Friday, April 1, 2011

A little Autumn freebie....

It's Autumn in Australia, and how welcome it is! Even though we're a month into Autumn already the summer heat has hung around and those wet season rains sure haven't made their departure, BUT, I love Autumn and I'll take it anyway I can get it. :-)
So that you can catch a bit of my excitement I am sharing one of my Seasons designs, 'Autumn', for you to stitch this month...
You can download the pattern HERE.
I wonder how you will use it? Be sure to send me a photo or a link to your blog so I can feature it on Show & Tell!
To my friends in the Northern Hemisphere who are eagerly embracing Spring, you can keep this Autumn stitchery for later in the year, or get an early start right now. :-)
Our April Gum Tree Designers Newsletter is up and on the blog today and in it you'll find lots of news from each of us! As well, today we share Block 3 of our BOM 'Things We Love', so head on over HERE to catch up! 
After Cyclone Yasi came through our town a lot of the plants in our garden were destroyed or badly damaged. With the continuing heavy rains over the last couple of months there has not been opportunity to nurture some of those plants back to health., but yesterday something lovely happened.
I was visiting 'that' shop once more, looking for a gift this time, when I came across this pretty geranium mug from a designer in the Netherlands...
  I had to buy it because I have a thing about geraniums, and as soon as I got home I made a nice cappucino to christen it...
 ...and don't you love the little ladybugs along the inside rim?
It was whilst enjoying my new mug and my coffee that I got to wondering if my cyclone battered geranium was still hanging on to life, so I went downstairs to check it out. 
And what did I find??
Bliss. Pink Geraniums are blooming again.
18yo son is going to buy me the matching tea pot for Mothers Day! I wonder how my geranium will be looking by then?
Our morning visitor each day is this Blue Faced Honey-Eater, who is gradually eating his way though the remaining banana flowers....
This bunch of bananas hangs right across our front door...
...and if you open the door after dark you will find a huge bat sitting there.
Life in the tropics. Never boring. 
Enjoy your day! I am almost finished my grandson's quilt - just one more side border to stitch down. \o/


  1. Jenny, I love that you have bananas and those wonderful tropical birds outside your back door! One of my favorite potted flowers are the geraniums. The mug is to die for!

  2. First of all, thanks for the little download. It's adorable!! Your geranium teacup is so sweet. Hope you'll remember to post a picture of the matching teapot when you get it. Love that bird - a blue-faced honey eater. I've never seen anything quite like it!! Bats are fun, too.

  3. Hi Jenny!
    I too love Autumn. I love the crisp air we get. Of course now it is Spring here and the pollen is full in the air. Your stitchery is lovely.
    That is the most incredible bird! How beautiful!
    Hugs to you sweets!
    xx, shell

  4. Thank you for the autumn stitchery Jenny! I've always loved the shape of the tree in this one! Love your geranium teacup too! :0)

  5. Jenny, I could get to the attachment and open it, but there is no way to save it. If you have any other suggestions, please help.
    I'm one of you "northerly" readers. I love the photos of the nature around your home.

  6. Try again, docM...I have changed the link. :-)

  7. Well I love autumn too [except that winter follows it] so thank you for this design - I have your Seasons, but mine says Fall, I love having both!

    I adore geraniums too, for some reason they seem a very vintage flower. I can picture kitchens in the 30's and 40's with a geranium on the windowsill. I LOVE your new mug, and that your pink geranium is blossoming! That bird is incredibly beautiful. You can keep the bat. This city girl likes nature behind glass.....

  8. Autumn at your place and spring where I live :) Longing for the flowers and grass to grow :)
    But I love your cute autumn stitchery!!!

  9. How nice to see a mug from the Netherlands! She makes very pretty designs. Here we have just the beginnig of spring and I love it. I glad we have left the winter.And you fauna is so much different as owers. Love to see the differents.

  10. Thanks for the little stitchery pattern. I always love seeing the everyday life in the tropics. Our country is so diverse and your climate may as well be another country to us. Enjoy your new mug.

  11. I love the little Autumn download but I am not downloading because I will not allow access to my facebook account. Your little mug is so cut.

  12. Thank you for the Autumn download, Jenny. We are about to be dumped on with another 20 cm of snow tonight, April 1st, and no that's not an April Fool's joke. It's really calm and overcast right now. Love your new cup, and the geranium is such a beautiful color. Love your pics and stories of the tropics! Ahhh, dream.
    Have a great weekend!

  13. Yippee for geraniums! Such a wonderful promise for the new season. Also, I loved the newsletter.

  14. Thank you for sharing the mug pic. I LOVE it, just wish I could find one here in the USA. Have never heard of a Honey eater, very interesting.
    Brenda M

  15. thanks for sharing the pattern. It is sweet. And so it the new flower.
    I just love the bird. So unique.

  16. Jenny, thank you so very much for the beautiful freebie pattern! Thank you, thank you!! I love veiwing your pictures .... as they are truly "the other side of the world" from my backyard in Montana. :) Thank you for sharing your corner of the world with me!!

  17. Thank you Jenny for the autumn pattern. It is cute. I will keep it for a while. It is spring in Denmark now and that gives a lot of possibilities to sit out. I love your bee-eater and the bananas too.

  18. Hoi Jenny
    ik wil je vragen of je even een kijkje neemt op mijn blogje
    ik heb je namelijk een Award gegeven

    Groetjes Carla


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