Friday, July 1, 2011

A year, far, far away....

July 1st. How quickly another year moves by when you've seen the best of five decades. ;-)
I remember when I was young (remember the lyrics to that song?) and the years dragged by; birthdays took forever to come round, and Christmas was far, far away. 
I was reminded of this today when Blossom's sweet friend Jess dropped by. Blossom has been battling tonsilitis, migraine, and glandular fever this week and bed rest is a must right now, so all her communication with friends is being done through her mobile phone. 
It is Jess's 17th birthday today, and Blossom is going to miss the birthday camping trip this weekend, so dear Jess dropped around for a few hours to spend time with Bloss and cheer her up. Now that's what I call a real friend - someone, who even on their birthday, makes time to visit a sick girlfriend. 
Two beautiful 17 year olds with their whole lives ahead, and who still believe birthdays take forever to arrive.
Bloss is coming good now, but will still spend the next few days close to home and recuperating. Thanks for your prayers - how blessed that we have them!
While Blossom rests I play.
Remember I showed you these a few weeks back?
I had started cutting and sewing these dresden blades one night while tidying up. 
Last night I let the creative juices flow and started putting them into a new design...
I am a hand applique-er but I decided to vary things a bit and do machine applique instead. 
Miss Sophie was not impressed that her resting table was cluttered as I worked...
"Mother, what a mess!"
"I'll have to squeeze over right on the edge of the table!"
"Better still, I'll go sleep in Blossom's desk chair. At least it's warm and I won't be pushed off!"
I'll be sharing this new "Sunflower" design as a freebie in my newsletter next week. 
If you haven't signed up yet you can do so by typing your email address into that little box on the top right hand side of my blog.
I just need to stitch the verse and the bee, then bind it. I think you'll love it!
Have you visited Helen's gorgeous blog, "Bustle & Sew" yet? 
She also has a online magazine, and in this month's issue I am a guest contributor with this new Elefantz design...
 It's a cute and serviceable pouch for a mobile phone, ipod, camera - with a little ribbon tab that holds your keys! I designed it with the young teen in mind as they often just leave home for a few hours with nothing but a phone and their keys. I think it would also be great when you're out having a walk and don't want to carry very much with you. 
The pattern is in Helen's magazine, along with four of her own retro designs. She has a quirky vintage style, and though our design styles are very different, I love everything she makes!
Tomorrow Mr E and I are off for 3 days on the motorbike. It's school holidays and he needs a break away to clear his head before the next 1/2 of the school year begins.
I have a good book to take with me...
The audio version has been on my ipod for months, and I have found it to be one of the best books on having a positive approach to all life's situations that I have ever come across. It was written in 1944 yet is so relevant today. 
Now that I have the paperback I can underline and highlight bits. I love doing that. Don't you?
My Etsy Shop will be closed from Saturday 2nd to Monday 4th July.

$4 subscriptions to Elefantz HOME Issue 1 are still open until midnight tonight (July 1st).  

From July 5th the 1st Issue will be available only through my Etsy Shop at a cost of $7 AUD.

If you subscribe to the magazine after July 1st your first issue will be Issue 2, due July 29th.
Now, I'd better go pack for the trip, cook meals for the kids, and hopefully find some sewing time before we leave. 
Have a wonderful weekend!!!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Glad to hear Blossom is feeling heaps better - glandular fever is no fun at all! Love your Phone pouch - so bright and cheerful.

Jeanette said...

Lovely of Jess to come round & visit Blossom. Love the phone pouch. Also love the Dresden sunflower. So cute. Hugs,

kathyros said...

So Glad that Blossom is getting better. Have a great weekend and I love the new photo,so beautiful :)

Vickie said...

wonderful to read the Blossom is feeling better and how thoughtful of Jess to pop around and visit.
Love the lookof oyur new project...enjoy your time away,cheers Vickie

Sunnybec said...

Glad Blossom is getting better, and yes that is a very good friend she has there. Looking forward to the Sunflower pattern, I love Dresdens.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Dresden love!!!

Allie said...

Happy Birthday to beautiful Jess! How sweet of her to come and visit Blossom on her birthday....I'm so glad she's feeling better, Jenny.

Your new design is WONDERFUL! Love it so much! I have to say that I've had a few people email me and tell me how much they love your new magazine - I hope they let you know too, because it IS superb! I love your design in Helen's magazine too. Sophie is so funny, what a doll. I bet she'd quilt if she had thumbs. Enjoy your book and your holiday!!

Sarah Oldham said...

I am glad Blossom is getting better and has such a wonderful friend.

That lampshade is lovely! And, I like that sunflower. I need to just set myself down and push myself beyond what I know.

Continuing to keep Blossom in prayer! Safe motoring for you and husband. ;)

Miss Hillbilly said...

Have a very fun trip my friend!!