Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pie, Ellie and my other man...

{{{Thank you}}} to each of you for the concern you showed over my latest migraine. You have beautiful hearts and I am so appreciative of every one of you.
My head is much better today, so I was able to play around a bit with Ellie...
It all began with some Swarovski crystals...
...and some vintage silk fabrics. 
Doesn't she look pretty all dressed in silk and crystal?
Only 4 more sleeps until Elefantz HOME is published, and the pattern for Ellie and her wallhanging will be inside! 
If you want to subscribe there is still time. Just click HERE for details. 
I am really finding my lost mojo in the kitchen these days!
Cooking used to be a great hobby of mine until I discovered the world of embroidery and patchwork in 2005; after that the time I had to mix and bake, stew and brew, reduced dramatically. One of the reasons for publishing my own magazine online was to free up the time I'd previously given to designing for other magazines, and step back into the kitchen each day to bless my family with regular home-made healthy meals and treats.  After all, there has to be benefits to being your own boss. ;-)
The name of the magazine, Elefantz HOME, reflects my deepest desire to focus most of my attention on my family, our home, and keeping alive the traditions we have built on these last 20+ years.  Sometime in August our two grandsons will run through the door and down the hallway into my kitchen, and I want them to remember days with me where I let them shape and bake cookies, and I wasn't too busy to just 'be' their nana. 
But, back to the kitchen...
Today I made an old favourite dessert, Lemon Meringue Pie...
I smiled the whole time I was cooking, and after it was baked I roasted a beautiful leg of lamb with rosemary and garlic, served with roasted potatoes, parsnips, and pumpkin. If you think that sounds yum, it tasted even better. Mr E is a well satisfied man tonight. :-)
Now,  you know how much I adore my sweet husband. He is the apple of my eye and my one true love. But he allows me one other man in my life (because he likes him too!). A few weeks back he even took a photo of me and the other man...
It's me and Casey Stoner!!!!
Okay,'s not actually me and Casey, but that cardboard cut-out sure looked real, and I was happy to have Mr E snap a pic with our Moto GP hero. If we can ever save up enough to go to the race at Phillip Island this photo could be the real deal.  
"wishin' and hopin' and..."
I'll leave you with the latest antics of Miss Sophie. She likes to sit atop the archway at our front gate amidst the branches of the hibiscus tree, gazing at the world from her high and lofty vantage point...
Oh, the life of Sophie. ;-)

If you would like something *really* lovely, go visit Anna Rosa! She is having a 100th blog post giveaway
Anna is one very talented lady indeed! 
 Have a blessed and joy-filled day,


Sunnybec said...

I guess you will be watching the TV this weekend then?? Hubby is sat watching MotoGP now and it's also F1 this weekend so nothing else will get done. Have a good weekend. Linda

Abby and Stephanie said...

I have my grandma's recipes and my happiest childhood memories are from summer's spent at her house. It's wonderful you've found a balance between family, self, hobby.

Maria said...

Lovely post Jenny. Oh sounds like the best tea. Yummo!!
Haha!! nice pic of you and the other bloke.
Bet you are looking forward to your little guys coming to visit and cooking with them.
Is Sophie sitting there spying on the birds?

Carrie P. said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better.
Love that photo of you and your "other guy"
Will we be able to just buy the magazines as we like instead of subscribe?

Barb said...

Nothing is worse than a migraine, glad you are getting over it. I guess I am going to have to go out and buy me some beads if I want to do your designs....can't wait for your patterns to come out.