Saturday, May 21, 2011

My book challenge, and some sneak peeks...

The other day I shared with you that I had given myself a challenge for the next twelve months, and the inspiration for the challenge came through Sarah Fielke's latest book of gorgeous quilts, "Quilting from little things..."
This book is not just a book of 12 amazingly creative and funky quilt patterns, but it also teaches techniques. Before you make any of the larger quilts in the book, Sarah shares a pattern for a mini-quilt as a practice of the techniques she'll be using in the main quilt.
There are 12 large quilts, and 12 mini-quilts - all different, all lovely, some incredibly gorgeous!

As I am a self-taught quilter and stitcher, this book offers me 'classes' in new (to me) methods and diferent blocks that will gradually challenge me as I work through the levels.

The first mini quilt is 12 inches square, and consists of four, 6 inch pieced blocks. Every square in the block is a mere 1" completed, so this particular challenge is one of patience and care with tiny piecing.

One finished, only three more 6" blocks to make!
The finished 12 inch mini quilt will look like this...
 I intend making 1 mini-quilt per month, and perhaps next year I'll make on the large quilts?
If enough time can be found next week I'll finish this and show you. 
Just a thought, but if you also have the book perhaps you'd like to join me in this (ad)venture?? Leave me a comment if you can. :-)
The reason my time is scarce has more to do with some deadlines I have than with home and school at the moment. I have basted my newest quilt design, "Circles of Life"...
...finished the machine quilting...
...and begun the hand quilting.
The plan is to have it finished for June. I can't wait to show you!
A few other things taking my time are this sneak peek of a Christmas project...
...and finishing all the available blocks for "Things We Love" BOM previously shared by myself and the other former Gum Tree Designers. 
This one is Dawn's...
...and this is Fee's. 
I have done my borders and sewn the two top rows together...
When it is finished it will be a lovely remembrance of our time together. Don't forget, the blocks will only be available from the Gum Trees blog until June 1st. You can get them all HERE.
It's constant rain here today and tomorrow so Mr E and I are lamenting a no-riding weekend. Bother. Bother indeed.  


  1. Lovely works Jenny!
    And a very good idea for a knew book! Thank's a lot.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. Jenny,
    Good Luck with your (ad)venture - I am sure you will learns heaps and pick up a lot of tips. Looking forward to Circle of Life and all the other surprises you have in store for us. Raining in Brisbane too, but makes for good sewing time.

  3. It's great to be able to pick up a book and follow along and learn..ouch my arm is hurting with looking at them small pieces.your work on it so far is amazing well done...your The things we love blocks look great.Loving the colours in Circle of Life,cheers Vickie

  4. Hi Yenny! Nice idea!
    I ask you something
    why use a transparent paper or nylon on the embroidery?
    overboard about it? or is it just for protection
    thanks for always answer my questions
    kisses and hugs for you

  5. I've been eyeing off that book, and the mini quilts it provides. What a lovely idea to do one a month! Maybe I will join you a little later, got a bit too much going on at the moment to commit though....

  6. Jenny!
    Just beautiful! The interesting thing about making the mini-quilts is that if you can master the minis, you'll have no problems making the larger quilts.


  7. Jenny,
    Wow so nice works.
    I am looking forward to see more.

  8. Always lots of pretty projects. I love the "Things We Love" blocks.

  9. I ordered the book last week and hope I get it monday or tuesday. And I think it's fun working together. The book looks great! I can't find the last two bloks of the thing we love? Can you give me a link?

  10. Oooh Jen your 'Circle of Life' quilt is looking gawjus, can't wait to see more of it ;o). Love your blocks too, so pretty :o)!!
    Love n hugs,
    Joy :o) xx

  11. Hi Jenny, what a lovely project. Love the colours you have chosen, looking forward to seeing it finished. I bought a new book on Friday called,"Two From One Jelly Roll" by Pam and Nicky Lintott. Just like you I am too self taught and am looking forward to learning some "proper" techniqes. Haven fun!

  12. Hi Jenny
    I have also purchased the book recently and have only just glanced through the pages so far- I think your idea is a great one and a good way to brush up on skills- in an achievable way ( hopefully!)

  13. What a great challenge, Jenny, I know you'll do really well with it, you're work is very precise and quite perfect! Love that mini-quilt, although I'd never make it....too many seams for me, lol! Your Circle of Life is just stunning, sweet girl. Your Things We Love is coming along beautifully too! I'm so sorry you can't go riding this weekend *sad face* but at least you can sew.

  14. That book looks great Jenny! Your wee pieced block is very pretty - as are the teasers of your new quilt! Can't wait to see it all finished! :-)

    Hugs sweetie!!
    Vikki xoxox :-)

  15. I have the book, and I think I may be up for this challenge, I need to think on it a little before I decide though. There are some lovely quilts and mini-quilts in this book, very inspiring.

  16. Looks great Jenny, I'm looking forward to seeing what you get up to over the next 12 months!

  17. I love that little block! I'm putting it on my (long) list of things I want to make!

  18. jenny,
    love your blog, love your spirit and your work. i LOVE the middle picture on the bottom row, the branches with the birds, leaves and heart....i looked for the pattern to no avail. is it available? would LOVE to stitch it up. gotta get busy on that cute little family quiltlet too. gonna improvise and make 2 little boys for my daughter's little family....she is gonna love this, and that bag is FANTASTIC!!! thanks ever so much for your generosity.

  19. Hi Jenny, Beautiful work! I just say the gorgeous bunny you made for Shell at the Raspberry Rabbits, and had to drop by and tell you how cute it was. Warm wishes

  20. Wow you have been very busy. Good luck with every think.


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