Tuesday, January 11, 2011

FLOOD RELIEF - auctioning two of my handmade original Shabby Roses quilts!

I think everyone world-wide is watching with horror at the devastation that has hit my state of Queensland, and is now moving through New South Wales.
There simply are no words to describe the horror, the sadness, the grief for those affected.
What can we do? My family are praying, and looking for some way to offer assistance.

This morning after prayer, the dear Lord spoke to my heart and told me how I can do my very small bit to assist. Auction two of my Shabby Roses quilts.

These are both the original quilts, made by my hands, both made with love and prayers. God knew as I made them what purpose they would be used for much later.


(Click on the photo for a larger view)


(Click on the photo for a larger view)

Please consider bidding on either or both quilts. I will sign my name on the back for you should you be the successful bidder.
Please share this on your blogs - the more people who know, the more potential bidders, the more money raised for the flood victims.

To bid on either quilt please email me at:
jennyofelefantz AT yahoo DOT com DOT au

Put the name of the quilt you want to bid on in the subject line, and tell me how much you want to bid. 

You will also be required to pay the postage costs for the quilt to be posted to you.
Within Australia that will be $11 - $15, outside of Australia it will be approximately $30 - any more than that I will cover the excess.

Each day over the next 10 days I will put a $ count on my blog sidebar so you can see how the auctions are coming along.

The auctions will close on midnight January 21st, Australian east coast time.

PLEASE, if you can help by bidding, please do!
And remember to pray....

PS: We Gum Tree Designers have just launched our own appeal to help fellow crafters who have lost everything in the floods. Visit our blog HERE for details on how you can help!


Orcsmom said...

We here in the States are also watching in horror from all of the damages the floods are causing and also are in prayer that lives be spared and people are safe. You are so right, that God had a plan when you were making those 2 quilts. Big hugs to you!


Andra Gayle said...


quilterfaye said...

Bless you Jenny. I agree with Orcsmom, We are watching in horror water is happening in Australia.We pray that the rain Ceases and the flood waters go down.
How are you and your family coping?
Have you had any food supplies.

vernagrace said...

Canada is watching, too, and we pray that the rain stops and waters recede and that people are safe from harm. Bless you and your family. Stay safe and God be with you and watch over you and yours.

Penny said...

Oh dear, hope the rain stops. Hope you're doing fine. Your quilts are gorgeous. Will write about the auction in my blog.God bless you Jenny :)

Allie said...

Jenny girl, I'm so saddened to see what's happening your your beautiful country. I think this is a wonderful thing you're doing. My prayers are going out to you all.

Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Jenny. What a lovely gesture by you. I have a friend in Toowoomba, have sent a msg on F/B and an email, I am desperate to know she and her family and rainbow the dog are all ok. Also have been emailing my aunt, cousins, who live in and around Ipswich, my home town. This is just so hard to believe, especially what happened in Toowoomba. I hope your auction raises many, many dollars. Bless you for your kindness. Hugs, Sandy.

ahli said...

Oh it is beautiful.

ahli said...

Oh it is beautiful.

Astrid from Norway

Arlene White said...

Hey Jenny, thanks so much for doing this, much is needed.

I'm still waiting to hear from one of my brothers who was in the path of the Toowoomba flood.

In Townsville

Kriza said...

just saw the news of the flood in Australia, it was horrible, I am thinking of you all!

we also had flood and then the infamous red sludge in Hungary recently, so I sort of know what you are going through right now. the snow is just beginning to melt again here, with already to much inland inundation, so the situation is very fragile here too...

I hope for better days for both of our countries!

take care!


Fee said...

What a beautiful thing to do Jen. I have blogged about it. Hope you guys are all OK a bit further North.

It just seems so unreal ... especially as we swelter in hot, dry conditions on the other side of Australia.

Sending you love and hugs,
Fee x

Susan said...

Jenny - such a loving thought. I ammsure the proceeds will be very mcuh appreciated. i will spread the word as well.

Lis Harwood said...

I have friends in Brisbane and am watching as they water moves ever closer to the city. Have blogged about the auction and have everybody in QLD in my prayers. Your donation is wonderful, I hope you raise loads of money and that it inspires others to donate/auction too.

manda said...

Oh Jenny, thankyou!!!

Abby and Stephanie said...

How generous. Anyone will be very lucky to have something handmade by you and as a result they'll also be helping those in need.

FlourishingPalms said...

Bless you, Jenny, for doing what you can to help others. You are wonderful. I wish I was rich in money!

John'aLee said...

What a wonderful thing you are doing. Our prayers are with you all.

http://www.chilenacocina.com/ said...

Amiga Thank God there is generous hearts of the other face of adversity
I'm from Chile (South America) country with earthquakes and what is to be in solidarity with people who are suffering at this time
My niece lives in Perth Australia Constance command him your auction so you can follow it with your friends
A hug and strength to your fellow

Lynn B said...

Jenny your work is amazing, I am so glad I found your blog!


Aussie Nanna said...

God Bless you Jenny! You are a truly wonderful and generous lady.
I have been feeling so shocked and numbed that I have not thought about what I can do to help.....Now I know. Thank you for the little prod I needed.

Maddy said...

Love your work and your very kind heart. You and others are so generous
to help out so many who are in need.

jacquie said...

beautiful, jenny! i'll post a link to this...prayers too.