Friday, August 19, 2011

In 24 hours...

It started with dinner at Kezzie's.
She is right at home in the kitchen, and working on giving tips to Blossom...
Meanwhile Mr E and SIL relax out back after a hard fought game of soccer...
Remember this tablecloth I made Kezzie?
Just like it says, we were all blessed to sit together around the table...
...and how cute the mini table for the boys?
After a wonderful meal, Sam, Mr E and I went home and left Blossom to stay the night. 
Next morning after Sam and Mr E went to work the house was quiet, and the air still cool - perfect for baking.
A loaf of sundried tomato bread went in the breadmaker; orange and currant muffins rose in the oven; and fresh home-made orange jellies were setting for tonight's dessert. 
I got this recipe from Amanda's blog. So easy, and now I want to make apple jelly, and blueberry jelly, and, and....
Lunch break and the mail man arrived with this, straight from the UK!!!
Pieced together a new design for a cot quilt...
....until afternoon tea, then I painted and preened my toe nails... they'd show off my new ruffled black thongs (flip flops)!
 Back to the sewing room, and time to do some machine quilting on the cot quilt....
Back to the kitchen for a roast lamb dinner with Mr E as both Blossom and Sam aren't home for dinner tonight, then I'm settling down to bind this quilt. Happy day. 
Hope yours is happy too. 


  1. What a lovely post jenny and what a gorgeous family you have

  2. Love those toes and thongs! Gorgeous!

    A joyous and blessed 24 hours indeed!

  3. How nice to go to Kezzies for dinner and spend time together BUT it is also special to have a meal together.
    Beautiful Baby quilt.

  4. Sounds like a perfect day! Love the look of that cot quilt.

  5. oh what a lovely time had by all..your baking has inspired me-I have strawberry shortcake ont he menu for tomorrow seeing all your pics of happy smiling faces..quilt is looking good..and toenails gorgeous..cheers Vickie

  6. Can't get over how alike your girls are! Must be so lovely for them spending time together.

    Fee :-)

  7. Oh what a blessed day - love the tootsies Jenny, although how someone can wear flip flops is beyond me, I find them terribly uncomfortable, lol! Your cot quilt looks so precious!! And time with family...nothing better in the world!

  8. What a lovely 24 hours you had thankyou for sharing them with us, loved the cot quilt and your toenails :-) hugs

  9. My goodness, what a beautiful family you have. Your words are so full of happiness and love I can feel your heart swelling with joy!

    Peace and Laughter,