Thursday, May 12, 2011


Do you remember THIS gorgeous geranium coffee mug I bought myself last month? I gave a strong hint to 18yo son that the matching teapot would be a perfect Mothers Day gift, so he sent me off to buy it. I obediently purchased the pot but had to spend a few extra dollars on the matching teacup and saucer - after all, I only drink tea from a tea cup. 
Next mission was to find the perfect Mothers Day tea.
Tea Heaven exists in this unbelievably sensual brew from Dilmah, ~Rose & French Vanilla~. Trust me, exquisite doesn't quite describe it. If I could do a 'scratch & smell' blog post I would because this tea assails your senses first with the fragrance of expensive roses, and only after you've let that take you to an English country garden in your day dream do you realise the subtle vanilla undertone claiming some attention. 
And then you take your first sip. 
I am in love.
Last year Helen of Hugs'n'Kisses had a free Stitching Round the Block pattern, and though I couldn't commit to stitching it within a group I decided I would make it myself as time allowed. 
The first round was so pretty, and I stitched the design using my stash of Cottage Garden threads...
...but the 2nd round was all 1" hexies and oh dear, they are just not my forte at all! So this forlorn centre block has sat patiently waiting for a home to show itself off in ever since. I just loved it, but until the right fabric appeared I wasn't ready to do anything. 
Just recently I was looking through my box of Tilda fabrics and the fabric caught my eye, so this little orphan stitchery finally found a home in a cute needlebook...
The Tilda blues and this block were made for each other. :-)
Pretty things that mean something special can make your home a place where you love to be and where you find delights and inspiration around every doorway. 
I like to place such items where my eyes will find them easily. Whether they are treasured vintage finds, knick knacks from a garage sale, or a love-filled card, if I feel joy when I look at them they take a centre stage in my decorating.
Blossom found the perfect Mothers Day card for me after much searching the past couple of weeks. Cards are important to her, and this one is a new treasure for me...
I was raised by my grandmother and she often reminisced with me about her life in the 1920's. Her eyes sparkled as she told me about the dresses she wore and how well she danced the Shimmy, the red tissue paper moistened and rubbed over her lips and cheeks for colour, and the way she would draw a line down the back of her legs so it would look as though she were wearing sheer stockings.
When Blossom gave me this card I thought immediately of nana and wondered if she'd looked like the lady in pink. I think she did. 
Another pretty girl, now seen daily in my hall, came to me as a small ceramic statue bought for just $7 at the '$2 Shop' (any shop full of cheap knick knacks is known as the $2 shop in our family - no idea why)...
...her pinafore apron a mosaic picture of roses, and as she leans forward I imagine her asking me if I know where the meadow is, for she'd like to add more flowers to the little posy she is carrying. Perhaps they are for her own nana?
Can you see the lovely diamante encrusted magnifying glass laying just in front of my little ceramic flower girl? Blossom and I are avid Miss Marple fans and when Geraldine McEwan 'became' Miss Marple for a few years she always wore a heart shaped magnifying glass on a long chain around her neck. It was quirky, and very Marple!  I was quite envious of it.
One day Blossom came home with a gift for me - this beautiful magnifying glass was to be a reminder of all the hours we have spent together over the years watching and re-watching our beloved Marple. It is one of my favourite treasures. :-)
 Do you have special things that become treasures?


  1. I might have to hunt up some Rose and French Vanilla tea. I will soon been in need of more 'red' tea as my supply is dwindling, and I'm open to trying new flavours!

  2. Such a lovely post, Jenny. You have such a gift for words to express all the little treasures that surround you.

  3. Wonderful, pretty treasures. I especially love that magnifying glass.

  4. Hermoso te felicito
    riquisimo se ve ese te

  5. Love the stitchery! Thanks for sharing the link :)

  6. The teapot and teacup are so gorgeous! Not sure I would enjoy the tea, I'm not big on flavored teas - a good Irish breakfast suits me, lol. Love the card from Blossom, I too loved my grandmother's stories from that era. Your treasures are so lovely, and so meaningful, Jenny - what a delight to peer into your charming home. You see beauty in everyday things, and challenge me to find beauty too. Thank you!

  7. Jenny, I too surround myself with treasures from the past, even a ribbon or a tiny stuffed animal. Every where I look, especially in my sewing room, I smile at the memory whatever my eyes have fallen on stirs up. It is truly a wonderful feeling. I also have trouble with hexies, my fingers just don't work that way, LOL. So I may borrow your idea for Helen's beautiful block if you don't mind. I've been wondering how to best use it. AND, I will also use my new Cottage Garden threads, gifts from Gail Pan and her dear friend Sandra while we visited here in Utah and did some shop hopping for a day before they had to get ready for Spring Market. We had the best time, and I have never seen more beautiful threads, I really love them. Hugs...

  8. Ah mention of that brings back memories of my wonderful time in Australia and NZ last year, we can't get it here in Uk although we can now get ordinary Dilmah so maybe there's hope.

  9. I love the things in my home that have meaning for me. I have a truly horrible Holly Hobbie decorative plate that I treasure because my Dad bought it for me when I moved to my first apartment. I would be heartbroken if anything ever happened to it.

  10. Ahhhh, the 20's - if I could come back in any era it would definitely be as a "flapper". I have the perfect hair (ha ha).

    Beautiful treasures Jen - you always show us such lovely things. So inspiring.

    Love and hugs,
    Fee x

  11. It's very nice to see some of your treasures Jenny. Unlike you, my quilting is STILL hand cut, stitched and quilted. I cannot seem to enjoy using the rotary cutter, sewing machine etc.

    Talking of treasures, yesterday I fetched down from the loft my antique German doll. I've had her since I was five years old and want to make her a Christening type of outfit (I've had the fabric about 20 years). Sadly, I have found she is all wobbly and needs to be restrung, so the hunt is on for a doll hospital.


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