Sunday, August 21, 2011

A family Sunday dinner...

Kezzie and I are in love with this book of Jamie's...
Our oohs and aahs can be heard by anyone within a one mile radius. 
So enamoured are we that we've decided to cook our way through the book together. The weekly family dinner now has an added bit of fun! 
Tonight it was dinner at our house so it was up to me to do the mains, and Kezzie would bring the dessert.
From page 98 I made Mustard Chicken, and from the same page, Potato Dauphinoise. I added a side salad and some olive bread...
 This huge bowl was full of Mustard Chicken when we started dinner but it sure disappeared fast!
 10yo grandson, Cal, gave me a 10/10 for the meal. \o/
Kezzie wanted to make the Rhubarb Millefeuille from page 176 but we couldn't find any rhubarb in town  so she switched the rhubarb for strawberries. Her Strawberry Millefeuille was divine!
SIL Bert enjoyed every mouthful of dinner...
In fact we all did. :-)
I made fresh apple jellies for the boys in case the Millefeuille was too rich for them...
 3yo Dee decided he'd eat both desserts. 
He just wasn't keen on nana taking his photo. 
I love family dinners.
Have a wonderful and blessed Sunday in your home too.


  1. Yum! I'm sure you could taste the love.

  2. I REALLY wish I lived closer, lol - that looks delish! Dee is adorable and Bert is so handsome!

  3. jenny what great family times you all have and not to forget great meals as well.

  4. I so need to get me a copy of that book! Drooling ....
    Fee :-)

  5. I'm dreaming of Sunday's like you have with your family. You are truly blessed.

    LOVE the SIL's beard and mustache!

  6. I don't know what Millefeuille is but it looks so divine I want some!! YUM

  7. Oh wow, so glad to hear another review on this book. I told DH to get it for me for Christmas and he already found a copy on special and has it hidden away...

  8. It looks like a lovely meal Jen - I will have to get that book :) Love the jellies too.

    Hugs - Fee X

  9. I like Jamies food and this book looks great. what a lovely meal to share with your family!

  10. I know you are so thrilled to have everyone together. It looks like such a fun time!
    xx, shell


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