Sunday, September 5, 2010

Beginning Shabby Roses number 4...

As yet unnamed, I have finished all the sketches for my 4th Shabby Roses quilt.
I chose the fabrics, traced the designs onto crisp white quilter's muslin, fused the applique pieces in place, and was about to begin stitching when I had an idea - maybe I could make two versions!? One would be appliqued and a small quilt size, but another could be designed slightly different as a wall hanging with just stitching!
So that is what I did. Yesterday and this morning I've been preparing both designs, and now they are ready for the first stitches to be made. But which one do I do first?? AAAh! Decisions!
I'll give you a little sneak peek of the applique version...
Unlike my first three Shabby Roses quilts...
 this quilt will not be made using romantic florals. I'm stepping outside my comfort zone to use these...
They are from Judie Rothermel's "Aunt Grace Circle of Friends' fabric line. I'm a bit of a vintage girl at heart, and I thought it would be a lovely challenge to make my fourth Shabby Roses quilt different in 'essence' than the previous quilts.
However, as I can't deny the romantic shabby chic in me, I am making the other - slightly different smaller version - in pastels.
I may be using some of these gorgeous threads for the smaller version...
 Don't they look yummy!!?
Speaking of my romantic heart, I have to show you the tea cup and saucer I bought myself from Blossom's shop yesterday. Having her work at *that* shop is sooooo hard because everytime I drop in to say 'hi' my eyes fall on so many gorgeous things! But I am strong and have only bought two items in the 5 weeks she has been there. This tea cup set was the second...
You understand, don't you? It was part of a 6 cup set and one set broke so they were selling them separately. This was the last set left on the shelf. I guess you could say I rescued it. :-)
Mr E got a new cup too. Even though today is Father's Day, he received his Father's Day gifts a few weeks ago when he got his motorbike - a pair of leather riding gloves from Blossom, and a pair of leather riding boots from Slicer - but Blossom wanted to give him a present he could open today so she bought him this mug ...
It will spend the rest of its life on his desk at school. A daily reminder of his Blossom. :-)
I'm off to start that stitching now, with my ever faithful (and newly clipped for summer) Bob-the-dog at my feet...
(Don't look at all those threads on the carpet! Must ask a nice teenager to vacuum for of the things I can't do with my hand at the moment - poor me !)


PS: Patterns for all the Shabby Roses quilts can be found HERE in my Etsy Shop.


  1. I love the fabric you have chosen for your new design Jenny.
    You are really good only having bought two items from the lovely shop assistant in THAT shop.
    DH mug is lovely too.
    Oh I thought all sewers floors look like that.Threads everywhere. I often pick them off DH's clothes as he walks out the door.

  2. Your work is most beautiful, my dear friend. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Quilting!

  3. I really like the fabrics you have chose. But I can't wait to see the stitched version of your quilt. Those threads are beautiful.
    BTW...thanks for the extra ME coupons ;0} I will sure put them to use!

  4. Very beautiful fabrics Jenny! I can almost feel them! I am sure that the project will be totally amazing and I cannot wait to see it!!! I love your new tea cup too! I understand how hard it is to exercise restraint! Have a fun time stitching!
    carla louise

  5. My goodness, Bob the Dog looks so much like my little Puffy (now gone to God). We loved her so much. She lived to be almost 14 yo. I can't get over how much Bob looks like her. ;o)

    Now..... your new Shabby Roses. I *LOVE* that you are making this in different (to you) fabrics. LOVE IT! I tend to gravitate to soft, pretty, shabby chic-ness myself but I also adore the vintage look. I'm excited to see how this will turn out.

    Aren't those Cottage threads just yummy?

  6. I just love that collection of fabrics and am eagerly awaiting the release of Shabby Roses #4

  7. Your sneak peeks look wonderful. I do love that cup and saucer and the mug. Happy Father's Day.
    Bob the Dog is such a cutey.

  8. Oh, now I really wish my fingers would let me hand stitch. I do like the Aunt Grace fabrics and Cottage threads you shared. Will be watching for more of the new quilt on your blog.

  9. Oh Jenny-girl!!!!!!! A vintage shabby roses - oh my - I forgot to breathe while I looked at your pics, lol! I can't WAIT!
    I love your new cup and saucer, and Mr. E's new mug - how sweet. Bob-the-dog looks adorable in his new do. Threads? What threads? That's insulation. Good for keeping out tropical heat, or winter's chill. Get enough of it down there and Bob-the-dog will have a comfy place to lay anywhere.

  10. wow, I love your blog. everything is beautiful !

  11. I'm looking forward to seeing this one in the two different colourways and styles. The sneak peek looks very nice.

  12. Can't wait for the new design to hit! And isn't it good (sometimes) to have teenagers around who CAN do domestics??
    Hope your hand is getting better a little bit everyday.
    I am sure you willbe happy with the Cottage Garden Threads - and havent they got lovelky names??

  13. Hi Jenny, I am looking forward to seeing your two new Shabby Roses projects I love the 1940's fabric you have chosen. The embroidery thread looks so pretty can I buy these in England. Blossom sounds like a daddies girl and thats how it should be. Hope the hand is improving.
    Love Jillx

  14. Oh, Jenny, am loving those fabrics! It will certainly be fun to see how this project progresses!

  15. Hi, Jenny. Great choice of fabrics for your new design. I enjoy working with fabrics out of my comfort zone when I get the opportunity. Usually I have my daughter or sister pick them for me. ~karen

  16. Wonderful photos. You shop like I do; I cannot resist marked down mugs at Starbucks. I have a coffee mug stash! Bob the dog is adorable. I love that I finally had my three Maltese' hair cut. No more hair all over me, and my female, Rosebud, loves that she can wear a necklace now.

  17. A BEAUTIFUL CUP AND LOVELY SMELL OF FLOWERS! Sitting in the sunshine an early morning and having a cup of coffee and breathing fresh air - that´s the best beginning of the day.
    Hugs Louise D

  18. Jenny, out of all of the quilting bloggs I visit, I have to say that I especially like yours. Your color choices are always amazing. I get such satisfaction on reading your blogg and keeping up with your quilting.

    May God bless you this day.

  19. Love the 30's apron type fabrics but what caught my eye were those threads.............YUUUUUMMMMMY! all we can get around here is DMC same o same o.

  20. Oh wow! Your new design is fantastic with those colors. Love your new teacup too and Bob the dog is ever so adorable. Looking forward to seeing your new design all stitched up my friend!
    xx, shell and sugie bunny

  21. I think I'm already in love your Shabby #4! It looks like lots of hand stitching :)

  22. Hello Jenny and Bob the dog! I love the fabrics you chose for the new quilt! Also wanted to give you a little thanks for offering the Fresh as a Daisy bag pattern over at Among the Gum Tree. I'm a smaller bag person and this one will be the perfect size!
    Nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  23. Hi Jenny
    Nice teacup! I always think tea tastes better in fine china. :)
    Your recycling challenge has converged to inspire me along with three other inspirations to spawn my latest projects. You can see them here if you are interested:
    BTW I posted a link to your blog post about the challenge in my blog post.

  24. Cup and saucer very nice but the threads ,absolutely lovely--cottonreel .

  25. What a lovely new quilt you have made! It is beautiful!! And your lovely threads. Think, A nice cup of tea in your new cup, some realy nice choclate and all these lovely threads! It just could not be better :-) You are great Jenny!!


  26. Those fabrics and the threads are going to be a great choice for your next quilt. Sometimes it is fun to step out of the box. You might just like it.:D
    Always nice to have cute company when you are sewing.

  27. Thank you for sharing so many free designs, special thoughts, recipes, and your family! It's been a fun year following you and the other Gum Tree Sisters!


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