Sunday, June 5, 2011

Winter is here!

I love winter. It's the best time of year when you live in the tropics. Cool nights, moderate days, early to bed, snuggly wake-ups to the late arrival of dawn.
And the food. Comfort food. Like this dessert I made tonight...
Blackberry Swirls, hot and inviting, oozing blackberries and sweet purple syrup. Best eaten with fresh custard.
Another comfort is sewing the last stitches down on my binding. Once the pattern is written up I can show you the completed quilt!
 Other projects are jostling for my attention as well. A pile of dresden fans consumed Saturday night, but you'll have to wait a while to see where they end up...
And then there is a new Shabby Roses design, complete with a classic green velvet ribbon...
On Wednesday and Thursday last week Mr E and I went away for two days. He was attending a training seminar, which allowed me both days to spend with certain friends. Janelle lives close to me, but as she had no work last week we agreed to meet in Townsville on Wednesday morning and spend the day browsing the op-shops. 
I love to 'adopt' stitcheries that have been abandoned, and these were the new babies I brought home. 
The first is a cross stitch and I will choose some threads that match and work on this when I have only 10-15  minutes spare during the day. The design is a transfer with only a few stitches made, and it came in the hoop. Even though I never use hoops I will do so with this project.
 This stitchery was framed, and cost me $2. I love it, and have it sitting across from my sewing table so I can read it daily...
On the Wednesday night Mr E and I met up again for a restaurant dinner and an overnight motel stay. The next morning he was back to the seminar and I drove down to Ayr to catch up with my gorgeous friend Wendy. 
Wendy is slowly recuperating from knee surgery in March, and our wonderful friend Dawn sent her this quilt that had blocks made and posted in by those of us who love our kind Wendy! Dawn had sent out a call for blocks with little messages while Wendy was having surgery, and then she patiently stitched it all together for the special gift that arrived in time for Wendy's birthday last week. Dawn did a beautiful job on the quilting, and as you can see by Wendy's smile she was over the moon!
 I couldn't wait to see it, and was thrilled to see mine and Blossom's blocks within. A permanent reminder to Wendy how many people love her. 
The big news amongst those in Australia who love Denyse Schmidt fabrics is the release of her 'Picnic and Fairgrounds' line through Spotlight stores. 
Mr E and I had to return to Townsville on Saturday morning for a bike part so I dropped into Spotlight to see if the fabrics had arrived yet, as I had looked a couple of weeks back and found none. Saturday was Success Day! Mr E helped me choose these eight fresh prints....
I am in DS heaven at the moment, and even though I would have loved to afford more, I am very content with what I have. I don't buy fabric anymore as I am intent on working with what I have on hand, but this was one time when I allowed myself a luxury and my darling husband encouraged me. Bless his heart!

But now to something not so good. When stocks of DS's Flea Market Fancy line were dwindling, there were those who were selling their DS stash for exorbitant amounts. I am concerned this is starting to happen with 'Picnics and Fairgrounds' here in Australia. Already I have discovered fat quarters of this line being sold online for $7 each, when I paid just $14 a metre for the fabric at Spotlight. Ten of the fabrics are an Australian line only so the market for selling overseas appears too hard to resist for some Aussies.
As much as I love Denyse Schmidt fabrics, let's not turn her into a god and elevate the fabric lines to a ludicrous value that simply does not justify the product. I think she would be dismayed at this. I know I would be.
Okay, off my soapbox. ;-)

Another week beckons, so I'd best dish up that dessert while it's still Sunday night.
Have a blessed and joy-filled week,


Maria said...

MMMMMMMM!!! YOur dessert looks divine.
So nice to meet Wendy. I jioned Sew its Finished and sent Dawn a block for Wendy.
The fabrics are gorgeous,hope Geraldton get some.

KaHolly said...

Looks scrump-dili-icious! Can't wait to see your new pattern! You've been busy. ~karen

Abby and Stephanie said...

Yum! I thought some of the yellow DS fabric I've been seeing on Aussie blogs wasn't familiar in the US. Now I know why. Loving your little dresden blades.

Vickie said...

oh yum wish I was there for dessert.What a wonderful time away you had,great catchup and marvellous purchases -beautiful your bliss dresdon bits..cheers Vickie

paivis said...

we just got summer in Finland :)

Shakerwood said...

With it 96° F today, winter sounds yummy. And those blackberry swirls look tasty, too.

Beautiful fabrics. Looks nice and summery ... no matter what the temperature is outside!

Allie said...

I feel like I'm living in your part of the world lately, Jenny! I find myself wishing for spring again, lol. Not quite winter though...can't go there....

I can't wait to see your new quilt. And your dresdens are darling! Love your new finds, and how lovely that you got to visit with Wendy. I'm sure that cheered her up no end.

Pity about the fabric being sold like that. I can't imagine paying that price - NO fabric is worth that. Glad you got what you did.

donnaquilt said...

Those DS fabrics are so cheerful! Though I'm in the U.S., I have no intention of contributing to the frenzy. I agree with you - no fabric should be that much, especially in today's economy. (Reminds me of the beanie-baby craze. and crash.) If I spent that much, I'd be afraid to cut it! Your designs are lovely.

Javamom said...

Jenny, Happy Winter! I just harvested my first grape and pear tomates this week!

p.s. I love the colors and the simple shapes in that quilt.


Love from Texas!

whistlebet57 said...

Oh my, those Blackberry Swirls look yummy could you by any chance share the recipe.
Thanks, Beth

Nancy Lee said...

Those swirls look fab. We are just easing into summer like a hot bath here in Canada. I just planted my flowers this weekend. I love the prints you found. Expensive fabric is madness. It can't be so pricey that you're afraid to use it.

Victoria said...

Yes...the recipe would be great!!!
Wild blackberries will be on in Aug. here in Ontario, Canada.

Heather said...

Hello Jenny, love your op shop purchases - it's amazing what pretty things can be found there.

Stitched With Prayer said...

Jenny, Jenny, are SUCH a tease! I mean, look at that dessert, when hubby and I try so hard to eat 'heart healthy' **heavy sigh**. Then snippets of new and beautiful projects but just a glimpse, not enough for even a tiny taste, ***heavier sigh***. Honestly, what is a girl to do? I tell you that you could make it up to me by sending me a piece of that GORGEOUS berry dessert, but that would be unreasonable, so I'll just have to wish, and wait, LOL. In the meantime, I have to tell you that I was finally able to go for a ride on the 'Wing' yesterday! We rode a little over 200 miles and it really felt great to be back on the bike again. We had hoped to take it on our trip to the Grand Canyon this week but that much riding just isn't in my immediate future, so we will take the car, or as hubby calls it, the 'Cage', LOL. Hugs, and God Bless.

Margaret said...

Winter sure is here 11c today, those Dresdens have been made with Jelly roll . have they not? what a stirling idea.

Wendyb said...

Oh gorgeous girl.....I'm visiting for some of that dessert!!!! yummmeeeeeee!!!!! Had the bestest day with you Thursday and loved to share my beatiful knee rug with you.....(thanks Maria!!!!......and Dawnie lovely!!!!!) I must come for a visit before work starts again so I can see all your lovelies that you're clever lil busy bee you!!!
love ya sweety
XXXX Wendy :o)

Mireille said...

Can you send me your desserts :-) mmmmmm they looks so good.
In Belgium we are so happy to have the summer now but for stitching i also prefer winter.

vernagrace said...

Indeed, you are a tease. Yummy dessert and new projects! I do love it, and look forward to seeing your new projects in full. You're totally right about the pricing of fabric.
Glad to hear you are enjoying the coolness, it's still relatively cool here in eastern Canada, but July usually heats up with lots of humidity.
Keep up the good work and glad you got away with Mr E and what a gem for helping you choose those lovely fabrics.

Karen said...

Ok the desert looked yummy. Are you going to share the recipe??
We have olliberries (mix of black berry & rasberry) quite a nice mix & would go well in your dish.
Always enjoy the projects you work on.
Fat quarter $7.00?
Not sure what the exchange rate is to the USA, but we pay $2.50 to $3.00 for a fat quarter...Karencg

whistlebet57 said...

The muffins look yummy. I really enjoyed your newsletter. Thanks, Elizabeth