Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The old mining town...

Sunday ended up being a good day for a ride after all. The Townsville Ulysses Club (a biker club for people over 40) were riding west to our town (Charters Towers) for morning tea, then heading south east for lunch in the historic mining town of Ravenswood.
I wondered what the locals thought when our conga line of motorbikes rode through the quiet main street, but it seems they are used to this and thought it was great. The local pub is under new ownership and were pleased for the extra lunch crowd!
The pub is very old, and the owners have many original pieces still in use, as well as beautiful stained glass fittings...
This old headless rocking horse would have been beautiful at one stage...
After a hearty lunch with all the Ulyssians...

...we headed across the road to the antique/pottery/collectables store.

The owner drives this equally antique car everywhere, declaring she'll be buried in it one day.
The town is still a gold mining town, and she makes fridge magnets from pressing findings from digs around the area into her clay.
Some of them are mine markers from the 1800's.
I  bought this one...
I hope this isn't one of her mine findings. He'd sure make a huge fridge magnet!

The rain finally began to head our way so Mr E and I said goodbye to the Townsville Ulyssians and rode the 80klms home just in time for the heavens to open with an all-night shower.
Our Sunday rides are so special!


  1. How great you're sharing this with us, love the pictures. My son (9y) went to visit one with school, he was so impressed by it, couldn't stop talking about the long way down, the bird and the many rats in it. It's so great that they do keep this things alive so we know how hard it must been.

  2. gorgeous photos Jenny, so glad you and Mr E are having this quality time together.Glad you got to make a small purchase( wouldn't of added to the fuel bill hehehe).Lucky you got safely home before the skies opened right up,cheers Vickie

  3. I had to giggle over the skeleton!!! You didn't drink from the same pot of tea did you sweetie?!! *giggle*

    What a lovely old pub! Looks like you're having some wonderful Sunday adventures! I love the old-worldliness of it all - going back in time - but different to England. It's so novel to me!!! Thanks for sharing sweetie!

    Love and hugs!!! Vikki xoxoxo :-)

  4. Thank you for sharing your reports. By this way I see also something of your country.
    Jenny thank you so much I received my present. It is so beautiful that I will use them to decorate.

  5. Thanks for the ride with Mr E and you ,Jenny.What a great town to visit.

    I just LOVE the stained glass windows.

  6. Those stained galss windows are well worth any sore backside!!

  7. It is so nice to see your pictures from your trip. It sounds like you are having a great time, and it is so interesting to read about the places you visit. thank you for sharing!

  8. Hi Yenny!
    What a beautiful ride, how lovely old town.
    You know my daughter is visiting your country now, she is in Melbourne, and loves
    kisses for you from Argentina!!!!♥♥♥

  9. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Looks like it was a great ride to some great places. Enjoyed it all.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

  10. I love the old pub and the beautiful stained glass. Just gorgeous! Sounds like you had a lot of fun with the Townsville Ulyssians!

    Peace and Laughter,

  11. Fun day. Love the stained glass. Did you have tea with the skeleton no the porch?

  12. What gorgeous buildings! Looks like a very fun day, Jenny - love the fridge magnet you got, and that old car, wonderful! Glad you got home before the rains came!

  13. That stained glass is so beautiful. I also love the rocking horse, always wanted one. Wonder what his head looked like. It reminds me of the carousel horses in cross stitch, do you know the ones I mean?

  14. Thanks Jenny for sharing the pic of your adventure! I got sort of tickled when I saw the pub you all stopped at...I guess we here (in So. California) have some pretty dull looking biker hangouts...non are so artfully furnished as yours. Wish I could post a pic of where we hang out with our biker buddies...there's truly a big difference. Roll Safe You Two! Sandy


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