Monday, October 3, 2011

Are you counting down?

Counting down what, you ask?
The days to Christmas, of course!
They are coming closer and closer.

There is something very special about Christmas sewing, isn't there!?
A project is decided upon, fabrics and threads chosen, and you pour your love into every stitch. Once the gift is complete you carefully wrap it and add a special card or tag, and then you wait.
Days or weeks of bubbling excitement follows as you wait for the big day when your recipient can finally tear open the wrapping paper and see what you've made for them.

This year in our family we're going to make an many of the gifts as we can, and for those who cannot make things we have a very small financial limit on the gift they purchase other family members.
Years ago we would send ourselves into a spiral of debt with Christmas shopping, but those days have passed and now we focus on the people, the true meaning, and making something special for those we love.

Over the coming months I will be phasing out many of my Etsy Shop patterns. Once many of them are sold out I won't be relisting them, so I have decided to occasionally offer some pattern specials here for you to purchase if you'd like.
As a special pre-Christmas offer, and to help with your own Christmas sewing,  I have two pattern bundle offers this week!
Available at the special price of just $6, and only until Friday 7th October, you can purchase this three-pattern PDF bundle (normally $14 when purchased separately).

The Xmas Tea Set...
Plum Pudding Table Centre...
... and the "We Believe In  Xmas" quilt!
BUNDLE 1 : $6 AUD (approx. $5.90 USD) for all three patterns pictured above, emailed to you within 12 hours of payment!

In the second special Christmas Bundle I have another three patterns!
This set is $8 AUD for the pdf pattern bundle only until Friday 7th October.
They would normally cost you $18 if purchased separately, so this is quite a saving!

A Christmas Story Quilt...
...Daisy Christmas Runner...
...and It Even Smells Like Christmas cinnamon scented wallhanging!
BUNDLE 2 : $8 AUD (approx. $7.80 USD) for all three patterns pictured above, emailed to you within 12 hours of payment!

Have a wonderful week!
I'll be stitching new things, will you?


Wanda said...

Jenny, I would love to have both sets of your wonderful patterns but not sure how to get both at the same time. Any ideas?


Vickie said...

Oh yes christmas is not that far away..time has just zoomed by this year..Yes christmas sewing is the best hmm actually gifting sewing is awesome..thank you for the generous pattern offer have jumped on to paypal right away,cheers Vickie

FlourishingPalms said...

We'll have the same Christmas emphasis in our family. It's about the people, not the stuff. Thankfully, I already have "A Christmas Story" that I will be happy to put out for the first time! I've been stitching and had a finish this week - a baby's birth wall hanging. Pics are on my blog!

Lisa McGehee said...

Jenny, I just ordered both sets. They are lovely and just what I'm looking for to decorate and to give. Thank you.

Allie said...

That is how Christmas should be Jenny, gifts from the heart, not the wallet. Somehow we get things so turned around. I can't wait to put some time into making your designs...I think an Elefantz Christmas is just what's needed this year!

Unknown said...

Those are gorgeous and perfect for Christmas gifts!