Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Show & Tell, a day out, and my sink-watcher....

Wednesday already? The weeks this year seem to fly by! Only 2 days left in this school term and then a wonderful 2 weeks holiday break for Mr E, Blossom and myself...poor Sam still has to work, but that's the adult life if you're not a teacher. 
Before I tell you what Mr E and I are about to embark upon, I want to show you some gorgeous Show & Tells!
Marieke has finished her version of my Daisy-do, and I have to say that I *love* it in reds~
Jeanette has finished her blocks from my Shabby Roses quilt pattern, and the top is all pieced. These are not colours or fabrics she would ordinarily use, but I think it's really pretty! :-)
Dawn has finished the 4th verse block from my 2011 'Give Thanks' BOM...
...and Allie has finished her hanger, plus verses 1 & 2...
(... I am eyeing off that pretty vintage button, Allie!)
I have two new verses for 'Give Thanks' almost ready to share, so check back at the end of the week. :-)
Thanks for sharing your photos, ladies!!
Princess Sophie loves to lie along the kitchen sink....
 ...sit IN the kitchen sink...
 ...or stand above the kitchen sink.
It's her favourite place during the day, but of a night she likes to lay above whoever is sitting on the couch, and her little paw will rest on your shoulder. Blossom was her favourite the other night...
And whilst I have Blossom on screen, let me show you what she did yesterday! 
Shopped till she dropped...well, till she ran out of money. ;-)
We had to do a quick run to Townsville, so to make the trip worthwhile (and because she hardly ever gets to go there) I let her loose on the shopping centres. 
Since she is doing Grade 12 this year our times out alone have been sparse - school, homework, and her part-time job at Woolies take a large chunk of her time, and of course, being almost 17 (next month) she has a few close friends she likes to chill out with some weekends. 
She is such a wonderful young woman and these few hours spent alone with her yesterday were very special indeed. We sang all the way home to our favourite CDs, laughed and cried as memories were stirred by familiar tunes - we simply relished each moment together.
My grandson's quilt is all finished! I washed and dried it so that it had that slightly 'used' feel about it - you know, that freshy laundered scent with a crinkly cotton effect? Perfect.
He should be snuggling into it by tomorrow, and hopefully his mama will send me a photo to share.
On the stitching side of life I am so excited by a set of new designs I am playing with ...
They will be called 'Affirmations', and they are for a new venture of 'Elefantz' that I hope to reveal in a couple of months. It's going to be very exciting!! 
Time to head off to work, so better sign off. We're baking Easter Egg Muffins with the grade 8's today...oh to be so young and not concerned with calories! ;-)

PS: Oops, forgot the news about Mr E and I! If the weather improves next week we'll be riding all the way down to Brisbane to catch up with THIS lovely Nutter! It's a 2,600 klm round trip so some serious riding to be had. Yay!!


  1. I love your designs. One day (I keep telling myself) I will have a go at quilting.

    You're not far from me, I'm in Townsville, and today, my baby boy headed off to CT and R'wood on his first school camp so coming across your blog is heaven sent!

  2. Love your embellishments on your new design, can't wait to see the whole project! Travel safely to Brisvegas!!

  3. AWWWW, personally I LOVE Ms Sophie's posing..Aren't kitties fun fur babies? I have one that loves the kitchen sink too, he waits til I turn on the wtr to make coffee, he has to have it trinkle and he'll set for for ages lapping it up! My other kitty likes to lay like Ms Sophie does..Tonite I was sewing and she comes in and lays right on my fabric and when the needle wud go, she'd paw at it!! I finally gave up..lolo


  4. Oh gosh! Sophie is adorable!!!! I love Allies version of your hanger, just gorgeous huh? I look forward to the next two verses!! Looks like you and Blossom shopped up a storm!!!
    You're new "Affirmations" look intriguing!!
    You be VERY careful riding down to Bris, especially between Townsville to Rocky (in between Mackay and Rocky is very dangerous) and near Gympie. More motorists die near Gympie than anywhere else, so be VERY careful, as trucks won't see you on a bike. Well, they won't pay to attention to a bike, anyway. And take lots of breaks to stretch your legs, even for a minute!!

  5. Will this be your first visit with Joy?
    I bet you will have a wonderful time, but be cautious on the long trip!

  6. your new design sneak peaks look real pretty..oh our cat does the same silly thing aand it also sleeps wrapped around the kettle..I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you that the weather stays wonderful for your planned ride,cheers Vickie

  7. Looks like Sophie like her morning tea from a mug in the sink. :o) Your new secret designs are so pretty with the buttons and trims.

  8. I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for fine weather for you next week. I love it when you can combine a ride (suits Mr E) and visiting a blogging, sewing friend (suits you). I remember when I was about Blossom's age, Mum and I would about once a year catch the train to Sydney for a day's shopping. It was heaven to see things that you didn't see in a small country town and I always came home loaded up with bags. I can understand why she has that big smile on her face. Princess Sophie seems to have worked out her routines now and has you all wrapped around her little paw.

  9. Love your Sneak Peak is looks Gorgeous...
    How Wonderful you are meeting up with Joy...
    Travel Safe..

  10. Silly Sophie thinks she's a person! Animals with character are always nice to have as part of your family. Wish Blossom the best from me in her last year at school. I've just been to UniDD's graduation last week but need to blog the photos yet.

  11. That Princess Sophie is a character isn't she? Go Blossom with the shopping. Glad you got some mother/daughter time together. I sure do love my times with my little Blossom.
    Hugs to you all ... have a fabulous trip away on the bike.
    Love Fee x

  12. Jenny, sounds fun, that trip of yours! One bike or two??
    And I have a question about the second last pic on the current post. Did you applique over a whole crocheted doily, or is that just crocheted edging?? It looks lovely!!
    Definitely your daughter looks to have had a blast shopping! It's so nice to do things with our kids, isn't it?
    Gerda in Alberta, Canada

  13. What lovely show and tell! But it's the designs, dear one. You can't go wrong with Jenny Originals.

    Sophie is so funny - what is it with cats and sinks, lol. Glad Blossom enjoyed her shopping trip and that you two got to spend some time together!

    Can't believe you finished Deegan's quilt already. Looks wonderful, and I know he'll love it. Your new project looks absolutely gorgeous. I hope you get to go on your trip - it sounds like SO much fun, and Joy will be waiting at the end of it - that's lovely!

  14. Your kitty is so cute and such a personality! It is wonderful you had some time with your daughter for some girl talk and sharing. Your new designs look delightful, can't wait to see what you have for us! Have a safe, wonderful trip with your hubby and have fun!

  15. Lovely show and tell. Allie used some very pretty fabrics for her Give thanks hanger.
    Loving those sneak peeks.


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