Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Lingering Lurgie....and gifts.

It lingers. It refuses to leave the men in the family.
Mr E is still unwell with the coughing only just beginning to diminish in frequency; Sam is worse than all of us with a hacking cough, running nose and now the travelling-through-the-family-conjunctivitis taking him captive as well.
My throat is still sore, and my nose is blocked, but my eyes are much better and I know I got off easy compared to the guys. 
Surprise - Bloss is fine! \o/
But now Sophie is sick. She has had a grass seed embed itself inside her eyelid and it's caused an infection. At the Vet's she was wonderful - an angel. Not a peep of complaint, just total peace and quiet as the Vet examined her and pulled her eyelid out to inspect the eyeball. What a treasure she is. 
She now has ointment and tablets, and though not happy about taking them, she sits in my lap and allows me to administer her medications with no complaint. She does, however, walk away from me afterwards with her tail high to let me know it was not fun. 
The mailman brought me smiles over the last week.
Vickie in Humtpy Doo sent me her spare copy of a peg bag pattern, and she added in some lovely lace goodies. Have a look at this blog post of hers to see the lovely peg bag she made. She altered the pattern by adding pretty trims, and that's what I'll be doing when I make some for Kezzie and Bloss. Thank you Vickie!

I ordered these cute little A6 notebooks from Dottie Angel recently, and they are exactly the right size (and cuteness!!) for carrying notes in my bag, or to keep by the bed to write sudden ideas that pop into my mind.
They came wrapped in magazine pages - perfect recycling!

Have you visited Dottie Angel's blog before? She's wonderful - go enjoy a leisurely browse at her 'granny chic' style. It's me to a 't'!

The third parcel was a gift I bought myself.
Giving is a big part of who I am; one of the main things in life that gives me joy and satisfaction.
Making quilts for family and friends certainly is fun and it allows me to create for somebody's personal style. 
The downside of being the stitcher/quilter in the family is that I never have quilts made for me
A couple of weeks ago I saw a quilt on Brenda Riddle's website that caught my eye.

 I went back to look at it on her tag sale page for 3 days running, and finally decided I was going to buy myself this quilt - a gift to me, from me. A quilt of my own. 
Yesterday it arrived. I cried as I wrapped it around myself because it felt amazing to 'dress' myself in another's beautiful work, feel it's comfort against my skin, and to know it was all mine.

I had shared with Bren my reasons for purchasing the quilt and she sent me a lovely note telling me to enjoy my 'gift to self'. She also sent me a little present - a fat 1/4 bundle of lovely Lecien basics. I was so blessed.
Thank you, Bren! 
Bren is an amazing fabric designer. Visit her blog HERE to see some true beauty!
During this malaise I've found a few hours here and there to stitch more of my new Oopsie Daisy design...


This will be in Issue 5 of Elefantz HOME. I'm actually getting ahead with issue projects! 

Issue 4 will be emailed out on September 29th, and it features a new 'Ellie' stitchery, a fourth Affirmations design, a set of three mini-blocks from my 'Circles of Life' BOM, and a gorgeous raggedy project from my guest designer, Cath Walker!
Next week I will show you some sneak peeks of Issue 3's designs, and also share a giveaway to celebrate my blog reaching 1500+ followers (thank you!!), plus a free sample download from Issues 1, 2 and 3 of Elefantz HOME magazine!

Now, back to resting up. We have guests for dinner tonight, and a birthday party for Mr E on Friday night to plan and bake for. Kezzie will be helping in the kitchen - bless her heart! 
I'll share our family news in my next blog post. 
Have a wonderful day,


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

You chose an amazing gift for yourself Jenny! Enjoy it forever.

Joy said...

Gosh that bug's been hard to shake Jen - and now poor Sophie is in the wars too!!
Your quilt is simply gawjus, what a thrill it must have been to unwrap it for the first time :o). Love the peg bag too ... I bet Kezzie and Bloss will be chuffed to bits when you make them theirs :o).
Love n Hugs,
Joy :o) xx

Vickie said...

can be a tad long winded shaking of bugs int he tropics, I do pray allis well soon, I love you gift to yourself -well deserved. I am glad the package arrived safely and can't wait to see your prtetty versions, love the snail in your stitchery, takce care cheers Vickie

Anonymous said...

Lovely parcel from Vickie,she is so kind,lovely post Jenny

DIAN said...

I hope you feel better soon.

The quilt you bought for yourself is gorgeous. Just enjoy it.

Dolores said...

So glad to hear that the family (mostly) is getting better. Lovely gifts for a lovely person.

Larissa said...

So sorry to hear you guys are still "in the wars"!! Our head/chest colds haven't yet shifted (going on over a month for DD, a couple of weeks for me), but we are at least able to function. Praying for your family's health to return - so good to hear Bloss is fine!!!
Your "quilt for me" is just adorable - I can see why you chose this particular piece!! It must be heaven to snuggle under - Enjoy!!!
And your new Oopsie design looks adorable - love the little 'creepy crawlies'!!!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Oh dear, I am so sorry that the family is still not feeling well.

That quilt is lovely Jenny and you deserve to treat yourself!

Rejoice with me today. My lovely daughter-in-law from India is becoming an American citizen today!

rosie said...

The 'lurgies' seem to be hovering everywhere Jen, hope that everyone soon feels so much better..
Your quilt is gorgeous, no wonder you treated yourself...

Carrie P. said...

Praying you will all be better soon.
The quilt you showed is just lovely. Such a pretty yellow.

Anonymous said...

Those peg bags are so gorgeous! They would make such beautiful gifts. Could you please tell me the name of the magazine or book, I would like to look for a copy. Hugs,


Jenny of Elefantz said...

Lynne, it's from an old magazine, Country Favourites (2007).