Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Christmas designs!

It's almost Christmas in July, and only 11 days from now Mr E and I will be riding up to Mount Surprise for a 3 day 'Christmas in July' camp with the Ulysses Bike Club. I have to admit that I love this mid-year time of fun and festivity.
Being in Australia means that our Christmas is mid-summer - always hot and stitcky. If you live in the tropics like us it can be very, very wet. For most Australians, Christmas days are a mix of morning church, barbeques, afternoon cricket, the beach, summer fruit salads, pavlovas, water balloon fights for the littlies (and not so littlies in our family!), time with family and friends, and of course gift-giving. When our children were small we always had a birthday cake and would sing 'happy birthday' to Jesus as the start of our day, but as they have grown into young adults that tradition waned. This Christmas coming will bring a return of that tradition because our eldest daughter and her family are moving from 'big city' Melbourne to live here in our little town!
We'll have two little boys to enjoy and a renewed delight of the children's Christmas once again.
But back to Christmas in July.
The things I always long for at Christmas-time are piping hot roast meats, plum puddings with hidden trinkets, brandy custard, mince pies, roasted vegetables...YUMMY!! But it's just too hot up here to do that, so having the food side of Christmas 'in July' is something I am very excited about. The camp we're attending has Homestead meals for dinner and breakfast, plus a huge Christmas lunch on the Saturday. My taste-buds are dancing already. :-)
Most designers have begun their new Christmas projects by mid-year, and I am no different. We all need time to make our seasonal decorations and quilts, so starting mid-year makes sense - but there are also a lot of Christmas in July swaps and get-togethers, so something fresh to make is appealing.
I have been asked lately about re-issuing some of my earlier Christmas patterns, so I have done that this week. You can find them all HERE in my Etsy Shop. I have them listed under 'Christmas Patterns', and 'Christmas Quilts'.
Of course, I had to share some new designs too, so enjoy these Elefantz Christmas projects, all available now as PDF patterns in my Etsy Shop.

~Plum Puddin'~
(7 x 8 inch weighted table centre or decoration) $4 AUD

~"Daisy Christmas Tree" ~
(table runner) $4 AUD
~Wrapped With a Bow~
(bag and notebook cover) $4 AUD
~Sentimental Christmas Trio~
(set of three wall hangings, laced around small artist's canvasses) $4 AUD
~It Even Smells Like Christmas~
(Small wall-hanging with a cinnamon filled pocket) $4 AUD
~We Believe in Christmas~
(43 x 49 inch pieced, embroidered and appliqued quilt with bonus "I" block for those who prefer it to "We") $6 AUD
(you can see all the feature block photos for this quilt HERE)

These new patterns, and the previous Christmas patterns from 2009-10, are all PDF purchases. Once payment has been made I will email them to you within 18 hours - depending on where you are in the world and if our sleep times clash. ;-)

It's my day off today and I have been asked to share my Apple Gingerbread, and Zucchini Slice recipes, so I'll get onto that between warm cups of hot chocolate. My fingers are freezing this morning, so no stitching till they warm up. 
Have a wonderful day!!


Graciela said...

Hi Jenny!!!!! beatiful desingn, kisses for you♥♥

Nancy Lee said...

Your Christmas designs are so lovely. We are beginning to swelter in the heat of summer. I can't imagine having Christmas in this kind of weather -- but the water balloons would help!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Beautiful new designs Jenny! How wonderful that your daughter and the kiddo's will be there to enjoy this Christmas with you! Wonderful!
xx, shell

Allie said...

Ok, I know I'm running a Christmas Club - and I know that I should be making Christmas themed gifts, lol - but it's SO HARD to do this when I'm sweltering! Maybe I need to spend a few years in Australia to get some appreciation for thinking about Christmas in warm weather.

Jenny girl, your new Christmas designs are a feast for the eyes - how clever and talented you are! Your shop is chock-full of beauty.

You're going to have so much fun on your ride - I'm looking forward to the pictures!

Sew Useful Designs said...

Beautiful new designs Jen! Love the baubles in your mini quilt, and the Plum Puddin is a favourite, too!

Enjoy your bike riding celebrations this coming weekend!!!

Hugs sweetie!
Vikki xoxo :-)

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Cute designs. We are getting ready for summer holidays - kids break up from school this week. So Christmas isn't on my mind at the moment :o)
But I'd enjoy Christmas dinner anytime and mince pies ... mmmmmm!
Keep warm and happy!

Miss Hillbilly said...

Why don't you just come here and warm up and bring some of those great patterns and some yummy food with you?