Thursday, October 28, 2010

Those new designs are ready!

It's a lovely thing when you form a picture in your mind, transfer it to paper, then bring it to life with a needle and thread, and some perfect-for-this project fabric.
That's how designing is for me. 
I can be inspired by something I've read, a conversation over a pot of tea with my family, the sound of birds busily nesting in our trees, or perhaps just a wistful idea that stops by for a moment in my thoughts. There are often weeks that pass when no new pictures form, and where once I wondered if I'd ever design again, now I relish those times as long moments when I can indulge my desire to make other people's wonderful ideas. 
But then, my time of creative drought passes and a flurry of mental activity reignites and I am filling pages in my sketch book and wondering how many of them will see themselves dressed in thread anytime in the near future. Such fun!

Today I have two new design sets to show you!

~ Tea 'n' Toast ~
...a set of three simply 'country-fied' waffle-weave and redwork breakfast delights!
The tea cosy....
...the tea towel...
...and the bread bag!
These are so pretty and very quick to make up for gifts, or for your own home. Wouldn't they be a special Kitchen Tea or housewarming  gift? Or perhaps for friends who travel in their caravan?

~ Heart and Home ~
...a pretty duo of lavender scented door hangers!
These are so pretty, and a wonderful way to let people in your home know what is most important to you. They are also perfect for housewarming, engagement, or wedding gifts.
You can purchase either of these patterns today for $4 each, or both sets for $7.
PLUS, I also have a bonus!
If you purchase one or both of the sets above I will give you this pattern for free!
I have made up my Little Bird stitcheries into a journal cover, address book cover, and notebook cover! 
Your free pattern will include the instructions for making all three, along with the Little Bird designs!

Tea 'n' Toast Set $4 USD

Heart and Home Set $4 USD

Both sets of patterns $7 USD

I will email the patterns to you within 12-14 hours of purchase.
Hope you like them. :-)


Laura said...

Do you find that your ideas in your notebook have an "expiration date"? I keep a notebook too, but rarely get the opportunity to put the idea into thread until after the inspiration has passed... I'm hoping this changes once life balances out more and crafting time stops being the exception. Just wondering how common that is, though...

Fee said...

Gorgeous as usual :) Love everything that you do but then you already know that - LOL

Hugs - Fee X

Anonymous said...

Oh so lovely!
Thank you Jenny.

You know, I always look forward to reading your blog. Somehow you manage to make my day just a little brighter regardless of what you post. Thank you. :o)

Allie said...

Oh yes I quite agree - and I must say, I'm glad to know that you have times where no pictures come, I thought I was alone in that. You've reassured me, Jenny-girl!
I love all of your new designs, I know what my mum is getting for Christmas now!

Aunty said...

I love these designs. The kitchen tea set is gorgeous.