Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What a day!

It's 11.09 Wednesday morning and already it feels as though an entire day has passed by.
My sweet Blossom went to bed last night with a horrid migraine, and we had prayed that the medication and the sleep would see her recovered and back to her sunny self this morning.
At 6.30am she was worse than ever, and unable to walk. Mr E carried her to the car and I took her to the emergency department of our tiny country hospital.
She was put on a drip as she has an extremely high temperature and is dehydrated. Along with the migraine she was diagnosed with tonsilitis. They were going to keep her in for a couple of days, but as we only have a small number of beds here, and we live right around the corner from the hospital it was decided she should come home and recuperate. She is fast asleep in her bed now, all medicated and with plenty of fluids to drink.
We'd really appreciate your prayers for a swift and complete recovery. Blossom doesn't have very robust health at the best of times. {{thank you}}
 Elefantz HOME magazine has been sent off in emails all over the world now!

I am overwhelmed at the number of positive responses to the first issue. My inbox is overflowing with kind words and encouraging comments from subscribers. 
I am blessed beyond measure, and very humbled that you love it so much. Thank you for taking a chance on me. :-)
If your issue has not arrived in an email yet, please contact me and I'll resend. I use the email addresses that Paypal send me unless you have let me know otherwise. 
I am holding the 1st Issue open for subscription a little while longer, so if you want to receive it please subscribe HERE before Friday 1st July (because we're going on holiday for a few days after that)
The three patterns in Issue 1 of Elefantz HOME are now also available as single purchases HERE in my Etsy Shop.
and Block 1 in my Circles of Life BOM, "The Sewing Circle"...
The Block 1 pattern also contains the full materials list and cutting instructions for the complete quilt.
The BOM will run over 7 months, and each new block will be released on the 29th of each month through my Elefantz HOME magazine, and my Etsy Shop.

Yesterday I made this Pineapple Cheesecake from a recipe Allie shared HERE on her blog.
Needing to add my own 'Jenny wants to be a Master Chef' touch, I decided to use the leftover pineapple juice to make a syrup that could be drizzled over the cheesecake when served.
I boiled the pineapple juice, castor sugar, and some split vanilla bean pods until the liquid had reduced by half.
Then let it cool, still with the vanilla pods...
...and when I served this yummy cheesecake last night I let the syrup flow lovingly across each slice.
Using the vanilla bean pod in the syrup cut through the sweetness and gave it that something extra. See all the wee vanilla bean seeds in the syrup? 
Thank you Allie's friend Shirley for this beautiful cheesecake recipe! 
And thank you Master Chef for teaching me how to add something extra to the things I bake. 
Today I am going to use these... recover this!
Wish me luck. :-)


Allie said...

The new baby has arrived and isn't she a beauty - Jenny-girl, I've said it before but I must say it again, I am thrilled for you!!! I am NOT thrilled that beautiful Blossom is ill, however, and she is heavy in my prayers tonight. Feel better, sweet girl....

Jenny, I can't wait to show Shirley your post. She will love it. So glad you enjoyed it, and tweaked it - I think you can add Master Chef to your resume!

Sarah Oldham said...

Prayers for your darling girl. I have several I am praying for and adding Blossom is easy to do. Consider it done. ;)

That cheesecake? Oh. Lord. Yum.

I just read a travel book on Australia by Bill Bryson - extremely entertaining, that one. ;) He made me love our brother and sisters Down Under so much more! It is possible to love one's neighbours more, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Hope and pray for sweet blossom to get well again.
And i loved the 1st subscription to your mag,well done Jenny and good luck with the lamp shade.

Sarah Oldham said...

Oh, yes. I just subscribed. I'm looking forward to just learning anything at all!!! I'm going to take Ellie and send the pattern to my MIL to do for me (she can embroider so wonderfully - like you!). ;) It's technically cheating, but she'll love to stitch Ellie, I'm certain. ;)

Christine M said...

I hope Blossom gets better soon. So much better recuperating in your own bed than hospital. I'm sure she has a very attentive nurse!

Dolores said...

My thoughts and prayers for Blossom. It's always so difficult when one of our little ones is ill.
Keep up your strength dear Jenny, for you are needed.

Beverly said...

Poor Blossom. Sending healing thoughts from Texas.

Stitched With Prayer said...

Jenny, Please know that I will be keeping your beautiful Blossom in fervent prayer. I will also be including you and Mr. E in those prayers for comfort and peace, because I know how unsettling it is it is to see our dear ones so ill. Big hugs for you and very gentle hugs for sweet Blossom.

Fiona said...

Best wishes to Blossom......

Synnove said...

All my good thoughts for Blossom! I hope she recovers fast. I know you must have been so worried about her.
Congratulations to you on your new magazine, I'm so happy for you!
Big hugs from Synnoeve:-)

Mireille said...

Hope that Blossom will get better very soon. It must be terrible to see your daughter like this.
My thoughts are with her.

Bluebell said...

Hi Jenny, Lots of loving thoughts and prayers for Blossom to recover quickly, tonsilitis is so lowering she must be feeling really Yuk! good luck with the lampshade.
Love Jillx

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Poor Blossom, sending love and healing thoughts. I hope she feels better soon.
Hugs to you, too.

Deb said...

Jenny, I so hope Blossom is feeling a bit brighter by the time you read this. The poor poppet, its the last thing she needs to have to deal with. Tell her big hugs being sent from across the ditch for her.
Love the look of your cheesecake, mmmmm, I can feel it landing on my hips as I read, just adore cheesecakes.
Can't wait to see your covered lampshade.

Cattinka said...

I hope Blossom will recover soon, a tonsilitis and a migrain at the same time sounds very bad, poor girl.
Congratulations on your first magazine, I read it all the way throught and I like it a lot, too!
Your cheesecake looks very delicious, you are the master chef!

Sheila said...

I´ve just subscribed too--- don´t know why I waited so long! Love the Sewing Circle design.
I am sending you an email to change the email address where my mag goes.
Sending good vibes and prayers that Blossom recovers quickly.

Nellie put the kettle on said...

Wow! I'm all inspired. I want to make everything, just sure what to start first. Thanks Jenny, the mag is fab!!!

Abby and Stephanie said...

Oh dear a migraine and tonsillitis...I've had both but never together. Wishing her well.

You must feel like a very proud parent over your new venture! Congratulations.

Since it's breakfast here I think it's ok to have cheesecake for breakfast, right? Yum.

Sunnybec said...

Hi Jenny hope Blossom gets better soon. Got your magazine yesterday and I love it, can't wait for next month now!

Barb said...

It is so scarey when your sweet ones turn ill...I do hope she recovers!

Melody said...

Poor little Blossom - wishing her a speedy recovery.
Your other little baby is looking good. I just finished reading my magazine and look forward to starting to stitch the lovely projects. The honey almond cakes will have to be made too.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I've said a prayer for healing for Blossom today. blessings, marlene

quiltercaroline said...

Hi Jenny, I hope that Blossom is still well on the way to health and you and Mr E are ok. I love the magazine - I wasn't sure about taking out a subsription - I don't know why - but jumped in at the last moment and I am soooo glad. I love the way you have told your story and the patterns are just wonderful. I only problem is knowing which one to start with. Thank you for all your hard work and wishing you many more wonderful issues. Best wishes C

Mosaic Magpie said...

Thank you for sending me the link to the newsletter. I am a subscriber now! What a wonderful story about Elefantz! Yes, it is wonderful to have a dream to believe in. Hope Blossum is better soon.

jugglingpaynes said...

I'm so sorry your sweet girl isn't feeling well. Prayers for healing and hope for a speedy recovery. {{hugs}}

Peace and Laughter,

Robin in New Jersey said...

The first issue of your new magazine is lovely. I have printed it off and now I can enjoy it at my leisure. Thank you, Jenny!

Give Blossom my love, and tell her I am praying for her to feel well soon.

Miss Hillbilly said...

I hope Blossom is better soon. It is so hard when our children feel bad. Praying for you!

Heather said...

I subscribed to your e-magazine on July 26 via Paypal but haven't received my copy yet. You said to let you know if we'd subscribed but hadn't received the first issue, but I'm not sure where to contact you to let you know. So I'll try this route first. I'm looking forward to seeing this first issue so hope we can figure out if there's a problem with my subscription. Thanks, Jenny!