Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wendy visits at last - and other lovely things!

My dear friend Wendy had to postpone her visit last week, but yesterday she finally made it - after battling through a myriad of roadworks on the 170klm trip between her house and mine. One of the sweetest things in the world is to catch up with a friend you love, espcially when those visits are too few. 
To add to the delight of spending time with her, she came bearing gifts - totally unneccesary, but oooooh, so pretty!
Cottage Garden hand dyed ric rac (in my favourite colour!), and the cutest pussy cat charm...
(She also brought me a container of her hubby's wonderful Tiramisu!!! I confess, I did not share it with anyone...and I have nothing left of it to show you either. It was amazingly delicious, Joe!)
We also shared our 'show & tells', and I had to share with you these pics of a foundation pieced small quilt Wendy made to exhibit in her local quilt show. It has beautiful little feet and shoes!
 ...and here is Wendy holding her gorgeous work for you to see!
Too soon our day was over and already we have plans for my trip down to her in a few weeks - Blossom is insisting she tag along too. She loves her Wendy-fix as much as I do! 
As we chatted, drank cappucinos, and generally enjoyed ourselves a lot, we stitched. Wendy stitched down the binding on the quilt above, and I worked on something pretty and new that I'll share next month...
I also finished a third design based on 'All You Need is Love". This one is a small framed stitchery...
No  more stitching for a few days now, though. It's only three more sleeps and Issue 2 of Elefantz HOME will be published, so I have some late nights ahead of me to write articles and fine tune the layout, patterns and tutorials.
If you haven't subscribed yet, you can do so over HERE
As I have mentioned before, we live in a very small town. There are many things I cannot get here, so frequent trips to Townsville are essential - but as most of those trips are on Mr E's motorbike I still can't bring anything bulky home with me. 
Buying ingredients for a healthy diet is difficult, however I discovered a wonderful online store where I can get everything I need and it was postage free! Yesterday my first delivery arrived and I was very impressed! Now I can make some wonderfully healthy fare again, with the knowledge I can replenish my supplies easily in the future...
Last night I made one of Blossom's favourite meals, "Chorizo & Chick Peas on Mash"...
It was a recipe from an old Donna Hay magazine, and fast became a regular on the menu for Bloss and I. 
Unfortunately the boys are not interested in even trying it. Men. ;-)
Bloss is recovering once more and this time we're praying it is a full recovery so she can enjoy the lovely, sunny days of our tropical winter before it gets too warm.
Have you chosen your t-shirt(s) for my "T-Shirt Challenge" yet?
These are the two I will be using...
They'll have to wait until after the magazine is published, but I already know how I am going to use them. So tell me, what will you make with your t-shirt??
You have until August 31st to enter, and this must be something you have made during the length of the Challenge (July 22nd - August 31st). I need to see a photo of your completed challenge project either on your blog or you can email me a photo, and I will show it on my blog.
One random winner will be chosen from the entries and win a 'Ruby' charm square pack! I will post worldwide, so come on and show me what you can do with a t-shirt. :-)

Okay, I'd better get back to working on the magazine. After a nice cappuccino. And maybe some chocolate bikkies. Yes, definitely the chokky bikkies.
Have a lovely day.
Tell someone you love them, and tell them why. 
PS: Something new happening next week on the blog! Let's get stitchy with Basics 101....


Allie said...

How lovely that you two were able to visit! I love Wendy's quilt - and such lovely gifts she brought to you. Your new stitching is looking wonderful, Jenny! Not sure about your food, think I have to go with the boys on that one. *G*

Laura said...

Hi Jenny
You are right there is nothing nicer than to spend time with a friend.
Your designs continue to amaze me, they are all sooo nice, I have not look into any blogs for a while, hope to find the time to do it now.
I have subscribe to your magazine, i would also like the first edition can you please tell me how to get it, thanks

Wendyb said...

Luuuuuuuuved our visit together yesterday my lovelies....I needed my Jen and Bloss fix as much as you!!!! LOL Joe wants to know why you were amazed at his delicious dish!!!?? hehehe Men...needing their ego stroked again! LOL
Looking forward to the next mag....must fully subscribe...and look back at the t-shirt challenge??!!!
love n sugary hugs gorgeous gals

quiltercaroline said...

Hi Jenny. I am glad that you managed to get some girly sewing time with Wendy. Love the quilt and also your owl stitchery - from the BOM - love how you have expanded it. Looking forward to the magazine. C

Deb said...

Looks like a fun time and love Wendy's quilt.

And you have my curiousity up with the chick peas and chorizo. Is there a recipe for this/ Those are two of my favorite things.