Saturday, January 15, 2011


A day spent with a friend is a precious gift. To call someone 'friend' is even more special. But to have someone call *you* friend is the greatest gift. 

This week I have been contemplating friendship - with my husband, my children, people I have known for many years, and people who have only in the last year or so come into my life.

My husband has given me many lovely gifts over the years - his embrace when he walks in the door from work, his trust when he hands his wages to me to budget faithfully, his confidence when he shares what is on his mind, his heart when he told me on our wedding eve that he would never leave me nor forsake me. There have been many more gifts, and through the years of valleys and mountains, struggles and triumphs, he has never waivered from his promises. He is my true love, and my truest of friends this side of heaven.

 I am also blessed to have some close crafting friends. Two friends that have come to mean a great deal to me over the last while are Fee and Wendy
Just the other day I came across the cutest little shabby saucer and knew that I finally had somewhere special to display the pretty pink-spot bird Fee had sent me at Christmas...
A girlfriend takes time to know you, to listen to you, and she can be trusted with your confidence. Fee knows how much I love birds, and how much a shabby style says 'Jenny' in my home, so this bird is treasured. Whenever I look over at my pink bird on the windowsill I say a silent prayer of thanks for Fee.
Today Mr E and I drove 200 klms to visit my friend Wendy
 This was only our third 'in the flesh' meeting, but it was during our first meeting last year (you can read about it here) we both knew we would be friends for life.  When we arrived, Wendy gave me this beautiful gift, her own design. She said it was how she thought of me, how she knew me to be. Only a friend knows me so well. Isn't it beautiful?
How well do you know your friends? How well do they know you? Can I encourage you to reach out to a friend today and let them know just how special they are in your life?
I have been battling loneliness and depression lately, and I really don't like admitting it so publicly, but I do so because I want you to know that it is when these two friends reached out to me that I held tight to the knowledge that I was not alone and I would come out the other end. I'm not there yet, but I know I am loved, and that I have special friends that love me no matter what. Sometimes you just need a good woman to see into the darkness and offer a lighted path and shoulder to lean on, and mostly they don't even have to say a word.
So reach out, ok? Your friend just might need to hear from you. :-)
Wendy's husband, Joe, is a great Italian cook and today's lunch was incredible. I officially pronounce Joe as the best pasta and garlic bread maker in  the world!
I have been preparing and stitching sewing kits for the "New Beginnings" appeal...
...but I also got time last night to finish this gorgeous stitchery using one of Karla Dornacher's colouring sheets. 
I'm wondering whether to make it into a cushion, or to frame it. It's just so pretty and the verse uplifts my soul. :-)
I DO need new cushions, so probably that's what I'll do. 
Tomorrow I have a surprise for you. 
See you then!


retdairyqueen said...

Iam also going through a rough patch in my life and to be quite honest I really didnt know or apreciate how many true friends I do have They have been there for me when Iam at my lowest point
You take care

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

I know what you mean about true friends, sometimes they are few and far between but hopefully they are there when truly needed. I have been following Wendy's blog for a while now and it seems you couldn't ask for a better friend.

Susan said...

Jenny, I think what you are saying is just so apt at the moemnt with all the floods happening - we all need a reminder to give love and hugs to special friends and our family - we never know how long we will have them for.

DIAN said...

Jenny, I am sorry to hear that you have been in a dark place recently.
I know that place only too well - I also know that there is a way out of it. It just takes time and a kind of determination.

You share so much love with others: I am sure you will feel better soon.

Sue from Cyprus said...

Jenny, your description of what friendship is, is beautiful. Even at your lowest, you have beautiful friends. You are truly blessed.
Hugs, Sue from Cyprus x x x

Synnove said...

What you say about friendship is so true! I am sorry to hear that you are having a rough time...
I am having a hard time too at the moment, and I have found out who my true friends are... We need them so much when things are hard to handle!
I am so happy that you have good friends that care for you.

FlourishingPalms said...

These are beautiful thoughts that all I us should thinking about... appreciating our friends more. I do hope you know how much YOU are appreciated, Jenny. Though you may be struggling with aloneness, please occasionally think of this far-away friend who holds you (and your family) in prayer. You are a blessing to us.

Your "Sing to the Lord" stitchery is very pretty. Looks like a framed piece to me. And how admirable that you're making "New Beginnings" kits. You're some awesome lady!

Laura said...

Dear Jenny
your thoughts have brought tears to my yes, what you say is so true, unfortunately,I know were you are I am there to, feeling better every day and like you still finding beauty in life,I can see that you are truly love and have lots of ffriends,I have few,but they are worth a million in particular one, and today I will reach to her and let her know.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us

Angie Padilla said...

Seems to me you certainly know how to be a friend! In good times and not so good ones, your blog is a source of inspiration and a most welcoming place to come to!

vernagrace said...

I've been struggling, too, and have a very dear friend who I will definitely reach out to today. One of the things that picks me up each day is reading your blog, Jenny. Your words and creative spirit some days are the wings that get me through the day. One dear friend always reminded me that He brings us through the deep waters and stays alongside us all the way through. God bless you, Jenny, and each person struggling or not.

Orcsmom said...

Jenny, your blog was perfect for me today! Not only was it beautifully written, (Yes, I shead a tear when I read what you wrote about your husband!!), I could relate to it also on a personal level. I am speading the day with my BFF, and I am going to give her a print out of your blog along with an extra big hug to let her know how much she means to mean! Thank you for your wise words! Hugs!!


debbie m said...

What awesome words! It is evident that God's love lives in you, and your husband.
I understand your lonliness and sadness, and am glad to hear you know you are truely never alone. I would like to add to that, wheather you have blogged on any given day or not, you are present in our lives and being thought of. Your faith and generous spirit of love are evident to me, half way around the world and serve to remind me that only through my faith in God will all things be revealed and our dark times pass. May God bless you today, lift you up, and give you comfort and peace in your heart and mind.
<3, :o), and ((( )))

Lis Harwood said...

A very big hug to you Jenny for having the courage to blog your loneliness and depression. Our world still sees these illnesses as weaknesses and they are often not taken seriously. Just saying them, facing them but knowing that you will come through eventually is so powerful, well done. You have many more friends than you know, take comfort from those who support you in cyberspace.

Deb said...

We are blessed to be able to choose out friends Jenny and we do need to be able to realise we make the choice for a reason. To show them appreciation and respect is to enable us to thank them for being one of the most important people in our lives

jugglingpaynes said...

Jenny, I'm sorry you have had to fight your darkness lately. I know the feeling well, as I've fought depression on and off throughout my life. I hope you are feeling better now, but please know it is no problem if you want to lean on me. Sometimes it helps just to know others are listening. I'm so glad you were able to meet up with some friends! Friends are a great blessing in our life!

Peace and Laughter,

Michelle said...

Thank you for sharing with us Jenny. You are a beautiful person, your blog inspires me and many others in so many areas(not just quilting, Lol) I love what you wrote about your friends and husband, you are indeed truly blessed! Blessings and Hugs

CHRIS said...

Hi Jenny, Your blog brings joy to all of us who follow and please know I count myself as a friend. Every stitch I make from your projects connects me to you and to all the girls who do the same. So know you are all part of a friendship. Perhaps each time you read a blog leave a comment it may be the connection you seek. Happy stitching to all Chrisb.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Well Jen you are blessed....your post was beautiful, thank you so much....Peg xx

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Jenny I wish I was there right now so I could squeeze the pudd'in right out of ya and tell you how much you are cherished! I've never met you in person, I live halfway around the world and I feel that if I showed up tomorrow to hug you, it would be no different than if we had been friends for 30 years. Your warmth, kindness and giving nature shine. You are a genuine, true, and lovely person who I am so very, very, blessed to call my friend!

Love ya bunches!
xx, shell

Robin in New Jersey said...

Oh Jenny,

You have been such an encouragement to me from across the world. My heart aches for you. My thought and prayers are with you, dear one.

Keep the faith.
Robin in New Jersey

Narelle said...

Oh Jenny, Well first i would have loved to be a fly on the wall. NO i would have loved to have been at Wendy's yesterday enjoying all the laugh and joy that would have been glowing from there yesterday. Friendship can happen in many ways and i also have some very dark days and all i have to do is come on and have a read of some very special blogs to me, that i call my craft family and feel better and full of joy. So Friendship can come in many different ways. Thank you for today's post as i have had some tears and laughs and contemplated what FRIENDSHIP means to me.
Big Big Hugs

Allie said...

Dear, DEAR girl. It's not easy to admit to depression or sadness when you're trying to be a light - but it does happen. You have so many wonderful friends who pray for you, who love you, love you for who you are. A beautiful, grace-filled woman who is HUMAN.
I love your little birdie and the saucer she sits in. And the little wall hanging that Wendy made - so perfect for you! You are blessed, my sweet friend.

Alice said...

You are such an inspiration to the rest of us and to know you are down saddens me.
I hope you know that we think of you as a true friend.
I know when we were moving a lot I found myself down a lot and very lonely no matter how much I cherish my husband and son.
I clung to my friends around the world and knew they were there for me.
We are there!!

BubzRugz said...

friends are so special... they carry us when we are tired...

Wendyb said...

My dear dear friend.....He brought us together for a reason my lovely.....He knows we need each are truly a blessing to all you encounter...a ray of sunshine, an inspiration...never doubt how special you are....because you are! Within you, love abounds!!!
Love ya big heaps girlfriend!!!!
XXXX Wendy :O)

Carrie P. said...

I really enjoyed reading this post.

Bluebell said...

Hi Jenny, every day I thank god for my husband and my wonderful children who show me love in so many ways every day. I also give thanks for my friends especially Kathleen (cottonreel) she is one classy lady she makes me laugh and she teaches me so much, I too suffer from depression sometimes especially at this time of year and it's always great to know that your friends and family love you, my blog always lifts me I read such good things that people do especially you Dear Jenny you have a huge heart and I am a better person for knowing you.
Love Jillxx

ShirleyC said...

This is a wonderful post, and something I also needed. I have been missing my friend also named, Jenny. Long story - just hoping things are going to get better for us soon.

Hugs to you!