Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brrrrrrrr!! It's cold!

After all my complaining about the hot summers up in the tropics of Far North Queensland, I am now having a whine about the cold, cold morning and evenings. It's a bit nippy (as my pop used to say) in our house right now - but it's from those hard wooden floors (and you can even see through them to the area under thr house in some rooms), pressed tin ceilings, and NO heating. We have aircons all through our home, but we have nothing to heat the house. Makes our claw foot bath the best place to spend an hour or so each night - lavender oil, lots of hot healing water, and candlelight. Sublime...
Only 30 hours or so until I send out my very first Elefantz Newsletter! Have you signed up for it yet? Just pop your email address in that box up on the right on my blog. :-)
In the newsletter I will be showing full photos of all three new designs included in the 1st issue of my online magazine, due out on June 29th...
 ...and a sweet and sticky recipe for sharing with a friend over a nice hot cuppa, "Lemon & Almond Syrup Muffins".
But just as a teaser for those who haven't yet signed up for the newsletter and would like to know what my magazine holds...
In the sewing room I have been finishing a new Christmas quilt for Patchwork & Stitching magazine here in Australia. It won't be published until November-ish, but magazines work a long way ahead of the publishing date and I need to finish pulling through all the threads from the quilting by tonight...
Once that is done I'll add the binding, then write up the pattern before posting away. 
I am using some of my Kate Spain stash from last year, so it's a bright quilt - fabrics I don't normally use in my designs, BUT, I am happy with the slight detour of style and colour choices. 
First, however, I have a grade 8 class to help with, and on the menu today for them are Cinnamon Cupcakes.


  1. Oh it would be very nice to have a lovely warm bath at the end of the day and pop on your Jammies.
    So many beautiful projects to look forward too. Love the new Christmas quilt Jenny.
    Enjoy your class.

  2. Oh I envy you the cold weather--it is my turn to complain about the heat.
    Those yummy looking muffins are making me forget a little bit.
    And thinking about Christmas quilts helps too.
    Can't wait for them to come out.

  3. I know how you feel Jenny. My big old Queenslander is freezing & i have gaps everywhere. Heaters do very little. Hugs,

  4. Oh, Jenny, your design looks so beautiful! But please tell me that you don't have "Xmas" on your quilt. I know you are a Christian woman. I hate the "Xmas" "abbreviation." If you have to, please use "C-mas." Sorry for this rant. Email me if you want to discuss it.

  5. Aren't memory foam mattresses the best in that kind of weather? They warm up nicely but not so nicely when it's HOT, lol! Your tub looks like a lovely place to soak the chill away, my dear.
    All signed up for the newsletter and your projects for the June magazine look scrumptious!! As does your Christmas quilt! Enjoy your class today - have a cupcake for me!

  6. I love the candlelit relaxing!! Can't wait for the Magazine....So excited!!

  7. Oh I so hear you Jenny on the cold..we are getting down to 4 overnight and waking up too 8-so not Darwin weather--may as well live down south with heating and cooling installed me thinks...your sewing is looking awesome,cheers Vickie

  8. Hi Jenny, I have signed up for the magazine and am excited about the first one, you are such a busy girl always up to something new. I love the new quilt the colours are lovely, don't get too cold, wrap up warm and enjoy the fresher air. The cupcakes look delish.
    Love Jillx

  9. It's cold here too Jen - I'm with you and love nothing better than a nice warm bath of an evening. :-)

    Fee x

  10. Ah, there is nothing like a hot bath when it starts getting colder out. It's my favorite thing. Have signed up for your newsletter, and love the pictures of your work!

  11. Boy those cinnamon muffins look really delicious; I'm on my way, are there any left? lol. Those projects look very pretty and I love the elephant! I look forward to your project...



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