Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spring gardening and cooking...

After a heatwave in the last week of winter the weather has once again settled to perfect spring days. 
Time to start a herb garden. 
As the soil here is ghastly, and this being a rental property, I chose to plant in pots.
Basil, oregano, coriander, parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme (mmm, there's a song in there!)...
Cherry tomatoes, and lettuce...
Some hanging petunias, and climbing jasmine...
Stalks from an old geranium plant that refused to die...
...and bits and pieces in little pots.
A wild wind the other night brought down the last of the ripe passionfruit...
That same wind (and the local fruit bats) had fun blowing tiny mangoes off the trees...
And now a second bunch of bananas growing on the other side of the back verandah. We're going to have hundreds of 'nanas in a few months!
I've circled both bunches for you to see how close they are to the back verandah. 
The kitchen has also been a busy place.
Silverside cooked in the slow cooker last night. It's wonderfully moist and tender done this way...
Plenty left after dinner for lunchtime sandwiches today for Mr E, Sam, Bert, Blossom and I. 
I think Bob-the-dog may get to enjoy the last little bit.
Date & Orange Slice satisfied our sweet tooths, whilst also adding fibre  to the daily diet...
In the sewing room I am working on a new "Ellie" design for the next issue of Elefantz HOME, but no peeks to share just yet. 
I can, however, show you what I did this exquisite 1920's vintage bobbin lace. 
My Bible needed a new cover and this precious lace perfectly suited my precious Bible...
What is happening in your garden and kitchen this week? 


  1. It amazes me seeing banana's growing in your back yard Jenny. I think its fabulous. I quite agree there is nothing better than the slow cooker for corned beef, yummy.
    Hope your garden grows beautifully.
    hugs Debs

  2. The bible cover is lovely.... so nice to have some seedlings in... so far I have some lettuce and tomatoes starting... lets hope I remember to water them this year

  3. lovely post Jenny,i have unsubscribed from your mag,nothing wrong its just that its not for me at this time,too many other things getting in the way,but i wish you success with this lovely mag.

  4. I hear you Jenny...I've done some planting of vegies and my Fig trees and avocardo tree are starting to leaf up again..LOL..I also have the slow cooker going..But am cooking a cassarole..Yum Yum..
    PS: Love the banana trees.Great post.
    Hugs Michelle

  5. got given some nanas straight of the tree today, they will be ripe and yummy in no time and it sure beats paying the hellish price the supermarket wants..I miss not having my trees liek I did in your herb & tomato & letece pots,your bible cover is gorgeous,the only thing happening in this paddock is lots of brown grass,cheers Vickie

  6. My first tomatillo is ripe and just fell into my hand. Now I need many more to make salsa. Fresh picked parsley and basil went into last night's lasagna. Abby is my constant kitchen companion, so hopeful for a morsel or two. Now I'm hungry!

  7. Ah! & here we are winding down the garden. My goodness, I envy the fruit - to have tropical fruit at one's beck & call, my how wonderful. We have apples on the tree, soon to pick; autumn raspberries until the frost gets them and autumn veggies from the garden now.
    Lovey stitchery there.

  8. Here Autumn has started . Leaves from the trees are covering the lawn and acorns are dropping. Some apples are left on the trees and Autumn flowering plants are trying to withstand the wind and rain of the last few days. Love seeing all your tropical plants.

  9. I am redoing my sewing room or should I saw cleaning and reorganizing! That's it for the sewing room. Fall is coming fast here. All I have growing in the veggies garden are still a few tomatoes. I love your new bible cover. It is gorgeous. Karen

  10. I've got exactly the same slow cooker as you,I've never thought of using it for cooking corn beef though! Will have to give it a go soon :) Barb.

  11. The corned beef looks so yummy and I would love to have bananas and other fruits growing right outside my door! How fantastic that is for you! Enjoy your Spring!

  12. Ahhh...I can smell the fresh herbs now. Fall is coming our way as Spring is coming to you.
    Love your Bible cover, so lovely.

    xx, shell

  13. It is fun to be reminded that you are enjoying spring planting. I am looking forward to fall decorating. I just completed my Hope mini quilt from the design in your newsletter. I did a blog post about it and want to thank you for sharing. Thank you for your magazine, I look forward to it each month. Your bible cover is lovely.

  14. Jenny you are the most amazing woman I've ever known. Is there anything you can't do! Your Bible cover is just gorgeous, I love the lace, it's so perfectly "Jenny".

  15. Oh, such a lovely cover for your bible.
    I am getting ready for fall planting. We have the last of the tomatoes growing. And lots of butternut squash ripening on the last of the vines.
    I have some red bell peppers growing too.
    My fall seeds are just tiny things right now waiting to be put in the garden. I enjoy gardening and enjoy cooking with fresh veggies more.
    Wish we grow the tropical fruit like you have.


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