Thursday, February 17, 2011

Biking with Mr E!

"It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away..."
Our family love that U2 song! No matter what sort of day it is, play this and your day changes immediately. 
My beautiful day this week was last Sunday, hugging Mr E from the back of his bike....
 I had the BEST time in years!!
We rode to Mingela, a tiny town with about 20 people, no shop, but they have a pub. Every Sunday bikers come from all around for the $5 roast lunch. I didn't have my camera with me so couldn't take pics but I will next time. Down both sides of the street in front of this very old, falling apart pub, you will find motorbikes and cruisers - and all the riders are middle age or older - only a couple of 'youngsters' amongst us.
It's around 45 klms from us, so a nice 90 klm round trip for my first time out. I can't wait for our next ride. Mr E is a skilled driver, and now I can see he is a wonderful rider as well.
On the sewing front I have been playing around with another Tilda blue Shabby Roses block re-make...
 (this is the original block from my quilt)
...a pieced Christmas cushion for Handmade magazine in pretty aqua...
...number 3 in my latest set of shabby stitcheries...
...preparation for making my new table runner design in a different colour scheme (you can see my 'Bliss' version HERE)
...and a 'Buttons'n'Bows' bag, also for Handmade magazine later this year.
I can't believe how quick it is to make projects without embroidery or applique - this is pretty new to me. 
I made the bag in an afternoon, and the cushion in a couple of hours. Normally it takes me a couple of days or more just to do the stitchery. I think I like piecing things for a change of pace, and it makes me think of how best to bring a project to life without relying on a stitched or appliqued design (hence the bows and buttons on the bag!).
Always learning something new - I think that is the story of crafting, don't you?
I am having some health issues that require me to change my diet, so I'm going to get back to my 'One Body For Living' blog tonight and share what's been going on in my kitchen...if you're interested perhaps you'll have some ideas that you can share too?
Don't forget to enter my 1300 followers giveaway HERE...only 4 more days till it's drawn, which mean only 4 more days till my birthday! No chocolate this year, but I have requested flowers because I love them almost as much. :-)



  1. You have been busy & the bag & the cushion are beautiful - great fabric choices. The day out with Mr E sounds brilliant. The best thing about being a passenger on a bike with the right driver are the elongated hugs.xx

  2. Looks like you had great fun. Love the bag. Just gorgeous. Hugs,

  3. Gosh that brought back memories!! We use to go to a biker cafe when we were in the UK. Sunday mornings and I think one evening a week, they use to make the best bacon sandwiches around, bikers came from miles away....oh those were the days. Need some warm weather before I will even think of putting the leathers on. Yes take some pics.... I want to see you with "helmet hair!!!!!" Hugs Linda

  4. You look just the part in your pink trimmed leather jacket. Sounds like lots of fun. and a $5 roast, who could say no to that.
    Loving your projects,especiallt the red and cream tote.

  5. It's great to see that you had a wonderful day. Sunnybec should wash her mouth out. LOL "Helmet hair" is something I'm in total denial about and I hate having photos taken with it. It is the reason my hair is now long with no fringe. I get the worst helmet hair. On a different note, I love your new projects. Can't wait to see them in the mag.

  6. Que lindo paseo! fabulous trip, espero que te mejores i hope you better
    besos para ti
    kisses for you

  7. You look adorable in your get-up! So "tough!" I'm glad to hear you're able to get out and about now (river level has dropped) and enjoy yourself. Next time you go pubbing, hoist one for me!

  8. Your new get-up fits you beautifully--makes you look like a poster girl! Glad you had such a great day. I love the new work, especially the bag! I hope there's a way to get hold of the pattern for us States-siders.

    I know what you mean about the stitching time. I came to embroidery AFTER becoming familiar with piecing (sort of backwards from you,) and I'm letting stitching be my be-still-and-listen-to-God activity. Piecing is so much faster that you can't really do that as much...

    I do hope your health situation is nothing major. Remember, take care of yourself first, or you won't be able to take care of those you love!

    Good to hear from you, as always.


  9. Love your Button and Bows bag. What a beauty!

  10. Hi Jenny,

    The red and white bag is so pretty and cheerful.

    I love riding bikes. My son-in-law has one and sometimes he takes me for a ride when I visit.

    It sure sounds like Sunday was a super fun day!!

  11. SOunds like so much fun with Mr. E. I used to go to a pub very similar to the one you visited. Some of the nicest times I had on warm summer days!

  12. Woo Hoo, you go girl - it looks like a whole load of fun. Something much needed I would say after all the recent events.
    hugs, Miche'le

  13. Oh Jenny, I am glad that you and your hubby had so much fun on what looked like a beautiful day. Love the projects and they are not only quicker to make than your stitcheries, they are probably better for your wrists/hands. Take a break and you can still be creative.

  14. Your ride sounds like so much fun. We just put a trailer hitch on our bike so we can do more long distance, touring riding. It is so much fun. I hate "helmet hair" but there is no way around it. I've tried lots of things. Just enjoy the wonderful time with your hubby! Love your projects, everything is just beautiful!

  15. I love all your work... All your works, ¡and die for your leather jacket!...

  16. Did my heart good to see you having fun--cottonreel

  17. Look how cute you look in your jacket and helmet!! So, so glad you two got out to enjoy a beautiful day, sweetie!
    Your new projects are gorgeous, love that bag SO much! Yes, it's amazing how fast a project can go with no handwork. It always makes me wonder how people got so much done before sewing machines, lol.

    I'm really sorry to read about the health issues - oh Jenny, you've really been through the mill. Love ya, girl!

  18. Sounds like fun. I haven't biked in years. I love the bag you cute. The cushion is beautiful!

  19. Looks like you had A great Day you should do it more often.
    Hugs Mary.

  20. Love all your stitchy goodness ... what a cute bag :o).
    Glad you had fun on the bike with Mr E!! One of my fave things to do on the weekend is get out on our bike with Mr JP. Do wish you lived closer ;o).
    Love n hugs,
    Joy :o)

  21. You had such a great time travelling!
    And I fell in love from first glance with the pillow and the red-and-white bag! Hope I would find those magazine in one of the foreign internet-shops :)

    Best wishes,

  22. You look great in your gear, biker girl! We need some 'helmet hair' photos so we can commiserate with you on how weird it makes us look :). Lovely bright projects you've done and a different style will keep you thinking.

  23. Congrats on reaching that number of followers. We all love your blog and your creations.

  24. Hi Jeeny, sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday. Love the new version of your quilt block, adored the first tho! :)
    The red and white bag is lovely, too.

  25. Looks like you had so much fun Jenny - your smile says it all!

    Love the latest bag design with those buttons - sweet and chic!

    Have a fun weekend! When are you out on your next biking stint?!!

    Hugs! Vikki x :-)

  26. So glad you had a nice day enjoying your birthday pressie with Mr E. Your button and bow bag is gorgeous.

  27. Heee you make a gorgeous biker chick Jen! :-)

    I love motorbikes too. Used to ride one (well, a scooter at least) back in the good old days.

    I'm drooling over that red bag. Beautiful.

    Hope you are enjoying working in Home Ec?

    Love n hugs,
    Fee x

  28. What a lovely bag! Looking forward to pics of all the bikes!

  29. You Look so Cool Jen in your New Bike
    Glad you got the Opportunity to go for a ride & chill out...
    Love your New Goodies that Bag is Gorgeous...
    Looking forward to catching up on the 5th..Yes it's a Definite!
    take care

  30. Looks like you had so much fun! Will this become a Sunday-date thing? You've managed to keep busy, as usual, and your goodies are delightful. I don't often post about my crafting, but if you'll stop by for a quick visit, you can see my latest, and the previous post is a funny photo of me to give you a laugh! ~karen (kaholly )

  31. Hi Jenny,
    Riding is wonderful and freeing. Not to mention the closeness...very big grin! I look forward to reading more of your riding stories!
    I cannot say enough about your stitching ... you are a MASTER!!! No, really, your gorgeous Shabby Rose quilt arrived today!!!! jumping up and down and dancing all over the place!!! The "Tilda" Shabby quilt will be very beautiful. Thank you Jenny for ALL the it here!


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