Sunday, November 14, 2010

This 'n' that on a Sunday afternoon...

"Drip, drip, drip, drop, splotch..."
That's the chorus Mr E and I listen to all night, every night, lately.
It's the wet season, and it's really wet alright. I don't mind rain, honest, but when there is a moat around the trees in your backyard and you can't drive your car past the front gate because it will get bogged - well, that's a wee bit more rain than I'd choose. 
And then there's the hole in the roof guttering, just ONE hole. And where is it? Right above our bedroom window. And what's above our bedroom window? A pretty, tin canopy. But what happens when water from that 20c sized hole in the guttering drips onto that canopy all night????
Mr E and I walk around like zombies all day from lack of sleep. That's what happens. And why is it that a noise which is tolerable all day, sounds like a thunderous herd of elephants all night?
The guttering is very high (two story Queenslander) so we can't get up there, however we're praying that the owner of the house will show mercy on us and get that hole plugged as soon as possible. There is no end to the rain in the forseeable weeks (months??!!).
Our plan at the moment is to pop our iPods in our ears and listen to something nicer all night. Tonight I'm tossing up between Enya, or an audio book. I know it's strange but I love falling asleep whilst listening to a book...maybe because I was never read to as a child?? I wonder. 
The final scallop trims are on my Flower Fairies...
...and two are wrapped and ready to be posted away to their new owners. The other two are Christmas gifts. 
A number of you have asked me to share this pattern, but as I showed you a couple of weeks ago HERE, the pattern is not mine. You will find the pattern in an old copy of Homespun magazine, issue 66. 
More new designs are being completed in my sewing room, some for magazines, and some for a book I'm writing that will be published next year. 
Do you like my new blog header? Little by little I make time to stitch a few of my Shabby Roses alphabet blocks, and I loved the photo of a few I'd finished as scissor keeps (more gifts)...
 I also made this tea towel as a gift, using one of my Oopsie Daisy designs on one end.
Do you like having bright, hand embellished tea towels? I love them! :-)
Last night I wrapped all 25 gifts for my partner, Carol, in Fee and Jo's Advent Swap. Tomorrow this box will be posted off to her, to arrive in time for her to unwrap one gift per day from December 1st till Christmas Day. By December 1st I'll have my own box of lovely presents from Carol to enjoy!
My Block pattern, Rainbird, from our Gum Tree Designer's "Springtime" quilt arrived on Friday - the cover all corrected. :-) 
You can contact Mary at Fresh Hope HERE to enquire about purchasing the Springtime quilt as a BOM, or the entire 9 block pattern set.
Look what arrived in the mail last week?!
These are the sweetest lavender filled handbags! The gift sender has asked me not to identify her, but she knows how much I appreciate these gorgeous bags. They are now hanging in my wardrobe scenting my clothes in delightful lavender. Thanks so much V!! :-)
Last but not least...
Something is happening next year, and I'm sooooooo excited!!!!!! 
Have a lovely Sunday evening. We've got ourselves a 400g box of Maltesers to share while we watch X-Factor. What are you up to?


Unknown said...

so beautiful things!!!
hope you have a nice day
best wishes

DIAN said...

Well, we have had a box of lindt chocolates to share (a gift from overnight guests) - we too had water dripping from guttering onto some metal flashing. It drove us nuts. Anyway yesterday we managed to slide a piece of old laminated chip board shelving between the drip and the metal. Peace at last.
I do sympathise if it is hard to get to. Raining here too.

Marit Johanne said...

It must be very annoying to listen to that rain dripping! The Flower fairies are so cute! The Springtime Quilt looks beautiful. I think it must be the day for chocolate, here in Norway it is father's day and we have a box with nice chocolate called Sfinx to share :)

Karmen said...

As a "mom" to three Maltese pups, I was curious how you could have a 400 gr box of them. I thought maybe you'd gotten a puppy. I Googled and felt a little silly. Love your blog. Karmen

Karmen said...
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cottonreel said...

Raindrops are falling on my head, la de da . I'll think of you each time I hear the song .
I love your new header , and lucky you, all those goodies--cottonreel

Tudy said...

I live in a mobile home with a metal roof so I understand the sound. But it was the rain on the air conditioner unit in my bed room that drove me crazy. My hubby put a small roof over it with shingles on it to keep the noise down. I hope your drip problem is fixed soon. Everything on you post are just beautiful.

Rumi said...

Sorry you guys are doing the zombie dance due to that nasty drip, drip! Hope it's fixed soon.

I like your new header and the precious daisy towel!

Very nice friend who gifted you with those very cute lavender bags.

loulee said...

I know where you're going!

That box of gifts looks great, what a wonderful swap idea.
Such a pain to listen to a drip all night long, I hope it's fixed soon.

Sue said...

I've forgotten what rain on the roof sounds like. Thanks for the reminder. Your Advent box looks very exciting. I still have one moe gift to finish but 24 are wrapped and waiting to head off to my swap partner.

Amanda said...

Oh, how tired you must be, with that Chinese water torture going on all night. We've had plenty of rain, but no drip, drip, dripping thank goodness. You've made me have a real fancy for some chocolate, perhaps whilst DH watches Xfactor and I listen whilst doing some hand sewing. Perhaps if I drop a few heavy hints Christopher will find some tucked away somewhere.

KaHolly said...

Noticed and admired your new header right away!! Your post was full of such lovely things. The fairy dolls are absolutely the cutest things. That's pretty exciting that your cooperative pattern is finally finished and correct!! Congratulations! ~karen

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

I guess what they say about water torture is true - and you are living through it! Hope it gets fixed soon. Love your Flower Fairies - so cute!!

Kaylee said...

Hi Jenny, You make the most gorgeous items, please let me know where you purchase the material you have used for the tea towel. Thankyou and Cheers Kaylee

Allie said...

LOVE the new header, Jenny! You know, by the time that roof gets fixed, you'll end up not being able to sleep because the noise won't be there. ACK. I hope it gets fixed SOON.
I vote for audiobook.

Love your projects sweetie, so very very pretty. Unmistakably Jenny.

What a very sweet gift from V - wow, those are really darling. I bet they smell wonderful!

Hmmmmm.....I can't wait to hear your surprise....

Pam said...

Your leaky guttering reminds me of last year when we had birds nesting under our guttering right outside our bedroom window! They used to flutter their wings and make lots of noise. At first we thought it was something in the loft. After many disturbed nights they eventually flew away and we got back to a full night's rest. Hope your problem is solved soon Jenny.
By the way love all your projects too.

Fee said...

Awww you tease!!!! Now I'll be up all night wondering what's happening next year!!!!

Commiserations on the drip, drip, dripping all night long. That would drive me insane too!

I LOVE your new blog header, and all the beautiful things you have been stitching.

Hugs and blessings,
Fee :-)

Oh Sew Addicted said...

I totally love the new blog header. I like how you change it from time to time. Gives the site a refreshing look. I am sorry about all the rain! And I know how you can feel like a zombie from lack of sleep. I have been working on my finish for the Daisy Do BOM. I am making some other quilt blocks to go with your design and mine will be square to cover the top of a table. Hopefully I will finish it for Sew and Tell on Friday. I will keep you posted as to my progress, but I have given the blocks a very different look from your finish! I think you will love it! Take care. Hugs!
carla louise

Robin in New Jersey said...

A book ?? A plane ticket ?? You are teasing us!

How exciting! Are you coming to the U.S. ?

I love reading your posts. :)

Abby and Stephanie said...

Where to start...I LOVE Malteasers. Discovered then on a trip to England. Darling sachet purse. Gorgeous stitching as always and how thrilling to be writing a book. I've missed so much since being gone. Oh and the fairies are the sweetest. The most amazing thing is making 25 gifts for a swap! I'm quite the slacker these days.

Sew Useful Designs said...

Ooh what an exciting post! :-)

There's lots going on in the elefantz household and it all sounds GOOD! (Except for the noisy rain, of course!)

Congratulations sweetie on the magazine commissions! Your fairies look so gosh darn cute - I'm going to have to look out that pattern again, I think I had it earmarked for a couple of years! LOL

Airplane tickets? Ooooh.... the mind wanders! :-)

Hugs in abundance!!
Vikki xoxo :-)

KIARA said...

SO .... can i speak??? beautiful all your blog ... my compliments for your works ..... the fairies are very wonderfull.

My 1st Bambina ! said...

Yes... love your new blog header !!!
Very cute projects you've been/being working on !!!
Isn't that something ?! ... a nice steady rain soothing to sleep... a constant water drop totally annoying.
Looking forward to your new book !!! said...

Hello Jenny,

I love your blog so much, that I want to give you an Award,

please watch my blog and get it for your awesome items.

lot of greetings


Wendyb said...

You are THE most wonderful!!!
Love ya to bits!!!! You know what I mean! I'm sure the owners will look after you..we've had lots of rain here too!!!
I must get back into crafty things very soon.....I'm having withdrawals!!! Maybe a Christmas break get together!!!!
sugary ya sweety
Wendy :O)

mclaire said...

MAGNIFIQUE, que de belles réalisations, bravissimo !!