Monday, June 20, 2011

Newsletter subscriptions

Friends, the distributor I use for my newsletter is down at the moment, so those who have been trying to subscribe to my magazine, Elefantz HOME, through the link in the 1st newsletter are having difficulties.

Please go HERE to subscribe. This will takje you to my Elefantz HOME blog  page, and will always have information about the magazine and a subscription link.

While you are visiting Elefantz HOME become a follower so you never miss news about what to find between the pages of upcoming magazine issues, and to be privy to occasional special offers.

Now, it's off to work for me. Brrrr, it's cold, and I am making Spring Rolls with the grade 9 8.30am. Odd breakfast indeed! :-)


  1. Yay a new blog - I'm following, I'm subscribing, not going to miss a thing, lol! Enjoy your breakfast - I'm about to make pork chops for dinner!

  2. All done Jenny.

    Have a lovely day and the Spring Rolls may warm you up.


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