Saturday, August 13, 2011

What's coming in Issue 3 of Elefantz HOME and some things to show you!

It's just a little over 2 weeks until the third issue of Elefantz HOME magazine!

This month has been a busy one with Kezzie's arrival in town and all that entails, but I wouldn't have had it any other way! Thank you SO much for all your wonderful comments and emails over the reuniting of our family in one place after so many years. I felt your joy and love, and that blessed my heart more than you realise. Any time you're in town please come meet us all - we're up for afternoon tea that's for sure. :-)

Of course, with all the family time this week I haven't had much time for stitching, so over the next week I'll be finishing up all the designs for the magazine's 29th August publishing date.
In Issue 3 I will be sharing Block 3 from the 'Circles of Life' BOM, "Circle of Life"...
"Fly Free" is my third Affirmations design, but I am still working on it. Here is a bit of a peek so far, but I have all the trims to add yet (my favourite parts!)...
The third pattern for this issue is a stitched sampler, and I am almost finished the handwork - but then comes the piecing and I need to repaint an old frame...
I'll also share a small 4th design; something perfect for gift giving!
It's never too late to subscribe to Elefantz HOME
Just click the subscribe button below and every month on the 29th an email will arrive in your inbox with a download link for you to read online, or you can save to your computer and keep forever.  As a subscriber each issue is $4 AUD (around $4.10 USD at the moment), and contains at least 3 new Elefantz designs, and sometimes 4!

Once the publishing date has passed, you can only purchase the back issues through my Etsy Shop for a cost of $7 each.
Today Mr E took me for a ride back to Ravenswood. It was glorious weather and once there we sat in the sunshine with cool drinks beside the remnants of a smoking fire pit. All our children were together today at Kezzie's so us 'oldies' enjoyed time out alone. :-)
I baked Cranberry & Orange scones for afternoon tea...
...and did a bit of stitching on the sampler while Mr E enjoyed an afternoon nap. Tomorrow he rides off on his sports bike at 6am to join the "Camp Quality Convoy 2011"....
It will be a long day, but well worth it as a lot of needed funds will be raised for Camp Quality to provide fun camps for children with cancer, and to help their families with the many expenses incurred caring for a sick child.
Our kookaburra is back, so I am now quite sure that he and the Mrs are nesting in one of the large trees in our yard. How exciting!! He lets me walk right up to him and take a photo - hmmm, a bit proud perhaps? :-)
Hop on over to Cath & Jan's blog because you'll get to read their interview with me.:-)
You'll also be blessed with some of Cath & Jan's free designs they'd like to share with you! 
I will leave you tonight with a photo of Margaret's version of my "Ellie" (available in Issue 1 of Elefantz HOME, or HERE in my Etsy Shop). She made a stocking bag for her grandaughter, and it's just the prettiest thing! 
Have you stitched Ellie yet?
I'd better go and prepare dinner for Mr E. Blossom is off to a 21st tonight, and Sam is at Kezzie's for dinner. I think something simple, and perhaps a good movie?


Melody said...

Looks like some great projects coming up.

Gabriella said...

Hi Jenny,

I just have subscribe your magazine and I have bought the 1st and 2sd issue ... I'm very excited to start your wonderful projects.

Thanks for the opportunity to buy the 2 issue at this price ^__*

Gabriella (From Italy)

Abby and Stephanie said...

Delicious looking scones! Love all of the project peeks. You never miss the tiniest detail and your hand work is always so precise.

Gabriella said...

Jennyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I love love love "Elefantz Home" ... I have read all single word and you are a special woman with creativity and more originality!!!!

Of course I'll start the BOM ... it is wonderful and I'm looking forward for the 3 Isuue.

quiltercaroline said...

I can't wait!!!

picpic said...

beaucoup de choses à faire ! bon courage et merci pour tout ce bonheur que tu nous envoi à travers tes posts
amicalement picpic