Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My best friend's wedding...

Migraines are once again a way of life for me. The weather patterns here is the tropics for the wet season are playing havoc with my head. 
Thanks to all who have offered ideas for relief from them, but I will assure you all that I have been a chronic migraine sufferer for 39 years (since I was 12) and I have tried more pills, remedies, treatments than you can imagine. Not a single thing has ever helped apart from identifying and avoiding my food triggers. the weather pattern, though? I cannot control it.
Fortunately, I can still sit quietly and hand sew for a couple of hours after each lot of painkillers. This week I have almost finished two designs I sketched up last year. They have a vintage 30's feel about them...
I also had a wonderful inspiration on Sunday and drew up a number of blocks for a new Shabby Roses quilt...
 ...which I will make from these lovely fabrics! 'Fresh Palette' by Carrie Nelson.
On my reading table I'm enjoying the wonderful ideas in this book...'s filled with projects that can be made and donated to various needy groups across the world or in your own community. What a wonderful way to use up those fabrics hoarded in our stashes, don't you think? I also thought this would be a fabulous book to purchase as a gift for your local church group, and you could donate some stash fabrics - you could even help to teach newbies how to sew simple items for charity from this book. Giving really is the better part of crafting. :-)
I bought my copy HERE, and I also bought extra copies for Christmas gifts. Visit the Craft Hope website for more ideas HERE.
On the subject of gifts, I can now show you what I made my best friend in the whole world - my soul sister since we met at age 16 - for her wedding next month. She lives too far away for me to attend, and that's breakin' my heart, but she received the gift yesterday and was so emotional, so happy...
Vicki and Pete are a beautiful couple, and I'm so excited that she found the man of her dreams! (Love you, mate!!!)

Have a lovely day, and be sure to smile at those you meet along the way.


  1. Love the design and so happy for your BFF.. She will love it.. Hope the head is easing soon. My daughter has them too so she knows what you are going through.

  2. Jenny, I do hope your migraines ease up. I used to have them monthly, but after menopause, they eased off and I rarely have one...thank goodness! Take care of yourself.

    I love the gift you made for your best friend's wedding. Exquisite! I'm sure she will treasure it forever!

  3. I have migraine sufferers in the family.... they are so harsh....
    The new design looks lovely... looking forward to seeing it... and the wedding present is really something so special...

  4. I'm glad you're able to find some time to stitch between migraines, dear one. Love the peek of your new designs. I'm sorry you can't be at your friend's wedding - but I know you'll be with her in spirit. Your gift for her is just gorgeous, congratulations to her and her hubby to be!

  5. What A lovely gift for your best friend She will treasure it forever.Hope your head feels better
    Hugs Maru.

  6. I am sorry to hear that those darn migraines have got you down again. Take it easy, deal with them, we wills still be here.
    What a wonderful gift for a dear friend.

  7. As always your work is just wonderful.

  8. A beautiful gift! I hope your head eases up a bit soon.

  9. Hope you are feeling better soon Jenny. Your designs and the wedding gift are lovely.

  10. I'm sure your friend will feel you there in spirit. What a lovely gift. Sorry for the migraines. They're killers for sure. Pretty new projects in the works. Feel better.

  11. Gorgeous quilt and I love the look of the designs you're making up. I can empathise with the migraines, I've had them for over 20 years, unfortunately they've become more and more frequent over the last 2 years and can be weekly or even daily now. You say you can sit and sew after taking painkillers, all I can do is roll around in a dark room in agony - so can you tell me what your painkillers are? They sound great! The doctor is trying me on various ones but nothing takes the pain away.

  12. Beautiful work, Jenny, and I don't know how you do it when you are in pain or on pain meds! My son and husband both have migraines. A nurse who has them, too, told my husband she grabs a cold slushie as soon as she feels it coming on and it usually stops it.
    The design for your friends's wedding is beautiful.
    Keep stitchin' and take care of yourself.

  13. I love the little wedding quilt you made for your friend! It is original and adorable. Too bad you cannot attend her wedding though. Good luck to her on her special day!

    I hope that you feel better and your headaches go away! Take it easy!
    carla louise xoxo

    P.S. I finished my Daisy Do. Take a peek. I think you will like it!

  14. Such a sweet wedding gift , the aqua colour is one I think is just magical--cottonreel

  15. Sorry to hear those dreaded migraines have hit again..I have had some in the past & it's bed for me at least you can sit & stitch a little...your new quilt will be gorgeous in those's to you feeling better soon

  16. Love the designs!
    I hope your migraines ease soon. My head has been getting pummeled by weather changes as well. Not as bad as it had been before I had some wisdom teeth removed, but bad enough that I spend a lot of time massaging my sinuses. I will echo others' advice to take care of yourself!

    Peace and Laughter!

  17. Such a lovely gift for your friend. I am sure she will treasure it for years to come.
    Love all the sneak peeks.
    Praying for clear weather so that you do not suffer with the headache any more.


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