Sunday, March 27, 2011

Belated Birthday pics...

I know it's been 5 weeks since my birthday, but some of my close friends waited till March to send their blessings, so this month had an extra special touch to it! 
Here are an assortment of the gifts that arrived by post in the last couple of weeks from Vicki, Dawn, Joy, and Ruth - (don't get jealous 'cause they're all beautiful!)...
And a couple of other gifts that Joy sent me from the Gathering of the Nutters in Brisbane that I missed. Joy had these mugs made up with our Gum Tree Designers logo, *and* our secret names for each you'll know my secret Nutter name, won't you?!
The girls have been waiting to show you theirs, but they needed mine to arrive in the post. Joy also made each of us one of these GORGEOUS bags! Mine is hanging from my bedside because it is just too pretty and I need to ooh and aaah over it every night before bed...isn't she precious?!
Thank you girls! You are all so special and I love you dearly! 
We Gum Tree Designers were having a table runner swap between each other at the Nutters Gathering, but as I wasn't there I missed out on receiving one. I did however have my own runner made and wrapped before my sudden trip cancellation so I posted mine off to Joy to thank her for all the work she put into planning the Brisbane side of the gathering. 
I had remade my Oopsie Daisy Runner in Robyn Pandolph's 'Roses de Noel' fabrics, and Joy loved it! :-)

It's very different from the original one I made, but just as lovely.
It's Sunday and time for our lunchtime put on the leathers and meet Mr E at the bike! 
Have a lovely day!!
(aka Persephone)


  1. What beautiful friends and gifts! Count yourself blessed indeed!

  2. totally gorgoues gifts there Jenny and all so you,enjoy your ride hope the weather is nice for you both-cheers Vickie

  3. What a lucky girl! I loved all your gifts.

  4. What pretty gifts, Jenny! It's nice that you can continue to celebrate, admiring these lovelies, long after the date has passed. Though the parcel I sent wasn't meant for your birthday, I still hope it arrives. May your days continue to be blessed.

  5. Beautiful gifts, Jenny. Happy Birthday! hugz

  6. Hi Jenny, we have been away for a while it was my birthday so we went off in the caravan for a little holiday so I am catching up with all your news. I love all the lovely gifts you have some good friends but then they have you too, enjoy all your goodies.
    Love Jillx

  7. My mother always said 'your birthday isn't over until the last card/gift arrives'.:-)
    When she retired to Florida, we would make it a point to stretch her birthday out as long as possible by sending something every couple of days. She always got at least a month of 'Happy Birthday'.

  8. hermosos regalos, y felicidades por ganar el concunso de ellie un beso desde Argentina

  9. Beautiful gifts Jenny, so precious and special. Have a wonderful Sunday ride. We woke to 5 inches of snow this morning *sigh*. I won't be riding much this summer due to my surgery but my hubby has a couple of nice rides planned with friends and he is really getting cabin fever here. We are used to snow in April and May, sometimes even June here in Utah but we have been having huge rainstorms in between. Hubby was so deparate to ride the other day, he went to his Marine Corps League breakfast on the was 30 degrees out, but the sun was shining, LOL. Ride safe and enjoy. Hugs...

  10. What GORGEOUS gifts - that purse really is too pretty NOT to use, Jenny! Maybe just on special outings - not on the bike. *G* Hope you had a good SAFE ride!

  11. Boy you got some gorgoues birthday gifts. I do like your table runner that you make.

  12. I love your nutter name! All the crafts are beautiful.


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