Sunday, September 18, 2011

A birthday, some news, and a bundle...

You will be so pleased to hear that we have finally conquered this season of lurgies! \o/\o/
The only evidence our home was invaded is DS Sam's husky voice and early morning coughing fits. Of course, I did say our home - you see, Kezzie has now carried the lurgy to her home, so we're praying it doesn't spread to Bert or the boys.
Sophie's eye still isn't the best so it's back to the Vet again in the morning. She's finished her course of anti-biotics, and I'm still putting the ointment into her eye three times a day. Sophie's been such a sweetheart through all her pain.
Saturday was Mr E's birthday, so we had a small get-together for family and a few friends on Friday night. This photo was taken before the friend's arrived, just as we were putting food on the tables...
 I made platters of nibblies...
...and he received gifts of socks, DVD's, a nice Port, a new bike horn, some joke presents, and this bookmark that Kezzie designed and stitched for him...
Kezzie is the avid cross-stitcher of the family, and in time she'll be sharing some original cross-stitch designs of her own!
Our bike is back on the road again (yay!!!), so Mr E took me for a ride to Townsville yesterday and we had lunch at a Greek cafe on the waterfront for his birthday. We are relishing these times alone because in a few weeks our life will taking a different path.
Mr E has decided to change careers. His last day of teaching will be next Wednesday, then we'll have some time away together before he returns to his former trade of diesel mechanic - but this time in a coal mine.
The mine is almost 500 klms from where we live, and he'll be on rotating 4 day on/4 day off - 12 hour day/night shifts. So with the travel time taken into count, he'll be gone from home 5 out of every 8 nights.
As hard as this is for me, it is he who is making the bigger sacrifice. I will still be here at home, but he will be away for most of the time.
We've travelled Australia with our family for almost twenty years now, and we've loved every bit of it!
The time, though, has come for us to stop in one place and buy a home of our own. We're not sure where that home will be, but probably not in this town so one more big move is in our future - maybe in another year?
Anyhow, that's the secret I've been sitting on for the last few weeks. I guess I needed to come to terms with it all before I could share.
I am blessed to have my husband.
On the sewing table is another block remade from my first Shabby Roses Quilt. I'm thinking of doing an entirely new quilt design to showcase the twelve blocks...
The other pretty piece I've been playing with is the new "Ellie" design for Issue 4 of Elefantz HOME magazine! Ellie is a mum now, and what is more precious than a mother's love?
 I was thinking that this design would be gorgeous on the pocket of a nappy (diaper) bag!
How would you use it? A birth sampler perhaps?
I'm a few days late with another bargain pattern bundle!
This week I'm offering three of my Shabby Roses styled stitcheries for just $4! You can purchase all three designs for the cost of just one!
Family, Wishing Well, and Cup of Roses...
Click on the Paypal button below to purchase these three designs in a PDF pattern bundle for $4.

I hope your week is wonderful!


  1. Gosh Jenny, lots of changes for you and your family. You could always come to the sunny coast. Where is the mine that your husband is going to? Good luck and I will be thinking of you.

  2. Good luck to Mr E, yourself & family in his change of jobs & working away. It will take some getting used to but I'm sure together you will make it work for the family. Think of all the beautiful decorating you can do in your planned new house. Exciting. Kisses & get well purrs to little Sophie. Tracee xx

  3. aww poor Sophie -sure hope it gets better soon..big good changes-lots of travell at the moment but to have a home of your own will be great for you.I can almost feel that big ahhhh now the secret is out...Love your stiching girl???how is the triggers going???Nice cross stich Miss Kezzie..cheers Vickie

  4. Gosh! waht a bucket ful of news - your own home - that will be wonderful for sure - but the big question - where?? What a change of pace for Mr E. Good Luck with it all.

  5. Wow - BIG news Jen for Mr E's job. Hope it goes well at the Mine. Will be praying for you as you adjust to this new phase in your lives. Fee x

  6. Well, Jenny I have to say I don't envy you having to move again. When 'thePostman' & I moved to our home here in Colton we kept telling the real estate agent that this was the last time we were moving (she found that hard to believe & kept trying to tell us about the re-sale value of our home). This is where we are going to stop & rest for the rest of our lives.
    I hope you will find that place for yourselves.
    Lovely needlework, as per usual.

  7. dear jenny,
    thank you so much for sharing your talents and lovely home and, you are on a new journey...wish you and yours the best of luck...
    many many years ago when we were first married my husband had to take a job that required months on the road...and me at home with two boys under the age of three.. we can laugh about those days now..
    hope the poor kitty is doing of ours needs her teeth brushed daily...and she is not happy about that...

    take care....

  8. Oh Jenny, big changes! I wish you and your family good luck with everything.
    Poor Sophie, the eye don't look too good, lets hope it will be better soon.

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. E!!! Looks like he had a real good party, dear Jenny. All those nibbles look so yummy!
    Poor Sophie, I hope her eye gets better soon. Very glad to hear you're all feeling better, and will pray Kezzie's family gets well quick. I really love the bookmark she made!
    I will also be praying for Mr. E, as he travels and works so far from home and family. I pray this will be a blessing, hon.

    I love your new Ellie piece, and the new shabby roses you're making. Love ya girl!

  10. This will be a huge change. Best wishes to you both. I hope it will provide you both the chance to buy yourselves a home.

  11. Happy Birthday, Mr. E!

    So many changes, Jenny. Praying for smooth transitions for all involved.

  12. Dearest Jenny,
    I know you must feel somewhat better finally being able to tell everyone! Just being able to say it outloud means a lot. I wish you and Mr E all the blessings in the world to make this new phase in your life a smooth one! Being able to own your own home is a wonderful feeling! Somewhere to lay your head and rest your feet that is yours alone!You and your family will continue to be in my prayers! By the way as promised I found some beautiful lace this weekend while I was doing the Shop Across Texas event. So I need your address so I can send it to you!

  13. Change. It's a good thing and I am a firm believer that it will all work out in the end - the way it should.

  14. Oh, you know how to create a feast for a party.
    Enjoyed seeing all your works.

  15. Good luck to all of you and all these changes my friend. Hope Sophie's eye is well again soon. Poor little thing. So glad ya'll are over all the sickies.
    xx, shell


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