Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sleeping Beauties...

Princess Sophie likes to sleep.
With her buddy Bob-the-dog...
But especially with her big sis, Blossom.
Aren't my girls beautiful?
Being a lover of sleep (her and Princess Sophie could be twins in that department), Blossom's favourite quote this week was discovered on some fabric I pulled out during a design session. I  must make use of this in something for her! I especially love the cute little toaster....
 It reads: If we were meant to pop out of bed we'd all be toasters. :-)
Only one more day left of the school week. Yay! 
It's been a big one this week with lots of classes to assist in, which meant sewing has had to be squeezed into small pockets of time - but it's amazing what can be achieved in small, regular pockets. 
I designed a Christmas quilt last night, and tonight I did all the prep work - cutting fabrics for the pieced blocks, bonding the applique pieces to the feature blocks, and I even stitched two of the blocks whilst watching Masterchef! 
I'm using all the Kate Spain fabrics I bought this time last year - lovely and bright. :-)
Mr E will be working on our red motorbike this weekend, so I may get this quilt finished by Sunday night. This will be the last of my Christmas designs for a while as I have done quite a few lately in preparation for later in the year. 
It must seem crazy that I'm sewing for Christmas in May and June...

PS: If you are making the 'Things We Love" BOM from the Gum Trees Blog, be sure to download the last two blocks this month. Joy and Vicki have finished them and they are gorgeous! Another couple of weeks and I will show you my completed "Things We Love" quilt. I'll keep the Gum Trees blog up a little longer so you can download all the blocks. :-)


  1. Aw mum some of the most embaressing photos are posted on here. You do realise me AND MY FRIENDS can google them?? :P
    Hehe I love you! xxx

  2. What lovely girls and what great quilts they have to sleep on!! Look forward to seeing your Christmas quilts!! Happy sewing on the weekend.

  3. So sweet your sleeping beauties.


  4. You'll have all your stuff ready for Christmas in July sweety!!!.....not so silly after all! ooo...the sleepy syndrome is very 'teen' oriented too.....Nick loves a bit of a snooze fest too!....Love Bloss's comment....tell her, "It's a mum's perogative" from me?? LOL
    we love her!!!!
    take care my sweety....have a wonderful weekend.
    *mwahs* and *squeeeeeeezes*
    XXX Wendy :O)

  5. Love the photos of your sleeping beauties.

    I think you are clever getting an early start on Christmas. Looking forward to see it.

  6. lol i love that quote. What fabric is it on?

  7. Its nice to see another lounge Kitty. Nice to see your kitty has a sleeping companion, cute daughter.
    My friend said my cat is solar powered. The weekend was rain, she slept the weekend away. Not hard to find our Miss Priss.

  8. That toaster fabric is so darn cute!!! Aloha, dahling!!!!

  9. That little saying would be darling on the cuff of a pillowcase. Yes, your girls are beautiful!

  10. That is THE sweetest picture of Blossom and Sophie!! Adorable! You are very quick Jenny, designing one day and getting so much done the next. I can't wait to see it! Enjoy your weekend!

  11. OOPs...looks like your Blossom caught you posting her adorable pictures...Really Blossom I love seeing them. Jenny, I love all the photos you posted this time! Gotta love those furry babies too, especially when they are sleeping cute with our babies! What a great picture. Boy Sophie is growing into a lovely young lady! Seems she and Bob the dog get along very least when they are sleeping huh? Now, about that quote that Blossom loves...I have never heard it, but I'm telling you, I used to POP out of bed at 4am every morning, a habit of getting my hubby off to work for 40 years. BUT, when I hit 61 last April, it seems that 8am is about the best I can do unless I have something pressing, and if I can push it to 9am, even better. My body just isn't ready to motivate that early anymore. It probably has something to do with my Scleroderma but still, it really did seem like an overnight change. But I point was, tell Blossom, her favorite quote is now my favorite quote. I can't wait to see what you do with the fabric. Hugs...

  12. Please,say me about your cat: is it possible walking?

  13. Blossom, sleeping in is the greatest joy on earth, I think! Treasure it...

  14. They all look so sweet and happy. Blossom really is a lovely girl.

  15. Just LUV that toaster fabric - very appropriate fro any and every teenager! (and maybe >teenager!). PLease tell Blossom she looks so beautiful.

  16. What a lovely photo of Blossom and Sophie sleeping. I am looking forward to seeing your quilt finished.

  17. I love the picture of Blossom with the cat! One of our cats likes to cuddle like that. :o)

    Peace and Laughter!

  18. Love that quote! Too funny! Your girls are just precious Jenny! :)
    xx, shell


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