Sunday, March 6, 2011

Princess Sophie - the queen of escapees!

I had to show you what Princess Sophie got up to this morning! She is still an indoor cat, but just desperate to get outside. Maybe these pictures will give you an idea of how much.
All the windows in our house are louvres, and they were all firmly shut this morning, or at least I thought so...
It seems someone has found a way to get one open!
We have a new bunch of bananas growing on a tree outside the front door and the honeyeaters hang off the flowers to eat the nectar. Those birds make a lot of noise and Sophie goes crazy to get to them.
It's all a bit too tempting for our girl....
 I shut that window tight three more times, and three more times she worked on it with her paw till she got it open! She can even work our bedroom door with her paw underneath, jiggling it back and forth till she pops the lock and the door opens. Maybe we should have named her Houdini!
I'm thinking of putting her in one of these jail inmate outfits till she learns right from wrong. It looks like it did the trick on one of her distant cousins!
I know I need to let her out soon, and she already wears a bell, but how did she grow up so fast?


  1. Thanks for the laugh, Jenny!

  2. Way too funny Jen - Where there's a will there's a way - Gosh she's grown.

    Hugs - Fee XX

  3. Enjoyed your post.

    Sophie sure is clever.

  4. She is one smart cat! You may not see her for days when she gets out. She has a lot to explore.

  5. Oh, Jenny, that cat is too much. I loved your pictures. We have three who never are far from either my husband or myself when we go out. I might add, they never bother the birds. Now snakes are another thing.

  6. So cute!!! And it is a good thing sometimes isn't it?

  7. You have a very smart little cat, who knows exactly what she wants!

  8. What a cutie, cats are sooooooo smart!

  9. Houdini-esque she truly is!!!!!!
    What a treat to watch though??!!!....she has grown up soo fast hasn't she!!!
    Love n hugs sweeets
    XXX Wendy :O)

  10. ohh how funny Jenny and what a cute cat.

  11. I'm sure our cats are distantly related! I do hope Sophie has been 'fixed' or it may be the boyfriend she's looking for after a feathered lunch :P!!

  12. Lol...hi Jenny,
    She is so cute. Looks like she just likes to perch in the window; she has to see what's going on in the world! So funny!

  13. Thanks Jenny for the magazine info yesterday! I have already ordered it! Love your blog!

  14. Funny girl you have there. I am lucky, My Miss Priss would not make such an effort. All she really wants is to SEE the birds, bask in the sun, and eat.
    You will have to keep an eye on your little girl. Best of luck...K

  15. Curious little kitty. I find cats to be quite inventive and amusing.

  16. Cute photo.
    thanks for sharing the flower from the banana tree. Never seen one before.


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