Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yummo food, and some sewing finished...

Mr E and Sam have been busy sawing the fallen trees...
...and I have been baking focaccia, and serving simple meals from what needs to be eaten first. 
 Yesterday and today I baked my olive focaccia, and we finished the salami, cheeses, and fruit.
A small food delivery was made to Woolies last night - flour, pasta sauce - so I have solved the no Self Raising Flour woes. Tomorrow I'll bake a chocolate cake in celebration. ;-)
The bridge is open again as the flood waters have dropped, but we have been told more food supplies will still take a while to get here. That's ok! We have enough for a couple of weeks because I am being very creative. 
Miss Sophie, or Princess Sophie as I have begun calling her, has taken a liking to my office chair...
It's like having a hot water bottle in my lower back every time I sit down. She has begun to take over the house, and her 'Princess' title has not been lost on Blossom, who can be heard whispering into Sophie's ear "I'm the real Princess!".
I finally got back to finishing items for the New Beginnings sewing kits this afternoon, just need some more stuffing for the rest of the pincushions.
I have made six from THIS pattern, using 10" layer cake squares. They were all ready for stuffing when I realised I only had a small amount of Polyfill left, so could only complete one.
 ...and I'll finish stuffing the remaining ones tomorrow.
I also have one pincushion to stuff from these sets I made...
If you want to make a complete kit, or send items to help put a kit together, please email me. We have extended the posting date to March 15th, as the disasters keep the amount needed constantly increasing. 
For more information about the 'New Beginnings' kits read THIS on our Gum Tree Designers blog.
I will draw the random winner of my January Challenge tomorrow, and finally share some wonderful Show & Tell photos you've emailed me. Only a few days late... :-)


  1. I am so happy for you!!!!
    The life is beautifull...
    With love from Italy

  2. The pincushion is beatifull and wonderfull! Kiss kiss from Italy. Rosaria

  3. Your Kits are Gorgeous Jenny...
    we are still sewing kits down here too...

  4. So plesed your life is slowly getting bak to "sort of" normal.

    Pretty items for the kits Jenny.

  5. You are a clever cooker. Goes along with being a genius at the sewing machine!! I don't really cook, so I'd hate to think what my family would be eating. Glad you are getting 'back into the swing'. Love your pincushions! ~karen

  6. "Every good gift, and every perfect gift, is from above; and cometh down from the Father..." Thank you, Father, for the gifts of food, including self-rising flour! On top of life and safety!

    Great minds think alike. A chocolate cake is on deck for my birthday today (made with soy milk and such for allergies, but hey, I can make do, too!) I was feeling just a tad guilty because I knew you were doing without so much, but I feel better now!

    As far as Sophie and Blossom go, my Siamese cat is queen of the house. She knows this. The fact that I BELIEVE that I am truly queen doesn't seem to bother her in the apparently royalty can share titles!

    I'm so glad you're getting some supplies, and if things are not normal, at least some normalcy is lurking on the horizon!


  7. you have a great spirit! you and your neighbors have been in my prayers.

  8. I am so glad you are OK!!!

  9. So pleased to hear that you are OK. I so admire your strength and spirit in this difficult situation. Hope you can supplies before too long

    Anne UK

  10. Hello Jenny, I love the pincushions, all your stuff is so pretty. Love all the food, glad you got your S.R flour Keep smiling
    Love Jillx

  11. I love how you're able to cook so creatively, Jenny! And I'm so glad some supplies were delivered! I'm praying all gets back to normal very soon.
    Oh look at the Princess Sophie....she's just too adorable! Remember, dogs have owners, cats have staff. They all think they're royalty. *G*

    Your kits look lovely, sweetie.

  12. So good to hear good news from you. The new beginning kits are awesome. Your pincushions are lovely as every time!

  13. You are a TROPPER ~ Look at the delicious food you've prepared even under stress! And then there are those beautiful sewing projects... You are always thinking of others!
    You're a very loving person ~ world needs more like you.
    Stay Safe...

  14. Princess Sophie you are just a sweetie girl! So glad your kingdom is ok.
    That olive foccocia looks delicious Jenny! My kinda food!
    Everyone will be so blessed by all your beautiful things for New Beginnings.
    xx, shell

  15. I am so glad you and your family are safe! I have some fat quarters and some batting and some needles I would like to send to help with the kits. Where would you like them sent? Tammie Bivins


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