Monday, August 8, 2011

BMW heaven...

Yesterday Mr E and I rode to Townsville to test ride three new BMW motorcycles.
We arrived after a very long ride through thick fog, so thick that we thought we were riding in a cloud for the first hour! It was good to reach Townsville's sun and warmth. We had quite a few layers on under our jackets, so once we'd reached our destination the bike became a clothes horse for our winter woolies!
Motorcycle World held this test ride day....
They are actually part of Rising Sun Honda, the largest motorcycle dealership in all of Queensland - and all the way up here near the top of the state!
The first 'bike off the rank' was the F800ST.  We had no intention of ever buying such a small bike, but it was fun to go for a ride and see what BMW bikes felt like.
Mr E did say that if he ever sold his work bike (Honda Blackbird CBR1100) that he'd enjoy this one as a replacement.
Next bike we rode was the 1200RT...
This was a lovely ride except for the constant vibration underneath that eventually left me with a numb derriere and Mr E with a numb foot!
Lastly we rode the top of the line. The BMW K1600GT...
This bike was smooth...and we'd love to own it, but that topbox would have to go. It dug right into my back and there was no room for me to move or relax. Every time it went up a gear I was slammed into the bit poking out of the centre of the top box. After our 40 minute ride my back was bruised and very sore, and anyhow $35,000 for the base model is way out of our league!
When we got home I prepared my next Affirmations design for Issue 3 of Elefantz HOME magazine...
I'm so excited to make this one, it will be beautiful!
We were invited to our friend's home for an early dinner, and as they only live 4 blocks from us we took the bike and chose not to wear the leathers...
At least my helmet matched my cardigan! 
A hug from Bloss before we left...
...and then on our way!
Of course this left both my girls home to play...
...or sleep. 
I hope you had a lovely Sunday too!


  1. lovely post Jenny

  2. I love that you two do everything together, you are an inspiration..
    Bloss is beautiful...

  3. Heeee - love the outfit and matching helmet! Oh my - Bloss is looking so grown up - and so like you!!! Just beautiful.

    A friend took me for a ride on the back of his Gold Wing last year - it was almost like sitting in a comfy armchair (almost!). Worst bit was the sideways battering from the wind!

    Have a lovely week .... Fee :-)

  4. Tell Mr E to practice shifting, he should be able to shift so smoothly, that you the rider can't even tell he shifted. It is possible. Glad you two had a wonderful day of playing with bikes that weren't yours.

  5. Lovely bikes - but yeah, that box would kill me too. You look so cute in your helmet! I'm glad you enjoyed your day.
    Your new design looks gorgeous, can't wait to see it! And your girls are precious!

  6. My brother and my sisters boyfriend both own Harley Davidson bikes and my sister loves the back seat. Says it's a very comfortable ride.Love reading your blog.

  7. I like the BMWs, but haven't tried them yet. I notice as time goes by, that i'd like more back support :-). Oh, I think we have the same helmet - pretty isn't it?
    Looking forward to seeing what you are making now.

  8. Massive machines, I bet Mt E was in his element. The design for issue 3 looks wonderful. Both your girls are such cuties. Tracee xx

  9. My fav is the RT!! You can always move the top case back. Wish we could get a new one but...spendy!!
    I could buy a new furnished sewing studio!! heehee....


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