Monday, September 26, 2011

Home again, home again, jiggety jig...

I love being home. Even if it's scorching hot and devoid of an ocean or see breeze.
When we've been away from home more than a night or two, and staying in strange motels (no matter how nice), the novelty of a holiday location soon wears off and the lure of our own bed and our own space calls.
So driving through the gates of home yestreday afternoon was awesome.
Naturally, leaving teenagers in charge for five days means the house isn't welcoming us the way we are welcoming it, but cleaning is something I've done all my life and things will soon be back to normal.
Today Mr E is cleaning up under and around the house before the start of the next wet season and the sticky humidity it brings. His other motivation is the 'less than two weeks to go' before he sets off to the mine site for his first stint away.
Our grandson Cal is here too, helping his Pop with the tidying up. A little break was needed before lunch so Cal checked out Pop's Blackbird...
It's school holidays now so we'll see a lot more of Cal in the next couple of weeks. He's working for Pop to earn a few extra holiday $$'s. :-)
At lunchtime Blossom and Sam came home from work - they both work just a few streets from our home - so it was rest time from Pop's chores for Cal.
After lunch Cal checked on our recovering Sophie, who was more than happy to receive all the tummy rubs he was offering!
Her eye is all better now! \o/ Kezzie was her nurse while Mr E and I were away in Mackay, and called me on Saturday so excited that Sophie's third eyelid was finally open. 
I am going to put my head down and bottom up for the next couple of days to get Issue 4 of Elefantz HOME ready for publishing. 
My new Oopsie Daisy design will be inside...
...along with "BLOOM in your own pot"...
(not finished yet, but here's where I am at so far)
...six mini designs from the "Circles of Life" BOM...
There is also a gorgeous Raggedy design in this issue from my very talented friend, and guest designer, Cath Walker!

Now to return to that cleaning so I can finally finish this month's designs!
Have a wonderful week!!

PS: October is coming and I have a fantastic giveaway, so keep visiting...


  1. So many gorgeous things. I can't wait for my next Elefantz Home to arrive in my in box

  2. Hi ya, thanks for the email. Wow i'm loving the lttle squares you have done & thank you so much for the freebie 'Mother Love' pattern. It's just what I needed as my little girl fell done the stairs today & rushed to hospital. She's now home & ok, getting loads of cuddles. Can't wait to make her a little pillow with the pattern, so she will always no I love her & will always be there for her. At the mo I just receive your free news letter but hopefully tomo I will supsribe to you properly! Love all ur work, such an inspiration to many xx Nat

    If you can would you follow me. I make for pleasure at the moment but is looking to sell hopefully 1 day, thanks x

  3. There truly is no place like home. Those little mini designs are the sweetest things ever. So glad Sophie is on the mend.

  4. So many more beautiful designs! Can't wait! I am so glad that Sophie's eye has healed. Enjoy the next 2 weeks with Mr. E. Prayers are with you as you all adjust to the new changes. Hugs!

  5. I really like the Circle designs. It's good your kitty friend is doing so much better.

  6. Hey There! I subscribed (I think) this morning. The button took me straight to paypal. Is there anything else I need to do?

  7. Jenny, we are all so grateful to be inspired by your designs but don't worry if you are feeling stressed. It will get done when it gets done & we all will enjoy it then.

  8. Welcome home, dear girl!! You're so right, there's no place like home...your new designs are just wonderful, as always, you have the golden touch! Tell Cal he has some growing to do before getting on that bike with engine glad Sophie is all better!

  9. j'ai hâte de le reçevoir j'èspère qu'il n'y aura pas de problème comme le mois dernier merci pour votre partage