Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekly catch-up and some Show & Tell...

What a week it has been!
Two trips to Townsville, three days at work, a home to run and a teenager to ferry back and forth every day, a trip to the doctors, the dentist, and the pathologist, two gifts to finish...and I did try to get some of my own sewing done but it just wasn't happening. Meanwhile....
Princess Sophie has been spending her time 'lounging'...
...and playing with Bob-the-Dog, who has a new toy (fondly known as Shorn The Sheep)....
...which Sophie loves to snatch off him and run away with so he will play chase with her!
At 6am each morning a thundering herd of elephants can be heard charging up and down along the hardwood floor of the hall outside our room....well, it sounds like elephants, but it's really these two rascals playing chase. Sleeping in these days is but a fond memory.
Mr E and I have been out on the motorbike again today. We rode to a tiny little town with a population of about 20 residents (common in our neck of the woods) known as Balfe's Creek. We looked over a bike that was for sale but decided it wasn't what we wanted, so had a cold drink and shared a pack of Twisties before the return ride home. (You can see photos of our last visit to Balfe's Creek from June last year HERE ) I am finding life so exhilirating these days, and I know that is from this time spent cruising the highways with my man. :-)
We have some Show & Tell today!
Carrie has finished verse 2 of Give Thanks...
....and Celia has also finished Verse 2. 
We are having a run on verse 2 today, aren't we? Here is Nancy's!
They are all so different, and so pretty!
Has anyone stitched verse 3 yet? 
Thank you for all the heartfelt birthday wishes. How lovely you all are!
My good friend Fee spoiled me with a box of luscious goodies. I thought I was opening an Aladdin's Cave of treasures....
...and the next day I received this beautiful parcel from Katrin, with a Tilda doll!
I was very spoiled, and I love everything. :-)
Thank you so much, girls!
I have been wanting to share something 'different' for my Give Thanks BOM this week, but time was against me, and I am flying down to Brisbane on Thursday so you will have to be patient while I carve out some pockets of sewing time in March. I know you understand. 
PS: My original Shabby Roses quilt that Pam won in the January Auction to raise money for the Queensland Flood relief has arrived in the US! You can read about Pam's excitement HERE. 
It's lovely to know my 'baby' is cherished by such a lovely lady!


Maria said...

Phew Jenny !! You'er a very busy working Mum. no wonder the weks fly by.
You need your break in Brisbane with the other Nutters.
Both pets are cute but not at 6am in the morning.

Lynn B said...

Hi Jenny,

Happy belated birthday to you!Lovely finishes by everyone, you have received some lovely gifts.


Country Nanny said...

What a busy week! Thank's God it's saturday! Hope everything's ok with the doctors.
Your little zoo is so funny.
have a nice week end.

Annie said...

Oh to have the life of Princess Sophie!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Bob and Sophie look like they could provide lots of entertainment. Looks like you had a very special day.

KaHolly said...

It made me smile to hear about your busy life. I always suspected you had to sew and design your beautiful goodies in your sleep. Or, perhaps little elves come in the night and stitch up all those treasures!? What fun to see everyone's finishes. Glad you had a nice birthday. You deserved it. Enjoy your weekend! ~karen

Rumi said...

Bob-the-dog and Sophie are both adorable. How nice that they get along so well but I can see how you could do without the 6am romp.

Glad you are enjoying your life on the road. Such fun!

RobynLouise said...

Sounds like you spent the week living in the car! I wonder if Princess Sophie is distantly related to my Maddy cat as I know the cheeky look on her face. Hide your sewing things as rewinding cotton on spools and looking under everything for the quick unpick is not fun!!

Cattinka said...

The little princess is very cute, and I am glad she gets a long with Bob so well. I am glad you liked your present... and you know what the second pair of shoes are for!

Deb said...

Jenny, deep apologies for being so late in wishing you belated birthday wishes. I had meant to email you earlier but have got a bit distracted with events. So pleased that you have had a beauiful week and been spolit as you deserve.
hugs Deb

Victoria said...

For we Canadian gals...what are Twisties??? And a Tilda doll????? She looks sweet but there must be something to the name.
You enjoy your time with the friends. You so deserve this!!!

Allie said...

Egads just reading about it wears me out, girl. And of course the thundering elephants in the morning - that alone would do it for me, lol. Sophie and Bob The Dog are too cute!
The Give Thanks projects all look wonderful. I have my background done, still need to start the verses. They're traced, just need to pull my colors of thread.

You got some wonderful gifts, hon, all so well-deserved! I'm so excited for you getting to go to Brisbane, I hope and pray it will be a wonderful time of creativity and refreshment!

Chocolate Cat said...

What a busy week you've had! Princess Sophie has the right idea, she looks very content!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Pathologist? Praying all is OK.

You are one busy lady!

When you said elephants, just for a minute I thought...elephants in Australia? Ha...silly me!

Penny said...

I'm sure you will have a blast in Brisbane. Have fun!

I've only stitched all three stitchery verses of Give Thanks.Planning to make something else with them ;)

Quilt Kitty said...

Sounds like everyone, two legged & four, are loving life at your home. Tracee xx

Janice said...

No wonder you have had no time to sew. You've been run off your feet. I'm glad you found some time with Mr E in among everything. Lovely show and tell again.

Wendyb said...

Hi sweety....your life's starting to sound like mine!!!!! tee hee
Ralph and Charlie do similar acrobatics but Charlie likes to nudge at 5.30am for a breakfast call!!!!!They do say cats rule the house!!!!! LOL
Must catch up after the Brissie trip....I still have bags of stuff for the flood collection!
XXX love ya gal
Wendy :O)

Bluebell said...

Hi Jenny, I am so glad you are enjoying life so much at the moment it sounds busy but fun. Sorry I missed your birthday hope you had a fabulous time with your lovely family.
Take Care
Love Jillx

Carrie P. said...

No, I have not done #3 yet but all the #2's are great.
Your pets are so cute.
You had a very busy week. Hope you find time to sew and you have a great week.
Have a safe trip.

Victoria said...

Silly me. I have a computer to answer all the questions I asked!!!!
I now know all about Twisties. And....I have dicovered the origin of the Tilda doll & a whole line of Tilda products...oh dear, another thing I want to try!

Brenda said...

How cute your pets are! I have been printing out your hanging and verses BOM hoping to get time to start on it. I did start on the BOM at the Gum Tree Designers and have block one done. I found all of you just a couple of weeks ago and I am afraid I will not be able to keep up with you all.

Crowing Moon said...

Lovely creations and cute pets :)