Sunday, July 24, 2011

A beaded bag, and then some more beads...

If you haven't figured it out yet, I must confess to a love for beads.
Today Mr E and I went for a sunny walk through Centennial Park to view the Sunday market stalls. Apart from an occasional jar of pickles and jam (or my favourite lemon butter!), we don't usually purchase anything because Mr E is a very restrained spender and it helps me to have him around so I don't impulse buy. ;-)
Today, there was an unfamiliar stall in view. Such pretty silver and pearl jewellery, gorgeous ironwork hangings, and this...
An exquisite beaded evening bag for $12. 
I didn't buy it immediately. I fondled it, and walked on. After our rotation around the markets, and as we turned to head back to the car I stopped. "I am going to buy that bag!"
And so I did. And if only you could see the smile on my face. It's wider than usual. ;-)
Here it is gracing the top of my fabric-case (it sounds silly to call it a bookcase when it's full of fabric - know what I mean?), waiting for the next invite to dinner so I glam up with it. 
There is even an extra long chained shoulder strap inside if I feel like a change from the beaded handle. Two bags for the price of one - almost. ;-)
This afternoon I finished the 2nd version of "My World Is Beautiful" for Issue 2 of Elefantz HOME magazine. Be still my beating heart - I love it!!
I played around a bit more with this one, and decided to keep it squared at the top instead of rounded like the first version. 
Here is 'Version 1' which I made a couple of months ago...
...and here is 'Version 2', which was finished today.
Which one do you like best? 
This time I added extra coffee-dyed doily flowers and vintage lace (over 50 years old!)...
 Both finishes will be in the magazine, but my personal favourite is 'Version 2'. 
Yesterday Mr E rode us into Townsville. Both bikes and our car needed new oil filters, and that seemed a good enough reason to ride the 270 klm round trip, besides, I don't need much persuasion for a sunny ride on the bike!
We had lunch down on The Strand, with the blue beach waters just across the road...
You can still feel winter in the slightly chilly breeze, but out of the wind it is gloriously warm! What we love apart from the beach at The Strand, are the huge fig trees along the sidewalks.
You can see my 6 foot tall husband to the left of the photo, taking his own pics of the mammoth tree...
I almost imagined seeing Elves at rest within the branches (especially after watching the extended-extended-edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy recently)...
Holidays are over now and Mr E is back to work tomorrow, so our trips out riding will not be as frequent over the next 9 weeks, but in the next school holiday break we're planning a trip up into the Gulf of Carpentaria before the wet season arrives once more. 
 Until then, it's our usual Sunday afternoon ride each week, with a nice lunch thrown in. ;-)
Due to the changes I am making in Elefantz, I am shedding many of my older patterns from Etsy, so if you'd like to grab a bargain before some of them disappear for good, I have 40% off everything in my Etsy Shop until next Friday, July 29th.
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Have a wonderful day!!

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Allie said...

*SQUEAL* Jenny that bag is fabulous!!! Oh my - love the butterfly! I'm so glad you got it!

I too love version two the best...they're both so beautiful. Glad you got to take a ride with Mr. E, such a gorgeous place! Love those trees.

Libster said...

now that bag is a bargin!!! enjoy the lovely weather, its darn cold here

Abby and Stephanie said...

That pretty beaded bag looks right at home on your shelf. I know it was happy to come home with you. Both projects are so pretty I couldn't possible choose a favorite.

Rosa said...

Both projects are beautiful.!!


It was a pleasure to visit your blog.
The bag seems wonderful, fascinating quilt tree and photos of amazing!
Very good week!

Victoria said...

Of course that bag had to come home with you!!! I could never have resisted it!
I love bling & find I often use it with my jeans. But...I could put on a nice 5-course dinner if you'd care to fly in.

Miss Hillbilly said...

I am going to have to go with the 2nd version. Love it!

luv2quilt2 said...

I LOVE the bag! I know you're glad you went back for it.

jugglingpaynes said...

That tree is fantastic! I don't think I've ever seen one so large, except maybe some of the redwoods in Muir Woods, but that one looks like you could live in it! You make me wish so much I could visit Australia for the cute shops and scenery! Someday...

Peace and Laughter,

Robin in New Jersey said...

I never realized how close Papua New Guinea is to Australia until you put that map up!

Do you know the name of that tree? It looks like the Banyan tree I saw in Puerto Rico many years ago.

So excited for the next issue of your magazine!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Oh, the bag~~GORGEOUS! And only $12? What a bargain!

Susanne said...

Hi Jenny
I am still trying to cast up from my 3 weeks vacation in USA, and I am not totally finish reading your magazine, but until now I am whow over it. Congratulation with that and also with the Tour de France victory Hurrah!
Best regards Susanne B from Denmark

Kaylee said...

The beaded bag is glorious Jenny, a real must have, hard to walk past and a bargain price to boot.....
Although RED is my fav colour I love the BLUE "My world is Beautiful". Cheers Kaylee

Debbie said...

I loved the photos of Townsville. They brought back some sad memories, but at the same time reminded me how beautiful Townsville really is. My Mum passed away at Taylors Beach, and several years after that when we were holidaying in Qld and while we were in Townsville, we received a call to say my Husband Mum had passed away. We said that we would never visit Townsville again! But your photos reminded me how really beautiful it is particularly along the strand. Thank you. Ps. Love the bag!