Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Op shop surprises!

On Saturday morning I walked down town to the op-shop. I was just getting over a migraine, and really needed some fresh air before the sun became too hot and holing up in the house became my only relief.
I had decided to look for a little girl's skirt, or dress, that I could use to show you that aprons for my January Challenge could be made for any female of any age or size. 
My daughters loved aprons when they were little!

Well, I did not find a little skirt or a little dress, but I was informed as I walked through the door of the Salvation Army Thrift store that it was 'fill a bag for $5' day! Now there was something to enjoy! 

I found some gorgeous white pillowcases, a heavy white tablecloth, and these 'fabrics'...
Of course, they are all a mix of pants, shirts and skirts, *but* I only saw and felt luscious fabrics.
My first cut-apart was the linen pants. I got four lovely, long and wide pieces of linen, because the pants were quite large...
...and that natural colour was perfect for me to prepare something to stitch!
I found a free colouring page HERE from Karla Dornacher's site, printed it up and traced it onto a piece of the linen...
It's so lovely to stitch with, and this block will be destined for a cushion.
Friday's Show & Tell will be a big one as I have received many photos of "Give Thanks" and skirt-to-apron challenge projects. Thank you for sharing them with me! :-) 
The silent auctions on my quilts have kicked off - bless those who have put in bids.
Shabby Roses is up to $180, and A Christmas Story is at $150. 
Have you considered getting together with your quilting group and making a bid on either quilt? If your group won the auction you could draw the eventual winner from amongst yourselves. :-)
Thank you for the huge response to our Gum Trees 'New Beginnings' Flood Appeal for sewing kits and sewing bits and pieces - your kindness from all over the world is incredible! Bless you all!!
We have even been blessed with a donation to help cover the postage cost to the affected towns once the items arrive and are packed for distribution. Wendy B is going to come to my place and help Blossom and I pack those boxes sometime in February.
Some of you have offered fat quarters and small items like needles etc in lieu of sewing kits. Thank you!! Every bit helps to put these kits together.
Now to start on some of the sewing kits myself before all your parcels begin arriving. It's a good thing to know there is something you can do to hopefully bring some small joy to those who just see devastation right now.
Give thanks today for all you have, and be sure and tell your loved ones just how precious they are.

PS: Just noticed that I have over 1200 of you following my blog!! You sure know how to bless the socks off a girl! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :-)


Anonymous said...

What lovely finds at your Op shop and the embroidery pattern is gorgeous. I have a question: How do you mark your patterns for stitching?

Maria said...

WOW. You must have a great op shop. Wonderful finds.

So nice of Wendy and you to put the kits together.

Bluebell said...

Hi Jenny, i love the bits you found at the charity shop it's fun to mooch through the bits in these places, I went to an auction yesterday and bought a cardboard box full of vintage linen bits and pieces for £8 my washing machine is very busy today.

Love Jillx

manda said...

You'll never guess, but I've had that colouring page in my "to embroider" folder for ages now! lol
Well done on the quilts so far! I am having an auction on my blog for some owl pins!
If you'll include some extra drawstring bags when they are sent, I will gladly fill a couple with supplies!
Big hugs! Stay safe!

Susan said...

Jenny - 1200 followers?? that is because you always have such lovely thoughts, messages & projects. I do love that tracing you found - and a beautiful stitchery results!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Sue, I use a brown Zig Millenium pigma pen.

Karmen said...

Marvelous, just marvelous. I love to fondle cloth at Goodwill (our op shop). Sometime there are great big men's shirts in the greatest print/plaids/checks. Karmen

KaHolly said...

You're always such an inspiration, Jenny. Makes me want to head to the Op Shop nearby first thing this morning! I need linen and never thought to check there!!

Svetlana said...

What a great finds!!!! And beginning of new progect!

Darlene said...

You have just shown me another reason to start cruising the local thrift stores and a brought me to a new artist(already browsed her website). I love what you have done with the linen and coloring page already. Can't wait to see the finished project!!

Carrie P. said...

Wow, can't beat that deal you found at your shop. Great finds and such a sweet embroidery pattern.

Karen said...

what a terrific find! Love your ideas for the embroidery. Sweet.

Allie said...

Fill a bag - what a great day to walk in there! I need to go to mine now, lol. You got some lovely finds, Jenny, and your stitching is darling. But oh you shouldn't have sent me over there.....WOW.

I'm so glad to hear the auctions are going well. That is good news in the midst of such tragedy.

vernagrace said...

You stitch quickly and beautifully! I think I shall have to visit Sally Ann (Salvation Army) a little more often to find some beautiful fabrics. Glad to hear the migraine is gone, and that there was sunshine. Love the site mentioned, too. I have one of her books and have enjoyed it over past Christmas's.