Thursday, July 14, 2011

Closing a door, and stepping forth...

I feel a bit like Bilbo Baggins today. 
Hesitantly stepping out of his door to embark on an adventure ahead.
Two things have happened to affect my health since we moved here two years ago. Trigger fingers - one was operated on and has never been the same, the others I will save from the same fate - and a knee problem that just gets worse the longer I put it through term after term of cooking lessons at the school.
Bloss and I drove in to Townsville yesterday to watch the final Harry Potter movie (the best one of all if you're wondering), and the 280klm round trip was so painful for my knee that by the time we arrived back home at dusk I knew I had no choice but to resign from my job as Teacher's Aide.
The position requires that I am on my feet and moving in and out of eight cooking bays for between 3 and 5 hours each workday, as well as the weekly shopping trips with those confounded trolleys that when loaded to the hilt have minds of their own. My knee has painfully screeched at me about that for over a year.
The income was a blessing. The students I loved. The teacher I assissted made every lesson a joy. 
But I need this knee for another 30-40 years.
So I close that door with a sigh of sadness, and choose to look forward to the path before me. 
In my heart I feel God's guidance with Elefantz HOME magazine so I guess that means I will have a lot more time to devote to the articles, patterns and other fun things I want to share within those pages - indeed, a lovely adventure to fully immerse myself in. 
Shall I share with you a small dilemma?
I  am playing around with some new designs based on songs of the 70's. Once I'd started it became so much fun that I kept going! One of them is destined to be in the July 29 issue of Elefantz HOME , but which one? I can't decide!
The first has become a cushion...
~Love Is All You Need~
I used some of my vintage pink buttons for the back closure.
The second is not yet complete. Maybe another cushion? Or a small quilt? I'll play with some ideas today. 
~All You Need Is Love~
Can you see why I love them? :-)
Which one would you want to see in the July issue of Elefantz HOME?
I'm also working on another 70's song-themed design. Can you guess what it might be? It's really groovy....
I never realised all those 70's songs could be so inspiring....I think I could design from them all year long. ;-)
Have a lovely day, and remember
"all you need is love..."


  1. Sorry to hear of your knee pain but hope that it will settle down with your change of focus. LOVE your 70's inspired designs - that combi van looks so cute.

  2. I really can sympathize with the knee pain as I have the same problem. I need to go ahead and get the surgery and be done.
    I love both pillows, but I think the top one is my favorite.

  3. I so enjoy seeing your beautiful quilting work. Wish I had the skill.

  4. Jenny i love the 1st cushion,keep up the good work i love your designs and i wish you a pain free journey

  5. Oh Jenny, sorry you've got problem knees, could you have replacements? You may be able to function better, hmmm.
    Love your 70s inspired designs and the last one would be
    "Feeling Groovy"....59th Street Bridge song - Simon and Garfunkel!!! Love all those songs... Fantastic work on those pillows!


  6. Sorry to hear about your knee, hope its not the leg you use at the sewing machine.

    Looking forward to see the combie one. My husband works for VW and I could make his something

  7. Sorry to hear of your knee troubles. Both the love designs are gorgeous. How about both? :) The combi is so cute. Hugs,

  8. Jen, I wish you only the best..and as you say, when one door shuts, another always opens.. We have always muddled on with different directions life sends us, and you will too.. more crafting time for your beautiful

  9. "LOVE" them both...but that second one really speaks to me!!!! I had one knee replacement and will probabaaly end up having the second...and I hate aging!!! LOL The golden years a$$!!!! LOL

  10. I think you'll have to flip a coin because they're both gorgeous!
    Hopefully rest for your knee will allow you to keep doing the things you enjoy most.

  11. Dear, dear. I'm sorry to hear about your knee problem. You've had your unfair share of painful problems. And that your knee would push you to a decision to quit a job you enjoy... that's just sad. I'm terribly sorry for you. Though I don't know exactly what your knee problem is, for my knee pain (no cartilage and an old torn ligament injury), I've found that taking daily glucosamine makes a HUGE difference in my ability to walk, and do anything, without pain. I highly suggest giving that a go as it's an over-the-counter drug.

    What a clever concept - 70s tunes - for creating embroidered designs. Hmmm, "Crystal Blue Persuasion" was a favorite, and has some possibilities for using... blue crystals!

  12. Oh good grief...what a I vote for the Volkswagon one instead. Not a choice? Oh well...I tried. :)

  13. I forgot to mention my sympathy for your knee trouble. I have major knee issues all of a sudden too. A few weeks ago I couldn't even walk. This is an ongoing thing that will last the rest of my life but as long as I am careful it won't bother me much.

    Just sayin' I can relate...and I am sorry you are going through it!

  14. Oh Dear Lady, You will miss being a teacher aid as you were doing something that you love. But now that you have made the choice you no that we all here need you just as much. And you can design to your hearts content while sitting and getting off that knee. I can not pick which pattern that i love as i just love them all. Now feet up and keep on stitching as we are all waiting to see what else 70s you can come up with.
    Love and Hugs

  15. Sorry to hear about your health problems. But I'm sure the decision you have taken will be good for you.

    I love your designs, but the first cushion is just adorable.

    Hugs from Spain,

  16. As usual both designs have appeal, however the second one had me singing along. Yes uou do need the knee for many more years.

  17. Hope your knee is soon feeling better. I love the first one but the second one is cute too!

  18. Keeping your knees in my prayers. I think, actually, I may have trigger finger (left hand) as I had explained my pain to a friend of mine who has had it and suggested it outright. I hope she's wrong! I do not want that loop clipped (she said something about several tendons and they are in a loop and one of them may be catching which causes the pain?!? and they will do surgery to clip it? OUCH!!!). Anyway, I am giving it time and if I'm not better in two weeks, I'll give in and see a doctor. Silly stuff!

    LOVE the Love theme and that bus is the boss!!!!

  19. My mom had both knees replaced and went onto climb the Great Wall of China! My mom-in-law started early on glucosamine and she's pain-free since. I'm sure your doc gives the best advice...and with prayers, I'm sure you'll receive the best. ((Hugs))

    Which one?...both design looks gorgeous !!!

  20. I like the first LOVE pillow best. And the project with the VW on it looks very interesting but I can´t think of the song you had in mind. The 70´s prjects will be very nice!

  21. Our Bodies Tell Us when we need Change & Rest...
    Love the 70's Influenece Brings Back Lots of Memories...
    Beautiful Work Jenny.
    Take Care

  22. Dearest Jenny
    Please take the time to rest and recover... Your Lord will carry you through.
    I love 70s music.. its the best... but my knees were complaining for a few days after a pal's hubby and I were shaking the groove thing to KC & The Sunshine Band....
    I love the design that looks like it belongs in a nursery.
    Great work.

  23. The top one :) it would be perfect for my mum to make me and my Fiance (as she subscribes to your magazine) :) I love it, but both of them are gorgeous patterns :)

  24. It's hard to give up something you enjoy but in the long run it'll be better for the health of your knee. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your projects. The VW and surfboards have me Feelin' Groovy.

  25. Hi Jenny, Sorry you are in pain - I can understand that as I have M.E. and my joints can get very painful. God may have shut one door for you but has opened another with your patterns and magazine etc. I love the two designs and it is hard to choose - I thibnk I like the second one if you make it up as a cushion similar to the first one. Gos Bless Caroline

  26. Hi!
    I am very sorry to hear about your knee and that you will be stopping work...
    Have you seen a knee specialist? Have you tried a prescription anti-inflammatory medicine, physiotherapy, seeing if you need your knee scoped to make it better?
    If you have this much pain now, you will not be walking in 30-40 yrs! Please do not think you have to stop your activities because of you pain!
    Good luck, Leslie

  27. Hi Yenny, I hope you get better soon your knees and your hands!
    a hug for you

  28. I hope your pain is gone soon.. I'm totally crushing on the first one!!

  29. Sorry to hear that you have to give up a job that you love so much Jenny.
    Love the cushions, can't choose between them at the moment.

    Rest that knee, Please.

  30. I really like those designs! Am sorry to hear about your knee problems, but as we all know when God closes a door, a window is opened. Good luck.

  31. One door closes, another opens. Sorry to hear about your difficult decision. I had to leave teaching because of a health concern and it was actually a blessing in disguise. You are so smart and so talented that you won't skip a 'beat' (speaking of 70's songs) and your new idea is ingenious!! ~karen

  32. Your new designs are very pretty .

    I had a knee op about 4 yrs ago . Before the op I could only move around by holding on the furniture and work tops .

    After the op I thought I had swopped one pain for another . It took 2 yrs to fully recover

  33. Jenny, I have had trigger fingers, two on each hand. I can't do cortisone shots (my mother did and it helped her a lot) and I'm anti- knives and needles :-D but I found exercising my hands two or three times a day in warm water really helps. And when they would start to lock down, I would grab the offending finger and hold it straight until it stopped. I use my hands a LOT, and I haven't had an attack in two years.
    Love the 70's theme - how about doing them as a series in your magazine - coming next issue?!?
    Best of luck in you new endeavor.

  34. Oh Jenny, I am so sorry about your knee. Is there anything a dr. can do for you?

    How sad for the school and students there. What a lose for them not to have you anymore.

    I Love the first cushion(here in the US we call them pillows.) They are both lovely. The cushion with the VW bus in it makes me think of the Beach Boys, but the song escapes me.

    Thank for today's bit of loveliness. :)

  35. Your first LOVE cushion is just beautiful! :0)

  36. Jenny, I'm so sorry your knee is bothering you so badly. I'm sure you will miss the teachers aide job, it sounds like you truly enjoyed it. But like you, I always feel God's hand in the changes in my life. A few years after I was diagnosed with Scleroderma, I lost the ability to do many of the intricate crafts I loved, but...everything in my life changed at once, making room in my house once again for my sewing machine, after putting it in storage for over 13 years to raise grandchildren. That is when He opened the window to quilting and stitchery for me. What perfect timing God has. I'm certain the time you have now for your creative juices to flow will be more fulfilling than you can ever imagine. Now, as for which 70's project I want to see in this months magazine...well, how about **both**? LOL. I just can't decide I love them both so much. So I'll just wait and be surprised. Which ever you decide on will surely leave us all "Feelin' Groovy" *wink*. Sending big hugs your way and I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers too. OH! I wanted to ask you if your knee causes you problems when your on the motorcycle? Both of mine do, but I don't care, LOL. I'm going to hurt no matter what so I might as well be enjoying myself. Don't you agree? Hugs...

  37. God never closes one door without opening another. I love both of the designs and can't decide.

  38. So sorry to hear about your chronic knee pain. I know what you are through. Love the 70's inspired designs. That little van is so cute.

  39. Sorry to hear you had to leave a job you loved so much. What is the diagnosis on your knee? I tripped over a granddaughter (hugged her and twisted to avoid falling on her) and went down on concrete taking the full impact on my left knee. It was a torn meniscus and artherscopic surgery was minor. Walking in 3 days without crutches, therapy at home and now it's forgotten. Hope yours is as minor and you're back to doing everything you love.

  40. Is a knee replacement an option???
    A friend here is going soon for her second knee.
    I often say it's how you play the cards you're dealt & the way you handle things is so positive!
    re your designs...I lean towards the second one but that is because I can't resist sweet wee things.( I see my friend Ruth has chosen that one as well.) But I think for the Magazine the first one would be the eye catcher.

  41. Jenny-girl, I think you're very wise to give up the teaching - your heart is at home - and God has given you SUCH a gift for creating! I hope that your knee is better very soon.

    I can't decide between the designs, I love them both, boy does that bring back memories!!!!!

  42. What's that saying? When one door closes another one opens. Well the other door opening is the door to your Elefantz Home magazine. I know it will be a wonderful success!
    Love these pieces and the songs!
    xx, shell

  43. I'm so sorry about your knee pain. I hope simplifying your life helps it to heal. I have knee problems in damp weather, so I know how it can really mess up your stride. Perhaps the knee problem was a gentle push toward what you are meant to focus on.

    I love the first design. They are both pretty, but I like how colorful the first one is. Is the one with the bus going to be the Magical Mystery Tour? :o)

    Peace and Laughter,

  44. Sorry to hear about your knee problems sweetie, hopefully a new focus and some rest will be just the tonic you need to heal. x

    I absolutely LOVE your 70s designs - as you know - I'm a 70's girl at heart! LOVE the combi van!!!! Superb choice of fabrics - it is indeed very groovy!!!!

    I'm looking forward to your next magazine!!!! Now sweetie - have you got a coupon for a few extra (stitching) hours in each day? Wouldn't that be wonderful!!!!

    Take care and heal quickly!
    Vikki xoxoxo


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