Friday, April 29, 2011

A night to remember...

Here in Australia almost every female I know is preparing for a night in front of the television to 'attend' the wedding of Prince William and his Kate...
Blossom and I have been chatting about it all day, wondering about the dress, the cake, *the* kiss! It's so very exciting and takes me back 30 years to Diana's wedding to Prince Charles - I was glued to my chair, totally besotted with the pomp and ceremony of a royal wedding. Nothing has changed, I am as excited now as I was then. 
May God bless their marriage and bring them much joy, many children, and hearts to help all those they can.
The weather has cooled considerably now - a lovely 27C most days, which is perfect stitching weather - so I have spent some time cutting up 148, 2 1/2 inch squares to assemble, finally, my new quilt design. 
All the stitched and appliqued blocks have been completed for over 4 months, but I just wasn't sure about the final quilt layout until yesterday. Simple, but the blocks are the star of the quilt so this design will give them centre stage. 
In between Home-Ec classes next week I'll be able to bring all the blocks and the piecing together to hopefully make something truly pretty you'll love as much as I do. After all this time I am thrilled to see the end in sight. :-)
I'm doing well with block 2 of that 18 month old BOM I told you about HERE. This block is the 50's kitchen scene...
One last thing that has taken my sewing time is a new design for winter; something with a bit of class...
What are you working on? Something old or something new? 
I hope you enjoy watching the Royal Wedding tonight! I'll keep my hand stitching close by...


  1. I'm about to glue myself to my seat and not miss a minute of the ceremony. I can't wait to see the dress!! She'll look beautiful no matter what she wears.

  2. And I am bringing "wedding cake" at work. We will have a loooooooong lunch and watch the weddeing :)

  3. Pretty fabrics for your quilt design. Love the retro kitchen scene.

  4. She looked beautiful. The dress was amazing.

    This all brought back memories of Charles and Diana's wedding, too. Hope this ond has a happier ending.

    Love the colours for your quilt. Look forward to the end result!


  5. OHHH, the wedding was lovely. Kate's dress was beautiful and elegant. The kiss~~short and sweet.

    I was surprised at her very small bouquet.

    So much fun!

    I was up at 5:45a.m. to watch. At one point, William had his head down a certain way looking up and it looked just like his mother used too.

    Today I am *finally* finishing my Shabby Roses quilt!

    Your new quilt looks lovely, Jenny.

  6. I was so excited to see this wedding, too. So elegant, and her dress is beautiful. God bless them in their life together.
    Looking forward to seeing your new quilt !

  7. They started coverage at 4am here, so no, I didn't watch! I did see snippets though, her dress was just perfect, she's lovely.
    Your sneaky peek looks charming, Jenny, can't wait to see! You're doing good now on your stitchery, love the kitchen scene. Love the look of your new winter design - you clever girl!

  8. We watched it here this morning and thought that everything was just beautiful. Loved Kate's gown, and I just loved the Queens outfit, too. It looked like something Mrs. Obama would have picked out for her, don't you think?!? So pretty. There were some CRAZY hats, though ;)

  9. The wedding was absoutely gorgeous and the dress was perfect. So many people I know poo pooed watching, but I enjoyed it and Mick even watched most of it as well. A lovely way to spend the evening. The sneak peeks of your latest projects are rather intriguing.

  10. I like your work and i congratulate them
    have agood day
    Tijeras y cuchara

  11. Football was banned for the evening and i sat and watched every second of the wedding. She was beautiful as was her bridesmaids and those adorable little flower girls.
    I wish them every happiness.

  12. I enjoyed the highlights of the wedding, especially when the Prince turned to her and told her she looks beautiful! WOW! That wedding gown is gorgeous; her second gown is gorgeous as well. The Prince is a very handsome man and they are in love; can tell by the way they look at one another. How about the second kiss? lol... Your new design looks very interesting. Should I cut up my squares already?

  13. oooh Jenny, your winter design looks intriguing. Can't wait to see it.

  14. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with the lace, because I was recently given a "bag" of lace, and am not sure what to do with it. I look forward to your ideas. You always have such good ones.