Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Feels like I've been on a holiday...

...from blogging! 
I think I needed it. :-)

Wiving and mothering are my full-time occupations. Some days, some weeks, some months, it requires more of me than usual. The last few weeks have been testimony to that. A great privilege was given when God chose me to be Mr E's wife, and the mother of our children...a privilege and a joy that I never want to take for granted, something I try hard to not diminish in value. 
Designing and sewing is one of those 'extra' joys that life offers me, but it must always be just that, an 'extra', not the main focus. If I think too highly of this hobby, or I think too highly of myself, then I have robbed myself of the real and unique role I am to play out in this life. 
It's easy to stitch. 
It's easy to blog. 
It requires much more of me to sew the threads of motherhood and spouse into a beautiful tapestry that I can call my life, and be proud of the ever expanding landscape it creates. Being a wife to my cherished husband is a gift that continues to bless me each and every day, and having children that want to come sit with me and talk about their day, their concerns for the future, their dreams - well, that is the icing on my family cake. 

Today I want to thank you, really thank you, because I have reached 1100 followers. You are so lovely to want to keep coming back and reading along to my rambles of life and see what new fabric scraps have taken on one of my designs. May you be blessed as you have blessed me. {{{{hugs}}}}

But as wonderful and encouraging as that number is, and how lovely it is to read your comments, it will never match the feeling I get when my family walk through the door at the end of their work day and the first thing they do is hug me tight, kiss me, and say, "I love you". Every day. Every single day I am hugged and loved by these immensely precious people God gave into my life. In that, I am more than abundantly blessed.

Little snippets of new designs that I have finished, but am still in the process of writing patterns for...

 More photos and patterns in the coming days. Do you love the sentiments on the door hangers? 
They are straight from  my heart.


  1. Beautiful new designs Jenny but even more beautiful are the words you expressed about your wonderful family.

  2. I enjoy your writing on how you feel about family and your hobby. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. What you say is so very true. We must all keep things in perspective and family is always the most special thing and first priority in our lives. It is also nice to have those little extras. Your new designs are gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful post Jenny! Hugs to you and your family!!

  5. Beautiful and inspirational works straight from your heart! How touching they are! Although, I am a single mom, I know and understand the joys of your children wanting to spend time with you! And now that mine are all adults with their own lives, I am so very happy when they come home just to spend time with me. Your designs are gorgeous and inspiring. I can't wait for more patterns!
    carla louise

  6. Oh dear Jenny, I couldn't agree with you more. My sadly lacking blog is just evidence of my busy family life right now. Some times it slows down enough for me to indulge in the hobbies I enjoy so much but if I could never sew again, I could not grumble because of the precious sweet family God has blessed me with. We are so fortunate to all be very close and enjoy each other's company. A combination of God's blessings and all the hard work my sweet hubby and I have put into keeping our family bonds strong.

    I just love the beautiful simplicity of your pretty new designs. I hope to make time to create them for my home when you are able to share the patterns.

    God bless you and your precious family. <3

  7. Oh dearest Jen - you are such a treasure and deserve every blessing that God pours out on your with wonderful Mr E and Slicer and Blossom.

    I'm still learning how to juggle everything - so much I love to do - but family MUST come first. To be a good steward of one's time is difficult often, but I guess it's a process, like everything.

    I so enjoy reading your blog, seeing all the beautiful things you make and receiving the wisdom and love you share.

    Have a fabulous day.

    Fee x

  8. Jenny dear, your words are so full of wisdom and heart - a very timely reminder for me, thank you. I love how you meld designing and blogging into your family life - how you keep from sacrificing the important for the urgent - how you keep your focus.

    I love your new designs. Always, you come up with gems that remind us of home and heart. You are such a treasure to me.

  9. Lovely Post..Love what you've been stitching...
    take care

  10. What a beautiful post!!! Hugs, Clara.

  11. Heartwarming post. And your new never cease to amaze me.

  12. Que lindas e sábias palavras, querida Jenny. Thank you very much!



  13. Jenny, you definitely have your priorities in order. It is so easy for us (me) to get caught up in my projects that I put family on hold and that is so out of order. Like you, God has blessed me with a great DH and children, and also with the privilege of caring for my mother full time. When we keep our priorities straight and keep God first then there is plenty of room for all those other things we like to do, perhaps not every day, but often enough.
    I think your DH got a pretty good catch too.

  14. I could not agree with you more. It is easy to take these precious people for granted. I work at not doing that everyday.

  15. I'm with you there..... family is so very special....
    beautiful designs too ...

  16. I so enjoy reading your posts. It feels like you read my mind at times especially your feelings on family. You put into words on how I feel. God has blessed me with 3 wonderful children and husband. Being a mother and wife are what I always wanted. I love that I was able to stay at home with my children when they were little( now they are 23, 22, and 15)and cherish all those memories. It makes me sad when a young mother is anxious to return to work after the baby is born. Some don't have the choice, but I am grateful that my husband made sure I was able to be home with my babies. Thank you again for your precious words. How is your summer time weather? Here in Wisconsin (USA) Fall has finally arrived and the temps have become cooler after a wonderful warmer than usual month. Love your designs! You inspired me to start stitching again.

  17. Hi Jenny, Amen to all you said, families are the most important thing and the more you put in the more you get out, I love my kids and my husband and feel blessed that they love me back and double blessed that they love coming home and now Kathleen has just phoned and she is calling in to see me, what a lucky lady I am.
    Love Jillx


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