Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A stuffed bird, and the last BOM block for A Christmas Story quilt!

Yesterday my hands were a bit sore so I did the right thing and stayed away from my stitching. To fill me need for all things crafty I went for a wander through the local newsagents and found this issue of Quilt Mania...
It's a French quilting and stitching magazine that I love! We get it a couple of months after its European publication date in Australia so my French friends would already be enjoying the next issue by now. However, I am always excited to see it, regardless of how old the issue is. 
Inside this issue there are a lot of wonderful quilts, but the projects that I really want to make are these...
Isn't this young lady the sweetest thing!? And those houses are to store your sewing bibs and bobs inside. The roof hinges open! I'm thinking that I'll make my young lady in Tilda fabrics, what do you think?
There is also a project in this issue by Australia's own Helen Stubbings - a lovely applique wallhanging!
Whilst resting my hands yesterday I made time for a haircut. It's been about 6 months now since I went from long hair to short, and to be honest I really miss my long hair. But it's so very hot living here, and while I'm still going through 'the change' (as my grandmother used to call it) and those hot flushes, I thought it best to persevere with the short hair until they pass for good.
Have you tried to take a photo of yourself and keep a straight face?? I can't.
Today the hands are much better, so I finally finished my first bird for the Weekend Birdcage Sew-In...
I used mother-of-pearl buttons to secure the wings, pretty rose glass seed beads for the eyes...
...and a piece of vintage silk ribbon around the tail. 
This afternoon I'll finish some more. They're so pretty, and I can see myself making them in future as gifts, perhaps with a lavender filling. 
The last block and quilt assembly instructions for my Shabby Roses 'A Christmas Story' quilt are now available in my Etsy Shop HERE for those who are doing it as a 5 month BOM. 
Theresa has now finished her quilt top and it's just gorgeous!
She used all fabrics from her stash, and they worked beautifully!
If you'd like to make this quilt yourself you'll find the pattern HERE.

Now, off to make more birds...you too?
Have a lovely day!


Sharon (Stitches on Mars) said...

Hi Jen,

Love those projects in that magazine. I think she would look lovely in Tilda fabrics.
BTW your bird is pretty cute. I hope the soreness stays away. It must be pretty frustrating.
Hugs, Sharon

Melody said...

Hi Jenny,
I'd better get started on my birds. I've not seen this French quilting magazine before. The projects looking wonderful so I might take a little trip to Borders and see if they have got a copy.
I'm finally starting Daisy Do Block 3. Thanks for this project, I'm really enjoying it.
Take care of your hands.

manda said...

That little miss really would look good in Tilda Fabrics! I can just see you making her into a little Blossom for Blossom!
I love those houses too!
Your bird is just divine!! I wish I had the pattern for her, she looks wonderful to make! I haven't started my birds yet, but I did make some pins with bluebirds on them for an order. I will get around to making some little tweets maybe tonight!
I'm sorry your hands were hurting yesterday! I wish I could give you some miracle cure for them! Just keep up with the dandelion tea and honey.
Is it still raining up there? It is here, it hasn't stopped since yeaterday early morning. Can you believe the roads are cut off to Airlie Beach and around Bowen?! Oh well. You know the early rain will bring on an early mating season for the crocodiles...

BubzRugz said...

Lovely birdies.... that lady looks such fun -
PS hair looks great

Chocolate Cat said...

I'll have to have a look for that magazine!! Love your little bird, looking forward to seeing them all made!

Pam said...

The bird looks very pretty Jenny. The hair looks good too!!!!

Maria said...

Beautiful projects for you to do in the book. Look forward to seeing them finished.
No it is not easy to take a photo of ones self. LOL
Love the pretty colours of your wee bird.

Ana Paula R. Portela said...

I'm so happy with your hands situation now!
It'll be 100% ok!
Thank's a lot to share your histories with us.
I love your birds.

Susan said...

Love your little bird - but those houses!! I really must see if I can get that magazine too - I am keen (one day) to have a collection of houses on my hall stand - well when I finish a lot of other UFOs and the cat learns not to climb up on things and knock everything off!! grr - dogs do have one good point after all!
Jenny - what issue is it so I can go look??

Amanda said...

I really like Quiltmania too, though it is pretty expensive. I was taken by those little houses, and might make one for my niece for Christmas. Great haircut; I've always had short hair and much prefer it to long.

Terry said...

Love your self portrait! LOL LOve your little birdie too! :0)

Colleen's Blog Long Island NY said...

Love the little bird. The fabric is wonderful.

Rian said...

I like the little girl and tilda fabrics are great for that i think.
The houses are awesome.
Like that quiltmania. Didnt see it here in the Netherlands, but there a not so many strores in my town which have a lot of quilting magazines.....
let's take a look tomorrow....maybe I can found it. Have fun with it!

Cheryll said...

Your hair looks great! Love the little pink bird!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Glad the hand is a little better. You are a lovely lady! :)

Lynette said...

Hi Jenny
I have been enjoying your blog for a little while and thought it time to join in. I have made some zipper purses. How do I send you the photos.
I am sorry your hands are taking so long to recover. My mother has been having the same problem and I know it can be very frustrating.]

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
Oohh, that stuffed bird is very cute! Is that your design or where did you get it?

I lurve the hair cut and I'm sure i'd be cutting mine off when it comes to those short "Bali trips"

Anonymous said...

Oh so cute! Your hair cut and the little bird. ;o)

Maggey and Jim said...

Love your sweet bird and glad you are stitching again.. Just be so careful..The quilt is lovely and I have made a couple of wool birds too. Its so hard to take photo of ones self!!

Jude said...

Love that French magazine and especially that girl and your bird looks sweet but dont over do the sewing and have a setback with the healing process.

Fee said...

Ooooh - love the young lady ... and the houses. Just gorgeous.

I'm with you on taking photos of oneself - so I never do it. Just feels plain weird really!

Love ya,
Fee :-)

Narelle said...

Oh Jenny lovely to hear that your hand is a little better. I just love your bird i will have to make some to hang in my new sewing room. Sorry that i can not join you and Wendy this weekend to sew birds as have other commitments but will be back to see the results of your weekend.
Happy Sewing