresses to recover this beautiful meditation stool...
Virginia in Chile is also working on Daisy-do blocks, and I love the colours she chose!
Carla Louise made a final item in the Re-Invention Challenge this week (you can see it on her blog), as well as following my ruffled pincushion tutorial and free redwork stitchery to make her own version!
(You can find my free redwork design HERE, and my pincushion tutorial HERE.)
Fiona has been staying on track with her Daisy-do blocks. This is block 3, and don't you LOVE those buttons!?
Thanks for showing me your projects, ladies! 
Now I intend to cook a quick dinner and settle down in my NEW white wicker chairs with Blossom and do some stitching on my new designs. Don't you love the chairs!?


  1. What nice projects the ladies made, it is very nice to see them. And I do like your new chairs, and the pillows on them. I bet Blossom sits on the chair with the heart pillow, right?

  2. I have just started your BOM and am having so much fun I will send you a photo when it's done. The chairs look very inviting especially with those gorgeous cushions.

  3. Thank you for sharing pictures of the lovely projects, but I'm especially enthralled with the pretty place where you and Blossom will be stitching. It's charmingly inviting! I'm picturing you there with an old-fashioned tea set, drinking prettily from a delicate cup. Bliss.

    At my house I have come across an unused French press. I know Aussies often use them to make delicious coffee. I'm going to give it a go. Oh, and I have acquired an Aussie recipe for scones, so will be giving that a try too. Yay, I can use the oven again now that the weather has cooled.

  4. I love that you show how your patterns have been interpreted. You've made a nice area to do your stitching. I was delighted when I recognised the redwork cushion from the swap. I'm so pleased you are using it.

  5. Love those wicker chairs Jenny... enjoy your relax time on them....
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  6. Great show and tell and yes, I do like your chairs. I have some on my front porch. don't get to sit out there much because of mosquitoes but when the weather cools down it will be nice.

  7. What GORGEOUS projects!!!!! Love Sheila's version of your bag. Jenny your wicker chairs are so very Jenny....I love them! Enjoy your stitching time with sweet Blossom!

  8. I have two Lloyd Loom chairs that have been in our family since they were new, and one of them lives in the kitchen right by the stove for winter stitching. Some great versions of your projects there, I'll try and send you mine for next time.

  9. Love, love, love the chairs Jenny, gorgeous

  10. Those chairs and comfy cushions look very inviting.

  11. Love seeing how everyone interprets patterns! Very inspiring :).

  12. Hi Jenny!
    I'm very glad that you're ok, and stiTching again!
    Thank's God.
    I wish you, and your family, a very good weekend


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