Monday, June 13, 2011

Newsletter news and a good peek at 'Circles of Life'...

It's a sunny but cold Monday morning here, and though a public holiday for almost everyone else, we staff at the school must still work. The boarding school still teaches on public holidays, and we have longer lessons each school day of the year. This is to allow the boarding students to have longer term breaks at home - a wonderful idea as the kids certainly get homesick for family, pets, their own rooms, and familiar surroundings. Our next term break is only 17 days away and the kids can't wait. It's a 3 week holiday for them this time, and right now they're all planning what the winter break will hold.
Mr E and I have a biking holiday booked at Mt Surprise, a place we've never been, but are looking forward to visiting. It's a Christmas in July trip with the Ulysses Bike Club and we all have to bring a $10 gift to exchange. Fun times ahead! :-)
Have you noticed something new on the right hand side of my blog? Later this week I am going to share my very first Elefantz newsletter!
The newsletter is FREE and all you need do is sign up with your email address and it will be delivered to your inbox as soon as I send it! There are some things about technology I don't like, but there are some wonderful things too. This personal delivery from me to you of a newsletter is one of the positives. :-)

In my free newsletter I will be sharing sneak peeks of what I have coming up in my soon to be published Elefantz HOME Magazine, as well as other surprises including occasional giveaways and free designs, plus news of special offers.
Sign up today!! You won't be dissapointed, and be assured I will never share your email address so this newsletter sign up is safe. :-) Over right hand of the blog page. Just pop in your email address. First newsletter will arrive at the end of this week.


Only weeks away from my first issue!!
Elefantz HOME magazine is my way of helping you lovely budget-conscious friends to receive at least three new home-based designs each month at a fraction of full cost.
My heart is home-based, my joy comes from my family, and I have a desire to help others embrace their home and family through their love of craft, cooking, and design.
I also appreciate that we all have had to tighten our belts these last couple of years and the strain is beginning to show for many of us. Elefantz HOME will share sewing techniques, a question & answer column, occasional guest designers, articles about making your house a home, at least THREE new designs every month, and so much more!

The subscription cost is $4 AU per month, (about $4.05 USD at the moment) and the magazine link will be emailed to you on the 29th of every month so you can download at your leisure. You can subscribe right now by using this Paypal button below.
The first issue will be published on June 29th, and will continue month by month. You can unsubscribe any time you like if you are not happy with the magazine (but I think you'll love it!)

To whet your appetite for Elefantz HOME, I am going to show you one of the designs that will be shared each month in the magazine.
~Circles of Life~ is my brand new quilt design, featuring 6 main appliqued and embroidered blocks, and 6 smaller blocks, all pieced in a simple setting. The focus of the quilt design is on the blocks themselves, with the piecing allowing them to shine. :-)
It's the favourite of all my original designs, and the one that most reflects the things that matter most in my own 'Circle of Life'. Even if you choose not to make the quilt, each block can stand alone in a special project of your choosing. 
Over the next 7 months (June - Dec) in my Elefantz HOME online magazine you will receive one main block, or a set of smaller blocks plus quilt assembly instructions per month. 
You will also receive at least another two new designs each month in the magazine! A minimum of $12 pattern value for $4 per month! \o/ 
(I will be sharing the blocks for sale individually through Etsy for those who are not going to subscribe, but each monthly block and each new design featured in the magazine will be $4 each purchased that way)
Here is a sneak peek of one of the other new designs for the 1st issue published June 29th...
Gorgeous, and one of a series I have named, "Affirmations".
I will add a subscribe button for the magazine to my sidebar today, and if you have signed up for my free Elefantz newsletter you will find a subscription link in there as well.
Hope I didn't floor you with so much information today! LOL!!
Just remember, my Elefantz Newsletter is free and the first one will be emailed on Friday this week.

Elefantz HOME online magazine is $4 per month, and the 1st issue will be published on June 29th. To receive three new designs per month (a saving of 66% on my regular pattern prices), you will need to subscribe using the Paypal button above, or on my sidebar. to work.
Have a glorious day!!



Coisas da Laura said...

I love to visit your blog!Just one question: If I subscribe for the magazine will I have the pattern for the blocks of your new and WONDERFUL quilt-Circles of Life?
Hugs from Brasil

Jeanette said...

Signed up to both Jenny. Looking forward to the newsletter & you magazine. Love the new quilt. Hugs,

Allie said...

Girlfriend - I am so in awe of you - this is brilliant! I LOVE your Circles of Life, and I wish you MUCH success with your new magazine and newsletter!

Unknown said...

Awesome! The Elegantz of Jenny I knew this day was coming. Congrats!


Helen said...

Wonderful - love your work and will definitely be subscribing to your new magazine. Helen xx

Carrie P. said...

So much excitment going on at your place. I am so happy for you. Love the quilt.
I have signed up for your newsletter. Can't wait to see what comes next.

Maria McCabe said...

Oh I am so exicted for your first issue! I just signed up for both the newsletter and the magazine! Thank you!

vernagrace said...

There's much adieu down there! About something brilliant, I might add. Can hardly wait for those first editions!

vernagrace said...

There's much adieu down there! About something brilliant, I might add. Can hardly wait for those first editions! By the way, that quilt is gorgeous! Love it, love it, love it. And that sneak peak has me curious, too.
Looking forward to seeing these in my mailbox!

Sew Useful Designs said...

How exciting Jenny!! :-)
I absolutely adore your new quilt design, the fabrics are so pretty and fresh, and the sneak peeks of your circles designs are equally as gorgeous! It's a real beauty!
I look forward to your first newsletter - and love your logo!!!

Hugs sweetie!!
Vikki xoxo

Unknown said...

Well Done!! Jenny your Newsletter & Magazine sound Wonderful soo looking forward to reading them..Your Circles Quilt is just Gorgeous...soo Pretty.

Terry said...

Your Circles of Life quilt is just lovely! And thanks for the newsletter...I just signed up! :0)

Susan said...

Oh I see you have the Among the Gum Trees blog still going? Invite only? WAsnt this to close down totally by the 1st June? I would love it if you invited me to be able to read it along with you. As all the others have gone from your group I would love to be a part of it now. Thanks

Jenny of Elefantz said...

At the request of former Gum Tree members the Gum Trees blog has been pulled down, Susan. I own the site which is why no-one can see it anymore, but it still 'exists'. There are no members and it will not be continuing publicly.

Anonymous said...

fantastic vision! please share your talent here:
Models From The Earth

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

You have been busy with lots of fun things sweets! Fantastic!
I have signed up for your newsletter. I can't wait!
xx, shell

MissesStitches said...

What a beautiful quilt! I love it. I plan to sign up for your magazine as soon as I figure out PayPal!