Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Show & Tell, and I give something old a fabulous makeover!

I really love Show & Tells because I get to see how you chose to make one of my designs your very own!
Catherine has been busy with two of my stitcheries, "Family", and "Roses". She is thinking of making them into table runners. They are so pretty, Catherine!
Debra is almost finished stitching the nine blocks from "Springtime". She sent me photos and this one is of Blossom's block, "Freebird". I am so proud of my daughter's design! Thanks for sharing this pic, Debra.
Karen and her daughter Hannah have really been sewing up a storm lately! Hannah made my Ellie into the prettiest cushion...
...and Karen has finished not one, but TWO "Believe" hearts,  as well as every block in the "Things We Love" BOM!
I am looking forward to what these two make next! Well done, girls. :-)
Also finishing her own version of "Believe" is Caroline!
Ladies, you are wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to stitch my ideas...what a blessing you are. 
I have been back at the sewing machine today to finish off a few new designs, and to give an old design a new home. 
I'll share the new ones next week, but for now I'd like to show you how I framed one of my "Sweet & Shabby Little Roses" stitcheries. A friend gave me some very old plastic frames recently, the kind I remember my nana having in her home when I was a child. I wasn't sure how they could be used, but this afternoon an idea grew and I just had to see if it would work. 
This is the stitchery...
It's one from a set of 5 small stitcheries I released in March HERE.
Look how some cotton lace, Aviary fabric scraps, and a very old plastic frame gave it that something extra...
I love it!!
I may have to design more little stitcheries like this because I have a few of these frames and they are crying out for a new lease on life. It's so much fun to make use of things others discard. :-)
I was going to do some more sewing tonight, but someone has taken over my machine....
Ah well, maybe tomorrow.
Have a wonderful weekend!!


Sharon said...

Your makeover is lovely! The lace is beautiful and it looks perfect in that frame!

I just started blogging again and yesterday showed your Give Thanks wall hanging that I made. Of course, I put a link to you even though I only have two followers right now. ;-)

Barb said...

I enjoyed the show and tell, thanks!

Bluebell said...

Hi Jenny, Just to let you know I have just printed off issue 2 of your magazine and I am now off to put the kettle on.

Love Jillx

Chrissie said...

I have down loaded issue 2 of your magazine ready for a quiet time to read and enjoy - many thanks

Narelle said...

Hi Jenny, Just love the make over and i to have some of those frames. They were my Grandmothers and i just love them. Also love what all the other ladies have done with your designs just lovely. Lets you no just how loved you are here on the net.

Miss Hillbilly said...

I love your Friday show and tells!

Janice said...

I love seeing everyone's interpretations of your patterns. Beautiful work. Your frame has come up a treat with your little stitchery. I'm glad it brings back fond memories. That kitten of yours also seems to love your sewing room. Great taste.

Larissa said...

Wow! I Love each and every one of those pieces - what an awesomely creative group of gals!!
Thanks for sharing!

Allie said...

I love the show and tell, so neat to see what people have made from your designs! And I love what you've done with your stitchery, very sweet, Jenny...tell Sophie your machine doesn't need a fur coat, lol!

addictivestitches said...

Hey Jen Love what you have done to the frame I gave you. I knew you would do something beautiful with it and you have. Hugs