Friday, November 5, 2010

Flower Fairies, Springtime, a gift, and my Blossom...

No show and tells this week. :-(
Hopefully we'll be able to swoon over finished Daisy-Do quilts next week, though! :-)
The free block patterns will stay up until December 1st.
You can download all the blocks HERE by following the links in the various blog posts pertaining to Daisy-Do.
She's finished!
She was very fiddly for my not-so-perfect fingers, but it was so worth the effort of making her.
One Flower Fairy finished, three more to go. Don't you think they make gorgeous Christmas gifts? She stands 7 1/2 inches little angel. I'll need to make an extra one just for me. :-)
Blossom had a day off work yesterday (she is working on the checkout at Woolworths and *loves* it!), so with the rain drizzling outside we decided to sit tight on the couch with our various crafts and watch our just-arrived-from-the-UK 'Midsomer Murders' dvds. We love a good English murder mystery!
In between episodes Blossom put a colour through her hair, Violet Vision...
Doesn't matter what colour her hair is, she's just so gorgeous anyways! Can you tell I'm biased???
I'm also a very proud mumma because Blossom's block pattern for the 'Springtime' quilt that we Gum Tree Designers made for Fresh Hope, arrived in the mail!
Blossom's block, Freebird,  is Block 5 in the BOM.
My block, Raindrops,  is Block 1.
I don't have mine yet as the suppliers made a mistake with the spelling of my name and the spelling of Elefantz.
(Reynold instead of Reynolds, and Elephantz instead of Elefantz). 
I've asked to receive a copy of the corrected cover and should have it in a few weeks. Can't wait! :-)

The quilt pattern is being sold as a BOM, and for all pattern purchase enquiries you can contact Creative Abundance HERE for stockists. In time the pattern will also be available through the Fresh Hope website, but that may be a month or two away yet.
This week a cross-stitched postard arrived from my very dear friend, Darcey, in Canada. The verse was perfect for me right now, so it's sitting on the ledge behind my desk where I can ponder it each and every morning. Darc, your a real sweetheart for making this for me! {{{thanks}}}
Today I'm finishing up more hand sewing on some presents, then I need to make some nibblies as Mr E is taking me out to a wine-tasting at the school and we're all bringing a plate of some kind. I rarely drink so I'll be enjoying sparkling apple juice. 
What are you up to this weekend?
Blossom would like to leave you with this thought. It's on her favourite t-shirt...


Phyllis said...

Hi Jenny,

It's been a busy week for me as well. I think your little angel is very cute, and I love Blossom's hair color. And yes, she is gorgeous!

KaHolly said...

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, such a delightful post full of so many positive things. The Flower Fairy? OMG! She's just adorable. Blossom? You are raising an incredible child. Congratulations on your BOM Blocks!!

RobynLouise said...

Love your flower fairy, I have one named Daisy I received in a swap last year. If Blossom is a 'violet' now, I wonder which flower she'll be next :P? Lol, I'm not sure she'd look good as an orange Blossom with her skin colour and her natural look is just lovely anyway.

sunny said...

The Flower Fairy is adorable, as is Blossom. You're entitled to be a little biased.

Scottish Nanna said...

Lovely Flower Fairy And An Even Lovelier Daughter.
Hugs Mary.

Allie said...

Awww Jenny your little flower fairy is adorable! Yes you must make one for yourself. Yes, Blossom looks amazing no matter her hair color - although I do like this look a lot - she's just a beauty. I'm looking forward to ordering that pattern, Jenny, what a delightful quilt and such a worthy cause.

Darcey did an amazing job on your postcard, that's a favorite verse of mine too, and she did it beautifully! Btw, I agree with Blossom's t-shirt - one of my favorite sayings is "life is short, wear your party pants". I lke the bad coffee one too!

Anonymous said...

Your little angel is adorable... and so is your flower fairy (wink). A lovely gift.

Amanda said...

Your flower fairy looks great Jenny, mine is all cut out and ready to sew. I don't have daughters, just the two sons, but they love to change their hair colour on a regular basis too; isn't it wonderful to be a mother and to be so completely biased and think they look terrific. Mind you, even as a stranger, I think your Blossom looks terrific. I'm not sure that strangers would say the same about some of my son's 'dos'.

Susan said...

Love Blossom's hair colour - wish I only needed semis or rinses to change my colour!! And how true sbout the coffee. Keep up the great work!

Cattinka said...

Darcey made a very nice fabric card for you, she really is a nice lady. And I bet the two of you are good friends.

Crowing Moon said...

I really need to get my flower fairies finished. Yours looks so cute. I'll have to hunt them out of the one of several ufo baskets ;)

A Bit of the Blarney said...

Isn't she darling. I enjoyed Midsummer Murders when they played on Public Television here! Wishing you well! Cathy

Robin in New Jersey said...

Your flower fairy is adorable! Your daughter is beautiful!

Rumi said...

Your angels are precious--your wee one and your violet haired one!

Dolores said...

Blossom's hair colour is wonderful. Just a hint of colour. That little flower fairy has captured my heart. You did a great job on her. I'm off to some Christmas craft fairs this weekend.

jugglingpaynes said...

You are not biased. Blossom is gorgeous. And I like the touch of colour in her hair. :o)

Tell her I second the sentiment about coffee!

Beautiful little fairy!

Peace and Laughter,

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

What an adorable flower fairy! She is precious!
Love the violet in Blossom's hair. Seems fitting for such a lovely gal! Love both your patterns too! How great is that!
Have a wonderful weekend my friend!
xx, shell

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I LOVE Midsommer Murders. I'm the only one in my family though, my hubby says it's like watching paint dry - lol. Glad I found a kindred spirit.
Blessings from Cape Town South Africa

Pam said...

Love the Flower Fairy, Jenny. Blossom's hair looks great and agree with the t-shirt saying. We are fans of Midsomer Murders, but the amount of people who get bumped off must leave the area with a very small population!!!!!!!

Sandy said...

Your little angel is very sweet!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Your Flower Fairy is super sweet:) Hope you have had a wonderful weekend.

Fee said...

I love fairies and fairy tales. That's the reason for my nickname "Fee". The german word for fairy ;-) Your flower fairy looks great Jenny. Congratulations.


Francien said...

Your fairy looks absolutly adorable...i tryed to make one just by looking to yours....i made a more primlook -one...i made her as a gift for Christmas too..thanks for the inspiration..
greetings Francien.