Saturday, October 16, 2010

Simple vintage gifts to make...

Kathleen was way ahead of me though - she's been making them for a while now, and here is one of her beauties. You will find another HERE on her blog. :-)
This morning I made up two more cushion fronts (from my slowly reducing stash of Rural Jardin) in just under an hour. 
 I'll finish them tomorrow, but tonight I'm going to add to my collection of quick, vintage themed gifts, and I thought I'd show you as you may be inspired to make something similar.
Most of my regular readers know that I love anything vintage - doilies, tablecloths, quilts, hankerchiefs, etc. I really enjoy giving new life to cast offs I find at the op shops. If you saw THIS blog post in June you'll already have an idea of how I use old doilies.
Last Thursday I found a recently donated box of doilies at the local Salvos store overflowing with precious hand-stitched delights and all for just 50c a piece. I came home with 5, two of them to keep whole for my own household use, and three to cut up and make new again.
With this pretty doily I was able to make two 2011 diary covers, and two bookmarks!
With a second doily I made another diary cover and bookmark (and I still have 1/2 the doily left to use in other projects!)...
The third doily had the sweetest little birds cross-stitched at both ends, so with one of the ends I made a scented soap sachet...
I still have the other end to play with tonight, but in the centre section of the doily were some sweet cross-stitched flowers so I used them to make two scented coathanger sachets - one with rose pot pourri, and the other with lavender.
Now that is a lot of lovely gifts (with still more to come!) at a cost of just $1.50 - everything else I had in my stash. 
I have another simple tutorial for you tomorrow. (You'll need a very pretty saucer for it, though. I bought mine for 10c at the op shop)...
Have a lovely weekend,


  1. Wow Jen, what you can do with a few doilies, they all look have had a good I need to find a saucer??

  2. Thank you for sharing that cute idea. I will look out for what you make with the saucer.

  3. Lovely way to use old doyleys. I bought some just the other day.

  4. I just love the way your diaries turned out. The recipients should be very pleased with them.

  5. I'm impressed, what great ideas!

  6. Oh my goodness jenny those diary book covers are absolutely stunning. What a wonderful idea. Wow. I cant stop staring that them.

    You are so creative!!

    Ann Flowers

  7. I absolutely adore what you have done with your doilies. I find your blog and your ideas really inspiring. You are so clever. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Those are so pretty. Lots of super ideas Jenny.

  9. It's wonderful to watch you work. While I'm not into vintage or shabby chic myself, nor do I have a British bent, it's interesting to follow how you express your love of both. You're a good example of what each of us might do to express our own style. It's especially inspiring to see you do a lot with a little. Thanks for your thoughtful, helpful blog posts.

  10. Привет!
    У тебя очень насыщенный и приятный блог ! Всегда захожу с удовольствием и вдохновляюсь !
    Спасибо огромное !
    Катя из Сибири

  11. I love all of these sweet gifts, Jenny. Someone will be very happy to receive them ... I certainly would be!

  12. Look at you go! Love those cushions. And I love what you've done with the doilies, I have a gazillion of my own that I've rescued, I should do this! I really love the hanger sachets, my aunt would love those. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!

  13. Jen, great thrifty ideas as usual :). DM is organising the next pensioners fund raising stall and she's a bit stuck for ideas so I'll make a few scent and soap bags for her and also some for me to give as presents. Lol, op-shop raid next grocery shopping day :D!!

  14. I love that pink journal.. Lovely.. You never cease to amaze me.

  15. Dear Jenny, You are an amazing woman those diary covers and bookmarks are just beautiful. I would have never thought of doing what you have done with the doily's. The people that are receiving those gifts are very lucky people. Thank you for your creativity and sharing with us all.
    Big Hugs

  16. Vintage doilies are absolutely gorgeous... I'm always on the lookout too! I love what you have done with them Jen!

    I'm intrigued about that saucer... :-)

    Hugs sweetie!
    Vikki xoxo

  17. How cute! Hmmm-I know a shop that has a pile of old doilies and embroidered handkerchiefs. May have to grab some.
    Thanks for the ideas.

  18. Wow Jennie! Those are wonderful gifts-so vintage,so"lady-like" Anyone would be thrilled to get one and cherish it forever.
    Gifts do not have to cost a fortune to be precious. Thank you so much for sharing.

  19. Wow Jennie! Those are wonderful gifts-so vintage,so"lady-like" Anyone would be thrilled to get one and cherish it forever.
    Gifts do not have to cost a fortune to be precious. Thank you so much for sharing.


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