Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finishing up gifts, and on to new designs...

I can almost say that I have finished making Christmas gifts! I have two big boxes full now, and it has been more fun that I could have imagined! 
There are a few more 'big' gifts to complete, but I have time for them before December...it was just so good to make all the smaller gifts before October nodded goodnight. How are you going with your own gift-making? 
With still 1/2 of that sweet bird doily left to play with I thought a lavender filled door hanger would be perfect...
...and then I got the doorhanger-bug and made a few more from other designer's stitcheries I'd already finished and had put aside 'for something'. (Do you do that too??)
You can see how easily these gift boxes are filling, I'm sure! :-)
How are you going with your British flag cushions?
I've finished Blossom's Italian flag one! I even added a little passport so she could remind herself that her dream of a trip to Italy will happen one day. 
This is the fabric I used for the backing...
...Rome, Venice, Pisa - one day we'll be there!!
I'm back to playing with my own designs today. One part of design is to choose just the right fabrics to bring the design to life - and my worst habit is to design and stitch before I match the fabrics!
I'm thinking this 'Scribbles' print would be lovely with the baby quilt stitcheries...
....and a pink paisley print I've had for ages would really bring my newest Dill Dally Daisy design to life!
Not sure yet about my tiny and sweet Shabby Roses sampler blocks...
...although some romantic Robyn Pandolph would be gorgeous.
Look what Fiona of Bubz Rugz sent me this week!
The softest chenille washcloth and soap with a fragrance that lingers and lingers...quite sublime. I think it's Lemon Myrtle - am I right Fiona??
Thank you so much for your kindess, Fiona!!


  1. A lot of beautiful things again, Jenny. You are so talented.

  2. Hi Jenny - so much peeps of lovely things happening in your house - the Italian style cushion is too cute with a special passport - I love your ideas.....
    I think you are right about the lemon myrtle.....

  3. Great creative hands, as usual. Don't forget to let me know when you come to Italy (plan a trip to Sicily)!!!!!
    So..... see you soon! Hugs, Clara.

  4. Hi Jenny,
    Always so much fun to visit you and see all the beautiful things you create. Your new designs look so fun! I can't wait to see. Love the Italian cushion with the little passport. That is so charming! And your gifty from Fiona is so lovely. What a sweet lady.
    Have a fun day my friend.
    xx, shell

  5. OOOH--so many cute things! Suddenly have this incredible desire to go back to Italy and have a ham and cheese panini. Can't wait to see more of the new designs.
    I hope this means that the hand is getting back to normal???

  6. Hi Jenny, I love all the doorhangers and the Blossoms Italian cushions is lovely and the little passport is so cute. Tony and I went to Rome for his 60th birthday it was so brilliant.
    Love Jillx

  7. My you're busy, girl - congrats on getting all those Christmas gifts done! I love the sachets, you're so full of good ideas. Blossom's pillow is perfection - the passport is too, too darling, and the fabric for the back couldn't be more perfect.
    But what REALLY intrigues me are your own designs. Do I spy a wee elephant??? *swoon* They all look wonderfully yummy! Love your precious giftie from Fiona too, how sweet is that!

  8. I really like those door hangers and will have to make a couple. The cushion are really pretty and make me want to travel again. Lucky you to get such a lovely gift.

  9. Oh, the doorknob hangers are so cute. Lots of things going on at your place.

  10. one up to you Jenny , adding the passport, love the cushion--cottonreel

  11. ciao sono cinzia da bologna italia,vi auguro di venire in italia ma passate anche dalla mia città..è bellissima ciao dall'italia......