Tuesday, July 5, 2011

We're back!

Three days away sure goes fast!
Saturday morning our sweet Blossom was almost back to normal, and as she shoved us out the door and onto the bike any concerns we had about leaving her for three days dissolved. She was fiesty, laughing, and glowing - a sure sign our girl is ok.
First stop on the 420 klm ride to Mt Surprise was Bluewater Springs - population, 2.
We had stopped for coffee as it was freezing so far on the ride, but bless my socks, they didn't just have hot tea and coffee on offer, but hot Milo too! We have been all over Australia in the past 20 years but this was the first time our national beverage was on the menu at a roadhouse. I couldn't resist!
For those who have heard of Milo, it is a malted chocolate energy drink that you mix with hot or cold milk. In cold milk you end up with a crunchy topping that is best eaten with a spoon after you drink the milk. Served hot it is smooth and comforting. Milo takes pride of place on our kitchen bench, and you can usually see a glimpse of the green tin when I take photos of what I've been cooking.
Arriving at Mt Surprise after lunch we strolled along the street - yes, there is only one street. This is a small town, a very tiny town in fact.
They have a town hall, with a library that works on the honour system. See that shelf of books on the front porch?
Guard dogs are not needed here...
The local cafe had great hamburgers, and lots of interesting old memorabilia...
 The railway station still has a single carriage passenger train come through twice a week...
The other Ulyssians on this trip arrived a couple of hours after us, as they came up the coast from Townsville, whilst we came the back way from Charters Towers. That night we started off with cheese and bikkies, plus a good helping of red wine for some, before our Christmas in July roast dinner, and the arrival of our Outback Santa, Steve...
Next day we rode 100klms to Georgetown for lunch...
...only to discover everything but the pub and the service station closed!
Even the cattle trucks were empty.
 Everyone but us decided to have lunch at the service station (fuel stop). We rode back to Mt Surprise for that cafe burger.
Up here in this part of Australia it's cattle country. Many of the roads are unfenced so cattle roam freely by (and across) the highways. They don't mind if you take time for a photo shoot either...
Our afternoon was spent back at the caravan park playing mini-golf with secret rules. Mr E is not a golfer (hates it), so used strokes not normally seen on a golf course...
Needless to say he lost, but the winner was chosen on a strange marking system so no-one knew how to win the game. Fun was had by all.
Next morning it was back home again, and another stop at Bluewater Springs for more milo and a look around at the old machinery on display.
When we got home a surprise arrived at the door for Blossom!
Her beau lives many hours from here so they don't see each other through the school holidays, but he sent a reminder of how he feels. He's a keeper!
Today it is clean the bike, do the shopping, and catch up on housework day. 
Tomorrow I can sew!\o/
Hop over HERE to read some reviews on my Elefantz HOME magazine...I am amazed. I am blessed. 
Have a lovely day,


  1. its always nice to have a break Jenny and get away ,at least the weather was good for you.

  2. Wow Jen, you packed so much in on your little trip... I miss Milo, I can't have it as a coeliac, but I would rather not have a sore tummy!!! What beautiful flowers Bloss recieved, her beau must be a SNAG!!!XX

  3. what a great trip Jenny so many things to see and i love the outback santa,lol

  4. gorgeous photos Jenny thanks so much for sharing..I can hear how much you enjoyed in your typing...aww youngs love is grand..love the look on Blossom's face and so happy to read she is better..enjoy your tomorrow cheers Vickie

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I never heard of Milo but will have to find some and try it. Blossom is looking very chipper. I'm glas she's feeling better.

  6. Population TWO! Love towns like that. I'm so glad you were able to go, and that sweet Blossom was feeling better. Such an interesting country you live in! Love the pics.

    Such gorgeous flowers for a gorgeous girl....ah young love!

  7. Love joining your roadtrips Jenny, looks as if it was a good break.

  8. What a fun trip!
    So happy to hear that your sweet girl is much better. We hope she continues to improve with each day.

    Congrats on the magazine and I really enjoy the newsletter.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Looks like you had a great time! I will hop over and read those reviews now. They have to be great as your magazine is the best!

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Glad sweet Blossom is doing better.
    xx, shell

  11. Oh Jenny, I agree Milo is a must when it gets chilly. However, the best way to have it by far, irrespective of the weather, is to take a pudding spoon, scoop it full of Milo out the tin and then ... eat it like that!

  12. So glad to see Blossom is doing so much better, course those flowers from her beau probably has something to do with that smile, too.
    Glad to see pictures of that great country of yours and so glad to see you both are still enjoying the bike!


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