Friday, June 24, 2011

A Friday Show & Tell!

It's been a little while since the last Show & Tell, but sit back and enjoy because some very talented ladies have some Elefantz projects to show you!

Sue Butler stitched her version of "Elizabeth's Dress" and to add even more class she beaded the roses around the hem! Gorgeous, Sue!
Debra Schefe was the lucky winner of a full set of "Springtime" quilt patterns (a joint project by 8 of the Gum Tree Designers, and my daughter Blossom to raise funds for Fresh Hope last year). She has stitched three of the nine main blocks, and all the poem verse blocks already! The block in the photo below is my 'Raindrops' block...
The patterns for "Springtime" are still available through Fresh Hope HERE. 
Jytte has been stitching the blocks from my free "Give Thanks" BOM. She shared with me that as she was stitching the block, "Shelter in the storm", her husband opened up about his own experience of sheltering for 7 hours in darkness during a fierce storm in Greenland many years ago. The verse has a very real meaning to them both. 
 Is there a Give Thanks verse that has meant something special to you?
My friend Robin in the US has finished her Shabby Roses quilt! It's beautiful, and a real labour of love...
Ladies, you make me so proud. Each of you have made an idea formed in my head to be something very special indeed. Thank you!
Now to something else that made me smile!
A year ago I designed the "Morning Glory" tea and coffee sets...
... and before I sent two of the items away to be published I asked my very talented friend, Jeanette, if she'd be my pattern tester. She made the designs her own, and they were so pretty!
Below are photos of the tea cosy, tablecloth, and tea cupboard. I love how she fussy cut her flowers!
Thanks so much for being the best pattern tester, Jeanette!
I have had a migraine all day, and it is still simmering away now, but I did not want to miss sharing this Show & Tell. 
Have a wonderful weekend, and be sure to tell someone how much they mean to you,


  1. I have that Elizabeth's Dress pattern in a magazine and I'm going to make it for a friend later this year. I hadn't realised it was yours! Explains why I like it so much ;)

  2. Beautiful creations by your readers, of course they would be after following your gorgeous patterns,I love them all!

  3. I know it's very satisfying to see people enjoying your designs. Lovely test projects by Jeanette. I hope the migraine goes away and you feel a lot better.

  4. So many nice things :-)
    Love the stitchery dress with all the beads.

  5. I am loving the variations to your patterns just as much as I love the originals Jenny!!
    Those fussy-cut flowers were just perfect!!
    Hoping that migraine goes away quickly for you!

  6. such lovely things to look at...thanks for showing us!

  7. I love to go to visit you, congratulations to all of the work with your own
    I hope it happens soon as your migraine, good weekend for you too

  8. Jenny, What can I say, I adore all your patterns!!! I'm so excited to start receiving your magazine, I already have my fabric selected for the Circles of Life BOM. I'm so sorry you have a migraine. I suffered horribly with them for years but my doctor told me that most women outgrow them around 58-60 years old...Well, I hit 61 last April and I have only had 2 bad ones in the last year so he must have been right. I hope you get to feeling better really quick, I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs...

  9. Oh, I just love show and tell. Wowee, the beaded dress is fabulous.
    Get better soon. I know headaches take a lot out of a person. hugs!

  10. Morning Glory simply stunning --- Or have I said that before ---- Well still goes Just STUNNING.

  11. So fun to see all the different creations. It must bless you so much. I am getting things under control in my life so that I can FINALLY start on some of your patterns. I'd better get ready...when's that magazine coming??/ I can't wait!


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